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DVD Talk review of 'Underworld: 2-Disc Unrated Extended Cut'

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DVD Talk review of 'Underworld: 2-Disc Unrated Extended Cut'

Old 05-03-04, 12:31 AM
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DVD Talk review of 'Underworld: 2-Disc Unrated Extended Cut'

I read Randy Miller III's DVD review of Underworld: 2-Disc Unrated Extended Cut and I, as well as several other posters in the DVD Talk forum, are still wondering what changes have been made to the film. What scenes are lengthened? Added? Replaced?

Could there be a comparison appended to the review? Randy's a good critic, but I thing releases like this almost require a comparison.
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Old 05-03-04, 01:11 AM
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Thanks for the post, and I agree with you 100%. I was pretty disappointed that a theatrical cut wasn't included in the DVD, as I mentioned in the review that it would have allowed for easy comparison between the two versions. Unfortunately, I don't own the original DVD, and I wouldn't have felt right posting a half-cooked comparison based on what I remembered seeing theatrically. The best I could do was confirm that none of the new footage really falls under the traditional meaning of "unrated" (i.e. more blood n' guts), and the new footage doesn't drastically change the flow and direction of the film.

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Old 05-03-04, 02:18 AM
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Yeah, I was bummed since improvements on the original cut would be the only reason for someone who already owns the first disc to care. Any chance we'll get a review from someone who liked the film and can do a comparison?

Seems like it is one of those love-it or hate-it movies -- I loved it (I thought it was only a peg below Equilibrium, both movies sharing the characteristic of rehashing all the old stories of their genre without much terribly new, but doing a respectable job of it while adding a bit of flash and style). I'd *love* a hi-def copy of the film.
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Old 05-03-04, 10:16 AM
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Originally posted by Randy Miller III
Unfortunately, I don't own the original DVD
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Old 05-04-04, 10:12 AM
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Well I'm pretty disappointed that the new stuff wasn't listed in this review. If that means renting the movie, I think it should have been done.

The only point of these re-releases are the "uncut" version is to see what is new. The review really doesn't make a case one way or another

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Old 05-04-04, 10:52 AM
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Yeah, i think it's ridiculous to have a review of this new cut of the movie and yet not compare it to the theatrical.

You could have at least rented the original or something...or let someone review it that actually OWNS the original.

Oh well.
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Old 05-04-04, 09:38 PM
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a freaking comparison is needed.
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Old 05-06-04, 08:14 AM
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Has anybody found a useful review yet?
Old 05-06-04, 09:24 AM
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The extended cut of Underworld is in my towering pile of discs to review, and when I have it completed I'll post the comparisons.

I have the first release - which I liked, but thought was a little too long - so I'm a little apprehensive about an 'extended' cut. I honestly can't imagine how making Underworld longer will necessarily make it any better, but I may be wrong....
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Old 05-10-04, 03:47 PM
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Still not a single useful review.

Was DVDTalk the only website that got a review disc of this title?
Old 05-10-04, 09:35 PM
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Originally posted by SvenL
Still not a single useful review.

Was DVDTalk the only website that got a review disc of this title?
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Old 05-12-04, 01:41 PM
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Just want to add my voice to those who are perplexed as to why someone who does not own the 1st dvd was assigned this review? There really is no other point to review this title other than comparing the differences, and giving people an idea of whether the disc is worth picking up or not.

I am sure DVDTalk has many other reviewers and members who would have been thrilled to review this, who also own the first dvd (myself included).

I didn't 'love' the movie when I first viewed it on dvd, but I am always interested to check out new cuts of movies.

p.s. the above linked review does the same thing! They say 'i don't own the first disc, and i sort of vaguely remember the theatrical release, and sort of think there were a few changes, but not that important' yada yada yada. good grief.

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Old 05-12-04, 01:59 PM
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Originally posted by Sweet Baby James
To be fair, that review dismisses the new footage with:
Does any of this make any difference? Not to my eyes. I only saw Underworld once, and although this occurred just four months ago, I didnít remember that experience well enough to notice any significant changes. A few scenes seemed vaguely unfamiliar, but thrre was nothing that stood out to me as a massive alteration. The story and progression remained virtually the same, as did the ultimate impact of the film. I continued to want to like Underworld and feel like I should like Underworld, but I still didnít think much of it.
edit: Just noticed that Pasolini pointed out the same thing with his edit.

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Old 05-13-04, 05:05 AM
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I give up - I guess I'll have to buy it to see if it's worth buying.
Old 05-13-04, 07:24 PM
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DVDfile's review has a small description of the differences.

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Old 05-14-04, 01:58 PM
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DVDLaser put a review up recently as well.
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Old 05-17-04, 08:48 PM
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We have now just finished our highly detailed comparison review of both Underwolrd Theatrical and Underworld Unrated Extended Cut.

You can find the full review here.

If you don't like Underworld, then the new extended version of the film is unlikely to make you change your mind, but for those who do like it, or if you haven't seen the original version before, the new 2 Disc set is definitely worth picking up. The new scenes add some much needed depth to the characters, while the rest of the changes, in the form of some re-editing, definitely help the film race along much more smoothly.

Technically, both discs are near faultless, with the new edition slightly taking the lead, but only in terms of video presentation. While the new release loses both commentaries from the old disc, the new track is far more entertaining and worthy of a listen than either of the originals, and the extra featurettes are all worth a watch.
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Old 05-27-04, 08:54 AM
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I don't know if mine will considered a 'useful' review, but after watching the extended/unrated cut of Underworld I didn't really come away with any greater appreciation of the film. The new footage is described as "here and there" inserts by director Len Wiseman in the new commentary, so it isn't really a case of substantially new subplots being revealed or tacked back on.

I'll admit I already liked the theatrical cut going in, and the much ado about the additional/recut 13 minutes or so of footage didn't drastically change the flow of the narrative all that much - at least to my eyes.

I like the movie a lot, but both cuts just don't seem all that different.

If you're on the fence - and don't own either - the packaging on the new 2-disc set is quite nice, along with a new commentary (including the lovely Kate B) and the enjoyable Fang vs Fiction doc, which traces the history of vampires and werewolves.

Here's my full review, if you're bored........

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Old 06-02-04, 06:04 PM
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I watched the original cut at least 4 times. I looked for the new scenes in the extended version and could only pick out 3-4. They weren't that impressive.
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