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DVD Talk review of 'Zorro: The Complete Series'

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DVD Talk review of 'Zorro: The Complete Series'

I read John Sinnott's DVD review of Zorro: The Complete Series at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=46509 and...

This is exactly the reason why I never allow critics or reviewers to make my entertainment choices for me. Sinnott`s review is so heavily couched in snarky personal bias as to be virtually useless.

I watched the 1990 'ZORRO' when it was originally aired, and am currently enjoying viewing it again, as is my wife. Far from being of 'middle school' age level, we are in our 50`s. We use the series as light viewing for Sunday mornings, and it serves as a pleasant diversion, which was all this series was ever intended to be.

Since Sinnot seemed determined to figuratively throw rocks at the show, I feel that someone should offer a counter-viewpoint...

The series is handsomely mounted with apparent money well-spent on sets and accoutrements, and filmed on location in Madrid, Spain. While no one in the cast won an Emmy, the performances are on target and overall enjoyable, with some surprising guest star names showing up from time-to-time ( among them future Bond, Daniel Craig).

The fights and stunt work are --despite Sinnott`s snide dismissal-- far from weak, due to the sword/fight coordinator, PETER DIAMOND (who handled the sword work for "Highlander", amongst other things). I would postulate that John Sinnott hasn`t much experience with the realities personal combat, as his best option for comparison was "The Power Rangers" ...he obviously doesn`t know a thing about swordwork, and the swordplay here is beautiful. Incidentally, one does not have to be particularly knowledgeable going un to enjoy this aspect of the show, as several times, Peter Diamond injects a little education on Fencing through character dialogue ( not as dull as you may be thinking--picture Zorro taunting his opponent about how poor his reposte` was ...while cutting that 'Z' in the clutz`s clothing.)

True, when the series begins, the violence is not hard core as this was a 'Family Channel' series, but the level does ramp up in the second and following seasons, with DEATH being the pay-off for several villains. ( how many baddies did the 'Power Rangers' kill off?)
So much for Sinnott`s snide 'middle school' level crack.

As for the series being formulaic (Sinnott says "formulistic"...."formulistic"...? Is that really a word ?) ..Well, most action/adventure shows ARE formulaic by nature...I mean, you DO KNOW the hero is going to win at the end, right? As for plots being repetitive, well, somewhat--but given that the nature of the storyline is Zorro`s fight against a corrupt government, what is he supposed to be doing ? Anyway, my wife and I haven`t been put back to sleep by what we see.

So...whereas Sinnott states: "If you're a big Zorro fan, go ahead and rent it, but only after you're exhausted the other Zorro material available."

...I--as 'a big Zorro fan'-- would say DO NOT LISTEN to reviewers like this, listen to other fans--or make up your own mind.
You`ll be glad you did.
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Re: DVD Talk review of 'Zorro: The Complete Series'

Glad you're enjoying the show, even if you didn't like my review, and thanks for the alternate opinion. I'm sure readers will enjoy having a counterpoint.

Of course my review is my opinion, and includes my 'personal bias' (as opposed to someone else's bias I assume. ). After reading your post I'm not sure what bias' you think I have that led to an less-than-stellar review. Against forumlistic (yes, it is a word...) shows possibly?

As you admit, the show is repetitive, but it doesn't have to be. High quality action/adventure shows manage to avoid falling into a formula where viewers not only know that the hero is going to win, but what is going to happen before every commercial break and how the plot is gong to unwind. That's

The Disney Zorro series is a great example of the hero done right. It didn't tell the same story week after week while only changing the names and places. It had longer story arcs and some unexpected twists. I found little surprising in this series, especially with Zorro's new found scientific skill that would give him the vital clue that he needed too frequently.

I'll freely admit that I don't know much about real fencing, but the swordplay in this series wasn't as exciting and fun as it was in the Disney Zorro, the Douglas Fairbanks movies, or Tyrone Power's film, The Mark of Zorro. What also takes away from the excitement of the action sequences, as I mentioned in my review, is that it's obvious the stunt doubles are used in the fights. Yes, they are used in other shows too, but the fact that it's so obvious takes viewers out of the moment. I'll take your word that it's more realistic.

Overall, I just wasn't impressed with the series and found one show to blend into another. People, like yourself, who have already seen the show and know they enjoy it don't need to read reviews of the content, just the A/V quality. If you're not a fan of this incarnation however, I'd still recommend renting it first.
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Re: DVD Talk review of 'Zorro: The Complete Series'

This was an excellent series. Well worth the watching. It is family friendly but unlike the reviewer said has plenty of action. Some excellent acting and good fun to be had here. I know as soon as I found out it was finally available on dvd I placed an order for it.

I think people of all ages will enjoy this show, it's good humor, well done sword fights and rather Batmanesqe take on Zorro.

And Mr. Sinnott, I signed up just in order to add another positive review of this series after your negative one. I think your are way off on this one.
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