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Zombie DVD...

Old 09-03-03, 09:10 PM
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Zombie DVD...

hi, i wanna get the Fulci's Zombie DVD, but wanted to know how is the a/v quality, extras, etc.

i was checking the version that came out last year and it seems to be part of the 'Lucio Fulci's collection', is this Disc still available?

thanx in advance
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Old 09-04-03, 12:57 AM
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The only release of Fulci's "Zombie" so far is the Anchor Bay version. There were actually two releases of it, the original release from a few years back that went OOP, and a re-release of the same disc with a slightly modified cover and a reduced MSRP. The re-release is, to my knowledge, still available.

I haven't actually viewed the DVD myself, but it's rather legendary for having a poor transfer.

There was supposed to be a new edition of the film released last week by Media Blasters/Shriek Show under the European title, "Zombi 2," but it was cancelled at the last minute and will hopefully come out in the near future. No reviews of it yet.

The Anchor Bay version goes for around ten bucks (much better than near-$100 price it fetched on Ebay when it went OOP) in case you want it, but I'm holding out for the new one from Shriek Show.
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Old 09-04-03, 01:35 AM
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oh thanks, i thought they were two different versions. Well i may wait for that new one you're saying.

anyone else can tell me about the video quality? is it really really crappy?
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Old 09-04-03, 02:59 PM
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I thought the video quality was watchable at best!

Fulci's films were shot on very cheap filmstock & always had a rough washed out look to them(at least the ones i've seen).

So the transfer of the film itself is improved over past cruddy pan & scan releases with near black & white grey transfers. Their is actually 'some' color viewable on the dvd.

Now I guess the main problem people had with the disc is not the film quality itself,but the encoding of the dvd. Which I guess has some artifacts onscreen here & their .Some claim the artifacts are so bad,that peoples faces are split in two sometimes!

I watched the film on a standard tv set & did not notice any of these problems. Just a few instances of excessive 'spots' on the picture. Usually in darker scenes or scenes that had a certain amount of grain on them..& thus arifacts can be seen clearly then,while other scenes are perfectly clear/clean.

Even people I know who've viewed the dvd on a widescreen/HD tv set said the dvd was not even close to being as horrible as said to be. It was tolerable at best. Again they only noticed the few instances of artifacts onscreen as I did,but otherwise was a decent release..if you only care about the movie itself & the cheap price tag.

So buy/view at your own risk. I've watched the dvd a couple times now...& still am not bothered by the transfer.
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I didn't think the presentation wasn't that bad, considering the source. Granted, I don't have a fancy schmancy widescreen TV but it looked fine on a pretty good 27".

If you don't wanna wait, I see this disc all the time at Best Buy.
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i guess i may get it, it's cheap anyway and it's probably the best way to see it right now.
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