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review for: Final Fantasy

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review for: Final Fantasy

I want to know your opinion about the story and characters.
I know the extras, video and audio quality is great, but if the story and characters are terrible, I probably will not buy the dvd.
So then, any opinions, or thoughts?
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...according to this review, some of the voices used are all wrong... http://www.mrcranky.com/movies/finalfantasy.html

...otoh "America's pre-eminent movie critic" gave the film 3.5 out of 4 stars... http://www.suntimes.com/ebert/ebert_...07/071101.html

...this UK review is rather positive as well... http://www.ukcritic.com/finalfantasy.html

...also these Australian POVs are positive, sorta, kinda... http://www.urbancinefile.com.au/home...ection=Reviews

...while this French review praises the technical aspects of the movie, but deplores the cliché-ridden plotline and trite dialog... http://www.premiere.fr/fiche_film.php?id_film=3901

...and this review, from a young Christian person: "Final Fantasy is the most beautiful piece of drek that I have ever been privileged to review in my lifetime. No profanity, No sex, terrifying but strangely non-graphic violence, and the hokiest message that I've ever seen in my life about spirituality...

The best way to summarize the movie's plot is to collect the science fiction cliches of everything from Metropolis to Judge Dredd and wrap it together in a New Age message. I realize that the word New Age is tossed around far too much, perhaps, in reviews but trust me there has never been a more New Age movie that I have seen in my life.

Final Fantasy's main problem for me is the fact that much of the movie depends on a very disheartening and disturbing theology where human spirits are permanently tied to the Earth and that it is possible for these spirits to be destroyed, captured, or even harnessed by evil spirits of another world. This isn't giving away the plot because all of this is revealed in the first five minutes to anyone paying attention.

The characters are interesting, the problems real, and the reactions very human from the villains to the heroes, but I couldn't help but feel the entire time that the people onscreen lived in a very bleak and horrible world spiritually.

It should go without saying this is one of the most beautifully animated movies of all time and will hold that place with it's haunting paintings for a good number of years I think but all of that cannot disguise that the heroes live on a world where Heaven is a myth, God is a seemingly powerless Earth energy, and the immortality of the soul is only a energy gun away from becoming a myth.

For lovers of artistic talent this movie is a must see but one should be extremely careful to explain to children that there is nothing redeeming about the movie’s spirit message whatsoever no matter how pretty and likable the characters. Also if anyone can explain to me the ending aside from "it looks pretty" I would appreciate it very much. My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 4]

--Charles Phipps, age 20

...and so it goes...

. . . . . .

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I never cared for cartoons. To me, this was a cartoon. The most sophiticated one ever made grant you, but a cartoon all the same.

I don't care how technically savvy hollywood gets. Nothing will ever replace warm blooded humans. The story was silly. The whole movie stunk.

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