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Old 03-21-17, 07:04 AM   #1
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HDMI cable future proof ?

What HDMI cable would you buy if would like to future proof it for 4K and HDR. Was thinking of getting 2 sizes.
- short cable say about 6 foot
- longer 50 foot for in wall or in ceiling installation.

Are there any specific needs or current HDMI cable would work fine.

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Re: HDMI cable future proof ?

To support 4K/HDR, the cable needs to be high speed and at least 18Gbps (called "premium high speed). However, the max length of these cables is about 30 feet or so. You can install an "active" HDMI, which I think are much more expensive, but I did see this one for a pretty cheap price. But don't just buy the cheapest HDMI, as it probably won't cover everything you want, like supporting 4K.

One big caveat to all of this...the tech is always evolving, to the point that the upcoming HDMI 2.1 will support 48Gps. This will help support for 4K at 120 frames per second or 8K at 60 fps and dynamic HDR metadata. Now will you need it? Only if you think you'll want to upgrade in the next 5-10 years. But the final specs won't be out until next month or so. And once those are released, we won't see equipment like HDMI cables, until probably sometime in 2018. So it's a ways off. More on HDMI 2.1.
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Re: HDMI cable future proof ?

Just a word of caution as it happened to a friend of mine.

Any HDMI cable that is, I think, 25 feet or longer only pass the signal in one direction.

So before weaving a 50 foot cable through your walls and ceiling be sure it's going in the right direction!
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