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DVD Talk review of 'Mannix: The Fifth Season'

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DVD Talk review of 'Mannix: The Fifth Season'

This is an email just sent to the author of this review -- with one edit at the bottom, an additional phrase, making it clearer that I believe he should re-visit his entire review.

Dear Mr. Paul Mavis:

I really enjoyed your reviews of seasons 3 and 4 of Mannix -- writing to tell you so after I read your season 4 review.

But, your review of season 5 really missed the mark -- badly. Season 5 is where the characters in Mannix have become so well drawn out, that even very small scenes are rewarding for loyal viewers. Surrounding that are the typical well done production qualities, even as you pointed out in your review. But, because the characters evolve, each season of Mannix gets better and better.

Mannix is more about its characters -- and one character in particular -- than it is about a crime drama. Anyone who takes episodes too literally is missing the point and the beauty of the unique art form it was and is.

Sadly, people often fall into this trap, since, starting in about the late 70's, the US became much more literal-minded, and less comfortable with abstract thinking. We look to car chases, crashes and bums on the street who rally in disbelief -- and see little else. It can sometimes seem more intelligent to point out such things precisely because they seem so obvious rather than to articulate deeper meaning, and so we have learned to take that easier route. But, we are not only less rich for it as a culture, its effects can be stultifying.

For example, your review reads like it was written by someone who wanted to love a particular season of a particular series, but can't seem to find the words to say why.

I remain solidly of the opinion that there was never a television show quite like Mannix, and because we have become so literal-minded, there may not be another for a long time to come. But, I am thrilled to have the DVDs back. I only hope that people learn to think for themselves -- even as the show so artfully inspires one to do, let go, and enjoy the many great themes that came together in Mannix, all so unique in their combination and so well done such that the show has a singular, timeless quality. Perhaps that is why the words "iconic" and "quintessential" are often used to describe it.

BTW, another member of the Home Theatre Forum (where I will also post this reply) pointed out that Reza Badiyi is not a woman. If you fix that in your review, perhaps you can re-connect with the kid in you that did the reviews for seasons 3 and 4 -- the ones that seemed to get the spirit of Mannix far better -- and re-visit the rest of your review as well.

JoAnn M. Paul

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Re: DVD Talk review of 'Mannix: The Fifth Season'

You know, the more I think about this review, the more absurd it is.

Season 5 is when Mannix won the Golden Globe for cryin' out loud!!!

Were those guys so dumb back then that they flagged a bad season as great -- the best of all dramas on TV that season -- while this one reviewer who can't seem to understand how some foreign names that sound female to him could actually be -- and are most likely -- really male names is supposed to have enough credibility to put out a review for a product for sale?


If there are potential Mannix fans out there, just know that season 5 is one of Mannix's very best seasons.

Or, put it this way. Season 5 was one more great season of one truly great show.

Extremely Highly Recommended.
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Re: DVD Talk review of 'Mannix: The Fifth Season'

I just finished watching Season 5.
And I thought it was on par with the other 4 seasons.

From Season 4.
Was amuse that they used the Brady Bunch House again in the Jo Van Fleet episode. Robert Reed appeared but had no scenes in the House.
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Re: DVD Talk review of 'Mannix: The Fifth Season'

In fairness to Paul Mavis, I have found him to be an extremely fair reviewer & have agreed with his opinions & critiques nearly all of the time. Like any critique, it is bound to be influenced by the viewer's tastes. I have written him before & he took the time to respond, so he is a good guy.

After reading your (respectful) dissent with his review, I'll give Season 5 a try. It seemed that Paul was still complimentary of the show's production values but felt that the show was either getting tired or straying from its earlier concepts. Although he felt that S. 5 suffers in comparison to earlier seasons...which he strongly recommends...he did point out that Mannix Season 5 is still better than most modern fare. So, in essence, he was recommending the season.

On the other hand, JoAnn's opinions seem to be influenced by her view of the show as one of her all-time favorites. This might introduce some bias in her dissent.

The upshot is that both Paul & JoAnn can be "right" in that they are simply seeing things from a slightly different perspective. And both "recommend" the season in question...just one doing so in an unqualified way while the other has some reservations.
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