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Comments on Entrapment

Old 05-08-99, 01:12 AM
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Just got back from Entrapment starring Sean
Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
I really injoyed this movie. It's hard to
do a crime caper flick and be original
but I must say that this movie did a pretty
good job of keeping my attention throughout.
Zeta Jones helps of course!!
This is one of those movies that keeps you
guessing on who's doing what to who while
also feeding you with some fun caper-type
moments. The last movie I saw was The Matrix
and I'd have to say that this movie was just
a step below that one. I do reccomend this
flick. It's deffinatly a fun time!
Old 05-08-99, 05:25 AM
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I also saw Entrapment (full review here), and have to disagree with you. The movie started out good, but just lost it's steam in the middle. Sure it's fun looking at Catherine Zeta-Jones' ass, but after a while, it becomes monotonous. Also, trying to comprehend the half-hearted romance between Connery and Zeta-Jones is hard. I enjoyed it at times, but was just bored out of my mind at others. Sure it throws in some twists and turns, but they just can't make up for the shotty plot and boring storyline.

Blake Kunisch | [email protected]
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Old 05-08-99, 11:07 AM
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Blake, I thought the romance with Connery
and Zeta Jones wasn't half-hearted at all.
I think Connery was strugling with his own
rules if you will(Never anything
personal among theves
). Then
the relationship further is complicated by
a reason on Connerys side that would spoil
the movie if we were to devulge it now, but
if you've seen the movie you'll know what
I'm talking about.
I was highly entertained by the who's the
better crook
Blake, just got done reading your review. Could
it be that you just weren't in the right
frame of mind for this movie? Your second
sentence of your review is, well not right.
Not sure, perhaps you just didn't like the
movie, like you said, but From your review
it sounds to me that you missed key elements
to the story. I thought this was a smart
movie that left it up to the audience to
figure out just who Connery, Zeta-Jones,
and Ving Rhames were and what they were up
to. We're not alone on the disagreement
however, as I was leaving the theater there
were some kids behind me saying how the
movie was confusing and ahead of me was a guy
talking to his buddy saying it was one of the
best flicks he'd seen. Maybe it was one of
those frame of mind movies where you
have to be in the mood to see it.(I'm always
in the mood for that Ass though! And
you know which scene I'm talking about!

You don't know the POWER of the dark side,

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Old 05-08-99, 04:22 PM
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It's not a great movie, but definitely entertaining . . . recommended . . .

Ooooooooo yea!!! . . . Catherine Zeta-Jones!

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