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Scream series

Old 05-27-99, 02:52 AM
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I had problems with the Scream series when the killers took their time explaining their motives and such while they were hunting their victims down in a very fast paced and determined mine throughout the movie. Why should a killer explain their motives? But knowing they are only movies, I am willing to accept them for its entertainment value.

However, Wild Things impressed me in that department when the movie showed us the loose ends when they rolled the credits.
Old 05-27-99, 02:24 PM
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Are you talking about the final scene where the two boys are telling Sidney why they did it and how they did it?

I liked that scene! I liked it because it showed how much a product of our culture these two monsters were.

As to why they'd explain it, if you had gotten away with killing someone and had come up with an elaborate way to kill a bunch of other people, and you were a soulless monster, how could you resist bragging to someone you're about to kill? I mean, they'd gotten away with so much already, why would they start worrying now?

I'll have to watch this one again. I thought it was so funny how they started getting so woozy after stabbing each other!

--Edited to add:
I also liked the way Wild Things showed the "behind the scene" stuff at the end too. I don't know that this was better -I see Scream as a more self-aware film than Wild Things- I think it was just different.

I wish more movies could be as inventive as these two. They weren't necessarily ground breaking cinema, but at least you didn't feel like you'd seen the story a hundred times before.


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Old 05-27-99, 10:21 PM
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I thought the killer's explained their motives because not only did it give Kevin Williamson ample opportunity for social comment, but it was somewhat fitting because the killers were always so self-assured. That is why the killings were so swift, determined, etc.
My vote for the most needless ending to a great movie would be the monologue at the end of "Psycho" explaining why Norman did it. Screenwriter Joseph Stefano says he was really into psychological therapy at the time, and it seems like he just wanted to bring up some Freudian overtones to test the public.

Wild Things: I liked how it wrapped up, but as for the actual movie, I have two questions/comments.
1.) Denise Richards and Neve Campbell had zero chemistry.
2.) Does Theresa Russell have to shed her clothes in every movie she makes? I'm not complaining about it, but she deserves a role in which she can display her acting chomps instead of her other assets.
Bill Murray's too-brief role was enough to more than make up for those points.

Old 05-29-99, 01:45 AM
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I have never thought of the Scream series like the way you guys do... Certainly some wonderful insights I have missed...

I have to agree with you DVDer that Bill Murray's role as a lawyer stole the spotlight. The funniest part was when he used intercom to ask his secretary to hold his calls and his secretary yelled back to him two feet away.
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Warning, spoilers are in the below post!

My only real complaint on Scream was that Neve Campbell did'nt die and Rose McGowan did die. I would own that one if she did. I guess that just sounds terrible of me, but I really dislike her characters for some reason. And in Wildthings, Neve lived and Denise Richards died. Where is the fairness in that? I am starting to doubt that there is a movie god anymore....hehehehe

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