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Best way to mirror my TV in another room

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Best way to mirror my TV in another room

All right, I have a question for all of you. I'm already a little familiar with this situation as I do something similar with my outside setup. For that, I have an HDMI splitter/switch with a long cable that leads to an HDMI wall plate inside the house that goes to a wall plate on the wall of my porch. It works very well, and the locations of everything make it very easy to run long cables that aren't in the way.

So, this is what I now want to do. I've started to really get into cooking. To go along with that, I very often have people come over to watch shows and movies. What I would really love to do is buy a small TV that I can mount on the wall in the kitchen that would show whatever is being shown in my living room. That way, I can be cooking but not missing something that my friends are watching.

What would be the easiest way to do this? I know I'll end up having to use my splitter, but I don't see myself running wires through my living room, dining room and kitchen to do it. Would I need to use wireless HDMI? Anyone use that around here? I've heard it doesn't always do well transmitting through walls, which this would have to do. Any other suggestions?

I appreciate the help.
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Re: Best way to mirror my TV in another room

Hi Clockwork -- Actually there is a way to do this, quite elegantly actually, but it's not cheap. You can actually transmit HDMI over the air using the new HDbitT technology. It will get your HDMI signal as far as about 600ft, so says the manufacturer (I always cut any over-the-air claims by 1/4th); the convenience of no wires will cost you about $300 bucks.

This wireless solution will require this hardware: Ah...just discovered I can't yet post URLs here so you need to go to MyCableMart.com and search for "600FT HDMI OVER WIRELESS TRANSMITTER / RECEIVER KIT WTH IR CONTROL" or search Part #: LK-V388A

That's the easiest solution, but you can go quite a bit cheaper and IMHO, more reliably with a wire....but not an HDMI cable which will become iffy and then almost useless past about 50-75ft with this device. It uses standard 75ohm coaxial cable with trasnmitter (HDMI in to coax out) on one end and a receiver (coax in to HDMI out) at the second TV set. The nice thing about the coax solution is that the signal can be split off using standard RF splitters and take it to a third, even a and forth TV; in fact, the claim is that you can get up to, I believe, 8 additional TVs assuming you buy a receiver (coax in to HDMI out) for each TV set. The transmitter can only be used to extend to one set -- you can't use multiple transmitters for additional TVs, so it's not a whole house solution as is the coax system.

For the coax transmitter/receiver combo, you need to go to monoprice.com and search for Blackbird HDMI Extender or Product #16047

I have the same need as you and just purchased the Blackbird. I haven't yet wired it up so I can't tell you the pros or cons, but assuming the manufacturer is not totally lying, there is no reason why it shouldn't work as claimed.

BTW, the nice thing about either of these solutions, they also extend the remote commands to the remote TV so you can operate whatever the HDMI source is (DVD, cable box, etc.) from the second set -- sweet.

I'll follow-up as soon as I get mine hooked up to let you know how it works.
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