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Sony receiver hissing?

Old 08-23-00, 01:30 AM
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I just set up a Sony STR-DE445 and I think I may have a problem. Whenever anything is played in Dolby Digital, DTS or Dolby prologic there is a very noticable hiss coming from the 2 front speakers. Is this a problem with the receiver or is it just because my speakers suck? The speakers I'm using were part of a pro-logic mini system and unfortunately I can't upgrade for a while because I have to go back to school (well, maybe if I don't buy any books...). I just want to know if this is a problem with the receiver (so I can return it) or with my speakers or something else I may be doing wrong.
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Old 08-23-00, 11:13 AM
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It sounds like you might have a loose speaker wire. Have you checked the connections yet? What are you using for the DD signal from your DVD player to recviever? If its a RCA cable make sure that thats tight as well.
What I'd recomend to dermine if its the cable or speakers is try using the red and white cables to send a non DD signal to your reciever. Make sure you change the input selection to the RCA cables. If it still hisses it is probably a loose wire, yopu might also want to check that every thing is wired properly i.e. + to + and - to - on all the leads.
good luck!
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Old 08-23-00, 12:28 PM
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Is the hiss there when you play stereo? If not, then the wires and speakers are fine and the receiver has a problem. If it does, then try moving the speakers to the "B" side and see if the hiss is there, if not the receiver has a problem.

The only way to elimante your wires is to try a different set. The way to elimanate your speakres is to try a different set, or connect them to a different receiver.

I had a Sony receiver once and it had a hiss in the rear channels. I had it in the repair shop three times; I threw it out eventually... I hope you have better luck.

Do everything you can to get a replacement instead of a repair. (write down your serial number so you know if you got your unit back)
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Old 08-23-00, 01:29 PM
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I'm pretty sure it's the receiver at this point...
I checked all the connections (tried both coax and optical with DD and rewired my speakers - that $2.49 recoton wire really helped ) and the hiss is still there. Also, if I put it into stereo mode ot os crystal clear so I'm pretty sure that my speakers, while they do suck, are not the problem. I'm not even going to bother with repairs, it was an early birthday present (August, 29 - shopping for me should have been reaall easy this year...), so I'm just going to bring it back and either exchange it or replace it for a different model. Any suggestions for something under $300?
Thanks again,
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Old 08-23-00, 03:38 PM
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I have a Sony receiver, and i had never had any problems with mine yet, which i'd had a two years now
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Old 08-23-00, 05:14 PM
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The hiss is usually the receiver. Good speakers might be able to mask the hiss of the receiver but when you go to hook up smaller and less powerful ones, the hiss really becomes evident.

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Old 08-24-00, 09:57 AM
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I also have the sony STRDE 445 and I do not have any hissing coming from the front speakers... I think you should take it back if it is still under warranty and get a different brand receiver or a higher model sony... The STRDE 445 isnt exactly the best receiver Sony has come out with.. Plus you could upgrade to the STRDE545 for about another $100 and you get a few more features and 110wX5 instead of 80wX5... I am going to get a new receiver as soon as I recover from spending all this money on HT stuff...

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I have owned a couple of sony's consumer level(i.e. STR-DE...) receivers and all I can say about them is THEY SUCK! You will hear hiss because of the cheap amps they use in these low-level receivers. If you are a Sony fan(I am) don't even bother with a receiver unless it is from their ES line. These come with 5 year waranties and I guarantee you will not hear any hiss with one of these babies. Look at the THD(total harmonic distortion) rating - on the ES line it is typically .05% or less(the ES 777 is .02%) On a cheapo one it will probably be more like .1%. If you look around you can find the STR-DA333ES for less than $500 which is a great deal for a receiver that will blow away any DE model.

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