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Vampyre Lesbos anyone?

Old 05-27-99, 03:27 PM
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Just curious what people have to say about this film. I'm thinking about picking up along with bound later this month, so your reviews would help. Of course with as title like that I could probably get good money for in on Ebay whether it's good or not =^_^=
Old 05-27-99, 10:32 PM
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"Bound" is a truly excellent film. It gets my vote as one of the best of the 90s. So definitely pick that one up. And if you're looking to fill the second spot in a double-header (just going by the obvious similar elements of the two, though I could be wrong), I'd say go with another neo noir masterpiece instead of the schlocky "Vampyros Lesbos." I've never seen it, but heard that "Daughters of Darkness" a movie with a similar plot but done in a more offbeat art-house sensibility is much better.
Old 05-28-99, 08:29 AM
Sheik Yerbouti
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I looked at some reviews for "Daughters Of Darkness" and most of them were pretty mediocre. Personally, I'd never even heard of it until I saw it on the shelf at Best Buy and I'm fairly familar with cult movies. Two movies in the wonderful lesbian vampire *ahem* vein that I'd love to see on DVD are Vampyres (not to be confused with that John Carpenter film) and Hammer Films' The Vampire Lovers.
Old 05-29-99, 01:17 AM
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The hunger was another good one. but i don't think it's out on dvd yet.
Old 05-29-99, 05:40 PM
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I haven't seen Vampyros Lesbos but I can strongly recommend Daughters of Darkness. It is one of the best vampire flicks I've ever seen. I also want to second the vote for Larraz's Vampyres and Hammer's The Vampire Lovers to come out on DVD. They are both great movies.


Old 05-31-99, 09:58 AM
Sheik Yerbouti
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There is just something about naked chicks biting each other...

The Vampire Lovers probably has a better chance of showing up on DVD than Vampyres since it was a Hammer film and I believe there are already a few Hammer films on DVD.
Old 06-02-99, 10:36 PM
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I've seen Vampyres, Vampire Lovers, and Daughters of Darkness. All 3 are pretty good. Vampire Lovers is one of my favorite vampire flicks of all time (being a Hammer film certainly doesn't hurt it).

The other two were both good in very different ways. Daughters of Darkness is certainly a more artistic film than the other two, and I'm surprised you haven't heard of it, Sheik. I'd heard such rave reviews of it that I as a little disappointed to actually see it, as it's not as good as most say (but still worth seeing, I think).
Old 06-04-99, 03:53 PM
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Don't hold your breath waiting for Vampyros Lesbos It keeps getting delayed every month, I heard somewhere that It may be quite a while until Synapse actually get this title out, I have not seen the film myself, but with a title like that It has to be good!

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