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Cinema 7 universal remote and 6109c ? Help!

Old 09-10-00, 03:00 PM
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Hey there guys...

I got the One for All Cinema 7 remote and tried configuring it for my Toshiba 6109c (it's the dvd player/receiver) and found that only certain things work under the dvd function. Volume doesn't, along with a bunch of other things.. Do i configure the receiver part of the player under the Receiver button, or do i do everything under the DVD button? Can everyone post their solutions below? I am greatly appreciative in advance!


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DVD players don't have volume controls except for the headphone jack if there is one. Generaly speaking you control the volume through your reciever. This means you have to configure the remote to control your reciever and choose the receiver functions to adjust the volume. In other words anything normally done through the DVD player is still done through the DVD player, anything done through the receiver is still done through the receiver, anything done through the TV is still done through the TV, and so on and so forth.


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Some universal remotes have a "punch through" feature so you can adjust the volume on the receiver in any mode(DVD\Audio\TV\Video). Check the manual to see if your remote does this.
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Old 09-11-00, 10:40 AM
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the 6109c is the dvd player with the built-in receiver.
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Yes we know, I think what he was trying to say is this. When you program it for a certain dvd player (A generic Toshiba Dvd player in your case) it only programs the dvd functions of your player in to the DVD button. You will need to run your reciever on a seperate button/section of your remote.
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ok then... new question:

how do i correctly configure the receiver portion of my dvd player?

the dvd portion works perfectly.... now, the volume and everything else? what solutions has everyone come up with to configure theirs?

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I will try to clarify. BTW I have a 6109C too Great bang for the buck!

After you program all the info in the remote for the DVD player, some remotes have a "punch through" for volume. If your remote has this you can program it to be in DVD mode or any mode for that matter on the remote, but still work the main volume for the receiver.

The main problem is the little toggle switch on top of the 6109's remote. There is no way to program the main functions along with the setup functions for the 6109 on a cheaper universal since it uses the same buttons. It is possible with a Pronto or something like that, but not with your Cinema 7. I have a Home Theater Master 9000 and I can't do it either. It is hard to explain, if you need more help just ask
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Old 09-13-00, 01:34 AM
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Didn't seem to be answered yet so here goes.

Make sure you use the toshiba code for the DVD portion of the Cinema 7 and then use ONKYO code for the RECEIVER portion. Remember the 6109c is an Onkyo receiver and Toshiba DVD player at the same time.

Taught L1 to STANDBY the 6109 in DVD mode.

Taught POWER to turn on the 6109.

Passed through all the different components to only use the receiver volume control.

Made a macro to turn everything on when you press the power button

bunches of other stuff as well. Remember EVERY key on the Cinema 7 is learnable (except MUTE), not just the L1-4 keys.

Have fun and I hope this helps some.
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Thank you Bappo! So many people don't realize what this remote can do.

Some additional information:

Onkyo RCVR/AMP code 0135. These comands ("adv. codes") can be user programmed to get the commands that aren't already pre-programmed:

Toshiba DVD code 0503. These are the adv. codes for the DVD player functions: http://www.hifi-remote.com/cgi-bin/ueic.cgi?DVD_0503

Either program the receiver and DVD commands separately to RCVR and DVD like Bappo did OR copy/move the RCVR commands to the DVD device like Rob explains:


BTW, jumbojp isn't really correct about programing two commands to the same key. YOU CAN PROGRAM to "BUTTON" and "SHIFT BUTTON" : http://ampersand.hypermart.net/one_for_all_cinema_7_faq.htm#[1.16]

E.G, you can make DVD chapter skip "CH+" and tuner up "SHIFT CH+" , etc...

The FAQ sheet list above is VERY good at explaining just what this little remote can do.

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