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Black Hawk Down.... - anyone?

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Black Hawk Down.... - anyone?

Old 07-11-02, 01:45 AM
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Well if any of you ever seen the Black hawk down forum or the front line special on the event, you will know how realistic and how close the movie comes to the event when it comes to realisitic events and how the people involved in the said event were waiting for this movie to come out.

I bought this first thing on that morning of release, and I will buy the SE. very well worth it. Highly recommanded.
Old 07-11-02, 11:33 PM
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Re: Re: An interesting read

Originally posted by FatHead316

Wow. I really have nothing to say. But I'll try.

Screw M-J, Al Rod, Tom Cruise, Brittney Spears, Neon Dion, Dora the Explorer, Kennedys, or anyother "celeb" that people look up to. These guys are REAL heros.
No kidding. I look back and when these guys were out fighting for their lives I was probably playing video games and having a good ole time - totally oblivious to their struggle.
Old 07-17-02, 05:29 PM
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While I probably shouldn't post this as it may be percieved as a 'thread-crap', I personally thought it wasn't all that great. I must admit that the shear hype surrounding this movie may have gotten me too excited but I was let down. I'd have to categorize it as a decent action movie, recreating real events with some good technical detail and insight to the modern military machine. I don't recall anything earth shattering about it, nothing that changed my life or the way I look at things, I didn't learn anything new, nor can I honestly say I'll even suggest it to a single person. It was simple, pointless, action entertainment.

So, what did I miss?

Was this supposed to be an anti-war statement? If so, I can name dozen movies that have done this better.

Was it pro-war propoganda to boost support for attacking middle-easteners with sticks? If so, I don't think it made a good argument for it...

Was it simply an action movie? If so, that's pretty sad to exploit those poor young men sent to their meaningless deaths...

Again, I'm not trying to start a BHD war, I just think maybe I missed the point or if I didn't then I don't think it was a very good one in the first place. I thought the best element of this thread was the email from one of the pilot. His email was better than the entire movie. On that note, if I am to believe that "a picture is worth a thousand words" I feel like we got ripped off in this conversion...
Old 07-18-02, 10:47 PM
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I realize I am in the minority here.... but I thought the movie sucked big time.

I don't know about you guys... but I watch movies for the storylines... if I want to see and hear flashy stuff for the sake of being flashy, I'll go to a fireworks display, and even then.. if you've seen one... you've seen em all(but at least you know what yer getting yourself into)

This movie was 2 things for me.... my giving Bruckheimer a LAST chance, and hoping that Ridley Scott would put up something decent. Failed on both sides.

Here's my thoughts on Bruckheimer...

Blockbuster? yes....
flashy movies with SFX and sound? yes...
matchable with a good storyline and something that is innovative and original? definitely not........

Please keep in mind that the term "Blockbuster" has absolutely NOTHING to do with quality of picture... take for instance MIB2...Blockbuster? yes... good movie? questionable at best.

Yes... all of his movies... Armaggedon, Bad Boys, Con Air, The Rock.. I am QUITE familiar with Bruckheimers work and that is the reason why when I hear Bruckheimer.. I think of a mediocre movie barely worth a rental.

Here's my thoughts on Ridley Scott...

Ok.. he's had some good flashes... Bladerunner? Alien? that should be enough to say "good movie" and CLASSIC examples of Sci-Fi movies that anyone and everyone should have. but other than that... mediocre with some of the other offerings. If he puts out a sci-fi? I might give it a shot.....otherwise... RENTAL!!!!

Gladiator? tell me that 50% of the people going to see it didn't think it was going to be a Spartacus remake.

So... back to BHD...

Is it an original and unique story? comon.. there was an A&E doc on it that was better

Good acting? Josh Hartnet? puh..........leeeeeeez. It was a typical case of some punk ... and no matter how hard or what his intentions were... f'ing up.. and a bunch of other people with the amazing ability to f'up in other ways that are supposed to be interpreted as funny. No good characters to make you want to pull for.. or sympathize with. Delta guys? they are the "bad-a$$" guys that everyone is supposed to bow down to? puh.....leeez.

Did it add anything new to films? jerky camera work... blood... guts... shock factor... all presented previously in SPR. Sure sure.. bigger guns.... more explosions...anything new? no.....

Was it accurate? who will ever know... it was a movie... and hopefully it was.

Sound? SFX? sure... sure... but can't you throw SFX in any movie? SFX and sound isn't supposed to BE the movie.. it supposed to compliment and enhance it.

So that's my rant... bruckheimer is crap for making good movies.. He does a GREAT job of filling the seats.. and probably has a great marketing/PR campaigning strategy... but how many times are you going to fall for it?

Please... don't even bring up Pearl Harbor... I got another whole bag of "shhttt"'s for you on that...

Last edited by Ash; 07-18-02 at 10:51 PM.
Old 07-19-02, 03:20 AM
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wow ash, I understand you hate "blockbusters" but you have to realize, you watching and A&E doc is different then a hollywood take of the movie. the events are accurate and hell, if the soilders say it's true to life (check out the black hawk down forums) then hell, it's good in my book

as for story. I really don't know how you can say it didn't have one. it's based on an event. theres plenty story there, and there was plenty sub story with the pilot, the actors in the positions.

can't please them all.
Old 07-22-02, 01:10 AM
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i hate meaningless bay-bruckheimer films with a vengeance but that is a real weird perspective, ash, no offense. dont understand what you're trying to say.
Old 07-22-02, 06:40 PM
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Hey ASH, three words for ya, READ THE BOOK.

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