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6-way coaxial splitter?

Old 09-04-00, 02:27 AM
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I have 6 video devices that require avideo signal (tvs, vcrs, etc.)

The problem I'm having is this: Is there anyway to split the cable coming to the house 6 ways without compromising the signal in any substantial way? I've only been able to find a 4-way splitter. The splitter is outside, so it needs to be weather-proof.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you can't find a 6-way splitter, you could always get a couple 4-ways. I would think your best bet would be to check Radio Shack or Crutchfield.

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Yes, I have seen a six way splitter before. If you can't find one, make one using two 4 ways or something.

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Splitting will always degrade picture quality, it is up to you to decide what is too much.

I like these, but you will need two. er%20L evel%201%20equiv=Connectors,%20Splitters,%20Adapters,%20Clamps,%20and%20Wall%20Plates&-recid=33320&-find=

With this one, you can get an 8-way, it may be better to get it all in one piece. er%20L evel%201%20equiv=Connectors,%20Splitters,%20Adapters,%20Clamps,%20and%20Wall%20Plates&-recid=33321&-find=

the links are so long, you must copy and paste them

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I just picked up 4-way amplifier/splitter. It has one input on 4 outs, and it boosts each signal by 10db after it splits. I got it at Best Buy for about $15.00 and I'm pleased with the results.

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The only way to split the signal 6 ways and not have any degradation is to go out and purchase an amplifier. Cost for these vary quite a bit, the local cable company here, offers weatherproof amps for $80 installed. You can purchase one at home depot/radioshack for far less ($25) but it usually not weatherproof and as reliable.

An 8-way splitter drops 11dB off the signal, but the amp boosts the signal 15dB.....so in your case the picture would actually improve with just a 6-way.
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