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The Andromeda Strain

Old 06-07-99, 08:23 PM
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Any reviews of this movie on DVD? Sound? Picture? Story? I'm not expecting too much on the sound since the movie is more than 25 years old. Any extras on the disc?

Old 06-08-99, 01:37 AM
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Unfortunately, Stuart952, I can only help you with my opinion of the movie itself, since I haven't seen the DVD. The movie is extraordinarily well done, with fine, naturalistic performances, a tight script, excellent photography, and a unique "oh-so Robert Wise" look. Another plus is that it is incredibly faitful to the book. However, I have resisted buying this title for one reason: the packaging does not state that it contains the trailer to the film, whereas the LaserDisc version does have it. This is also why I have yet to relinquish my LaserDisc editions of FIRESTARTER and FLASH GORDON, also put out by Image. The LaserDiscs have the trailers, but the DVD case doesn't mention them. However, the Image DVD of THE TERMINATOR didn't mention the trailer on the outside packaging yet it did, in fact, have it. Does anyone know whether the THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, FIRESTARTER, and/or FLASH GORDON DVDs have the trailers, and Image is just too stupid to list them on the outside case?
Old 06-08-99, 04:45 AM
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Sometimes online reviews mention these things (if you haven't checked already.)

Also, you could rent them and find out for yourself if no one else is able to help you.

Just some suggestions,
Old 06-08-99, 07:03 AM
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No trailer on FLASH GORDON

Old 06-09-99, 02:07 AM
The Zizz
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is it really that important to have the trailer for the movie??? Who cares?--it's interesting to see, but i certainly wouldn't let it influence whether or not I wanted a title.

BTW, I think the best trailer I've ever seen is the one for Desperado.
Old 06-09-99, 02:23 AM
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Zizz, if a DVD came out and didn't have the trailer, and the LaserDisc didn't have it either, I would be disappointed, but I'd still buy the DVD. However, when the LaserDisc does have the trailer, and the DVD doesn't, what is the logic of trading more for less? Personally, I love trailers--they are the most important extra on a DVD hands down, in my opinion. They are great for multiple reasons--they often contain shots of scenes cut from the final edit, they provide a great capsulization or mood-setter of the film in question, they bring back childhood memories of what inspired you to see the movie in the first place (in the case of older movies), they are amusing in the differences between how trailers targeted audiences a long time ago, as opposed to now (in the case of really old films) and, for those who study and analyze film, they provide an interesting education in both concise editing and business theory. In fact, every time I start up a DVD, either alone or with friends/family, it's a rule that the trailer must be played before the movie--just to enhance that movie theater quality. Long Live trailers!

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