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Dragonheart DTS

Old 05-09-99, 03:34 AM
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Hello all,
Just letting you know I just watched this movie last night and...well...for a DTS flick, I was a little disappointed. I felt that the sound itself turned me off a little, because the Sound f/x usage is a little weak compared to other DTS titles I have, such as Daylight, Apollo 13 and such. Also, the center channel dialogue wasn't as strong as (I thought) it should be, considering it coming from a four-story Dragon. I really felt that more impact could have be implemented if the sub .1 frequencies were helping out some in this area. It basically sounded like a human dragon conversing with a human human.

In terms of the picture, this too seemed to bother me a little. It looked a little soft, and really was average-looking for a film of this magnitude.

To sum it up, I've always thought that this movie was pretty good, especially with the classy dialogue of Sean Connery, but I guess sometimes one's expectations can overceed in the enjoyment of a movie. However, I still recommend this movie if you've seen and enjoyed it before. Also, another thing that surprised me was I had to turn up the volume to the level of that compared to DD movies, which I found odd. Maybe the compression was not as low spread out as that of other DTS titles.

In closing,
*Good Story
*Above par picture
*Sound a little disappointing (for a DTS title) but still comparable

However, if you are thinking of buying Liar Liar DTS, don't waste your money. What a waste of DTS encoding, no extras, and Pan & Scan only (just venting).

The above by average consumer who is NOT by any means a student of films. Replys and other opinions welcome.


How many Woodpaqs can a Woodpaq paq?
Old 05-11-99, 11:22 AM
Jeff Helmes
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I absolutely agree Woodpaq. Even my wife commented that it didn't sound as good as many of my other DVDs.

I was very disappointed as this was my first DTS movie, and couldn't wait to hear even better 5.1 based on what many people have been reporting about DTS.

Oh well, at least I got it cheap (PM 800.com's $14.94 with a Reel coupon). I guess I have to buy that ridiculous Sly Stallone action flick to fully realize what the DTS hype is about. How's Apollo 13 DTS compared to DD?

Old 05-12-99, 10:55 AM
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Can't really compare Apollo 13 DD to the DTS version, but unfortunately in terms of overall DVD features, DD version rolls up the paper and smears the DTS version all over the snow white ceiling in terms of extras and such, very common in terms of DD vs. DTS titles, but the DTS sound (or video) can't be beat on this one, especially in the dark of space and that whole 'atmosphere' thing. So If you are an extras fan (was the toilet paper plain or did it have flowers on it, Tom???), you may be disappointed, but me, I have around 20 DVD's I still haven't seen the extras to, and don't really desire to...

I guarantee about the only DTS titles that really disappoint are LIAR LIAR and the DRAGONHEART DTS version, so don't loose heart in DTS. BTW I'm trying to get 12 Monkeys DTS because I heard some good things about it. Definitely recommend DAYLIGHT and APOLLO DTS, though.

How many Woodpaqs can a Woodpaq paq?

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