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Old 09-20-99, 04:50 PM   #1
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Wow!What a show so far. Why can't we get animation like this that is thought provoking, and challenging? Why must all animation be aimed at kids or , if they're directed toward adults, why must they all be comedies? LAIN is a superb example of an animated series that would NEVER be created in this country due to the fact that the Powers That Be( TV, Movie Heads) has this concept in their heads that animation(cartoons) is mainly for children.

LAIN:NAVI is the first of four discs from Pioneer. They have done a fantastic job with this series so far. NAVI has four episodes contained within it. It is the story of a young girl, Lain, who is shy and insular. A schoolfriend commits suicide by jumping off a roof. Lain receives email from her after she dies telling her that she is still alive.
This is the beginning of weirdness. This series could've been directed by David Lynch. Who is Lain? I don't know yet. Seems there is another Lain whose personality is the complete opposite of this shy little girl.
This series has to do with the thin line between the real world, and the wired world(cyberspace?). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LAIN: NAVI.
I will be watching LAIN: KNIGHTS tonight.
Can't wait.
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Old 09-20-99, 11:16 PM   #2
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I got this based on Net recommendations, and I was definately disappointed by the first two episodes. It got off to SUCH a slow start. All the humming wires. Snooze. I was barely able to get my wife to watch through it with me (the amazing title music is what saved it).

Finally, by episode 3, and all through 4, it started to get interesting. I'm glad that now when people talk to Lain she answers instead of standing there like she is deaf.

I know that the Japanese are a lot more tolerant of slowly developing plots, but I think this took things to extreme.

Not that I am down on this series; I think that I'll really like the remainder. The stylized animation is really cool, although I wish they would stop reusing so many shots.

Just presenting another view point on the movie.. feel free not to get upset.
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Old 09-21-99, 01:44 AM   #3
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I feel the same way. First let me say that I first saw Ghost In The Shell and was amazed by this movie so I went and grabbed Lain: NAVI ... I loved it... despite the fact that the first episode was slow (I thought the 2nd episode got interesting but that's me!). I am about to get KNIGHTS as soon as I can cause this is one of those movies that really makes you think and ponder!

- Chris Condon
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Old 09-21-99, 10:01 AM   #4
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Lain: Knights reveals a bit more plot, but not enough to be blunt and obvious about the whole story. My creativity got a good workout trying to figure out how everyone fits in the story after watching the Knights disc a second time.

Just a little warning though. Don't read the descriptions for the next two discs Deus and Reset. They give away some plot. The good part is that they're slated for release on 10/12 and 11/23 respectively

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