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Energy Take 5 VS Cambridge SoundWorks 308???

Old 08-24-00, 03:42 PM
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I need a complete set of home surround speakers, including a powered subwoofer, to hook up to my Toshiba SD6109C (50 watts per channel, DD 5.1 & DTS). I was considering the Energy Take 5 with the 8" subwoofer until I heard about the Mirage AVS-500 system with a 10" subwoofer, which I can get for $610 shipped. Mirage and Energy are "sister" companies, as I understand it. I've auditioned the Energy system, but not the Mirage. I found the Energy system to be slightly bright, and I've read that the Mirage system sounds slightly warmer to most people. The larger subwoofer and slightly larger tweeter in the surrounds made the Mirage system seem like a no-brainer, and I was about ready to order it when I noticed a hifi.com ad in the Sept. issue of Home Theater (pg. 70 - 71). They have the Cambridge Soundworks MovieWorks 308 system on sale for $399 + shipping. It looks like it might be worth condsidering. Does anyone have any experience with this system? Thanks.

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I would go with the Mirage or Energy Take 5. You can also get a 10" sub instead of the 8" sub with the take 5's. The Take 5's are a little bright at first, but after a break in period, they get better. For $610 with the 10" sub, it's a steal.
You will be much happier in the long run with the AVS-500 & 10" sub than the Cambridge Soundworks. Bite the bullet and spend the extra $200.
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I second the Energy Take 5. I haven't heard the Cambridge system, but I love the sound of the Take 5 system.
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I third that. The Energy speakers sound great, especially for the price range. It the entirety of things, a $300 system will rarely outperform a $600 system. I'm sure that the Energy speakers will provide the sound you'll enjoy.

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You get the take 5 package for really cheap here, give them a call. Much less than $610 for sure.

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Thanks for the replys. Audioshop can sell the Energy Take 5s with the 8" subwoofer for $596.00 US shipped. I'm still leaning towards the Mirage AVS-500 set with the 10" subwoofer, which I can get for $610.00 US shipped from Harrington Audio (another Canadian retailer).

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Get the Mirage!!! I purchased the exact same set from harrington audio about 8 months ago. The set is completely awesome! I demoed the Take 5 set before I got these and, in my opinion, the the Mirage set has better mid-range. this is probably because of the larger tweeter in the AVS-500. Also, if you care about finish, the Mirage set has a cool matte black textured finish with rounded edges and corners. The Take 5 has a gloss black finish with squared corners. You are right about Mirage and Energy being sister companies. I think the only difference in the subs is the grill. You really can't go wrong with either set. I think the Mirage have more of an "exotic" feel to them because they are rare in the US. Anyway, good luck with your speaker purchase. Oh and my experience with Harrington Audio was positive. The set was on back order for a month, but it was well worth the wait. (especially for the price)

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