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I'm considering taking the plunge VERY soon. But I'm not very knowledgeable about this whole HD/Digital TV thing. It's intimidating to me actually. I went to Best Buy today to ask questions of their "sales associates" and they were not very helpful.

I have about $3-5K to spend and want the biggest, best picture I can afford that will be usable with HDTV broadcasts in the future.
What should I look for?

-Some of the models say they have a 480p RGB input for progressive scan DVD players. Why won't these TVs do 720p also? (They all mention 480i, 480p, and 1080i, but NOT 720p)
-Will these sets automatically "resize" the picture for "anamorphic" DVDs?
-Should I buy a 4:3 or 16:9 screen? The 16:9 screens look like less real estate for the same money if you are watching 4:3 content. Black bars at the top and bottom don't bother me. There will be bars on the sides of 16:9 screens sometimes anyway.

Does anyone have any specific model recommendations? (I've been looking at the Sony, Toshiba, and Pioneer models.)
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Originally posted by dvdsleuth:
I went to Best Buy today to ask questions of their "sales associates" and they were not very helpful.


Definitely get a progressive-scan input for a DVD player.
Some TVs upconvert 720 to 1080.
Most TVs will not automatically resize but are easily switched.
4:3 TVs will have black bars more often than 16:9 TVs will (if everything goes according to plan). Pioneer SD-532HD5 is DTV ready and is less than $5k.

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