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Snow Falling on Cedars

Old 06-15-01, 01:11 AM
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just got thru watching this and really enjoyed it. the transfer is reference standard and the sound had a surprisingly large & boomy LFE.
it seems like kind of a hard film to recommend though, since it's very languidly paced and introspective. i don't expect a lot of people will be that jazzed to check it out, which is a shame 'cause its one of the more intersting movies i've seen from the last few years. in its way, its also one of the most visually beautiful movies i've ever seen.
the ending was also more affecting than i expected it to be.
if you enjoy films that conjure up a dream-like quality, you might want to give this one a shot.
especially if you're angry and bitter over an unrequieted love, like some of us
Old 06-15-01, 01:58 AM
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I too thought it was a wonderfully poetic and thoughtful film--although it was really savaged by several critics I usually appreaciate.

I've heard some people say it's the most boring thing they've ever tried to sit through. Others misjudge the author's intent and think it's too eager to excuse murder--that it's all about US-bashing... I think they're off base. I remember it mostly as a sad love story, and would like to catch it again...
Old 06-15-01, 10:57 AM
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Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves this film...

I had read the book many, many years ago & it was something that has stuck with me ever since then. When the film came out it did get savaged by the critics & that was a terrible shame. The reasons are simple, nothing explodes, no kung fu fightin' and no gratuitus sex ....the average moviegoer today has trouble with anything over 90 mins with "too much talkin' going on"

The film is probably one of the most beautiful DVD's in my collection, every shot is a stunner & it looks ike a dream.

Like ckolchak mentioned, if you are an angry & bitter guy haunted by a shattered love affair, <like me> it will probably mean alot more to you.

Lots of Xtras on this disc also, well worth it.
Old 06-15-01, 11:41 PM
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I love this movie. I was very surprised by how harshly this film was attacked my the majority of critics. FYI: Ebert praised it though. I had heard a lot of the bad press, but had free advanced screening tickets, so went anyway. I thought it was a VERY good film. I think a lot of people who had read the book were disappointed that the film did not live up to it. I had never read the book so that of course did not matter to me. This film was truly truly a stunning sight to see on the big screen. The dvd looks good but it is still miles away from what the cinematography acheived on the big screen.
Old 06-17-01, 01:12 AM
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As for me, I thought it was the best movie of 1999 (better than American Beauty, Cider House, etc.). Very atmospheric, beautifully shot.
Old 06-20-01, 12:44 PM
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Much better than AMERICAN BUEATY, which is the most overrated film in years and praised only because it glorifies what Hollywood loves: smut.

MAGNOLIA was ten times the film and so was SNOW FALLING. Both DVDs are outstanding.
Old 06-20-01, 12:47 PM
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I fall under the camp that thinks this film was visually one of the best in recent memory, but was dramatically unsatisfying. I do think it deserves another view, which is more than I can say for 98% of the other movies I see.

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