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Please help with DVD hookup.

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Please help with DVD hookup.

Old 08-21-00, 06:21 PM
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I'm trying to get my pioneer 302 dvd player hooked up to my tv. Here's the situation.
My tv only has cable input on it. But it's hooked up to a digital cable box that has audio and video inputs on it. The box is then hooked up to my technics dolby pro logic receiver.
So can I just take the audio out/vid out of the DVD player and plug them into the audio/video in's of the cable box? Or do I plug the Out's of the dvd into the In's of the receiver?
Any idea's? I'm not going for the 5.1 sound as of now. I just want this thing to work. Please help.

BTW I am going to get a new receiver that will give me DD/DTS. So if I get something
like the Onkyo 575x, will the dvd just hook up to it, or does it have to go to the tv?
Or am I way off base on this?

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Old 08-21-00, 08:02 PM
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You should definitely run the audio from your DVD directly to your receiver. As for the video, do you have a VCR involved, because it seems that with your setup, the easiest thing to do would be to run the cable into the VCR and then to the TV and run the DVD vid out to the VCR. As it is, I think there would have to be some sort of auxiliary mode on your cable box and you'd have to run the video directly to the cable box, or through the receiver to the cable box (doesn't matter much either way, but I say the fewer cables the better). As for when you upgrade, I'm not familiar with the Onkyo's rear too much, but in order for anything to be different, it would have to have a cable Coax in and out, and I doubt that it does. When all your TV has is the one coax in, it gets to be a pain. I've been there!
Old 08-21-00, 08:22 PM
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Thanks speedzon21. No VCR is currently involved. I have an old one (not hifi). But if I used it wouldn't the vcr have to be powered on and I would watch regular tv through the vcr? That's definately something I don't want to do. I did read somewhere about the RF modulator. Would that be my best bet? What would the video quality be through it?
So, just to make sure I understand you: I should definately be able to run the Audio OUT of the dvd player to the Audio IN of my receiver, right?
Old 08-22-00, 01:32 PM
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You could buy an RF modulator from Radio Shack. It will convert the video output to RF antenna output. But, your VCR can USUALLY do the same thing, and you'll save $30. Why are you so against having your VCR on while you watch DVDs?

BTW, I don't know about the cable box, but it seems unlikely to be successful. Never hurts to try, though. And when you do get your receiver, you will still have to hook the DVD player up to the TV, so it will not solve your problem.

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Old 08-22-00, 02:38 PM
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Depending on the make and model of your VCR, routing the DVD signal through it will probably trigger the Macrovision copy protection. (You'll see the screen get very light, then very dark repeatedly).

A better option to use is the RF Modulator. It's a pain to have to switch the thing on and off, but it's alot cheaper than buying an new TV! I'm using an RF modulator right now (old TV, no $). The video quality isn't as good as a direct connection, but it's MUCH better than VHS.

You definitely should send the audio signal from your DVD directly to the receiver.

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Old 08-22-00, 03:13 PM
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Thanks again.
Well, the only vcr I have is an older one that isn't a hifi vcr. So would I just use the VIDEO hookup from my dvd player to the VCR? And then run the AUDIO out of the dvd player to my receiver?
IT just gets so confusing having all this crap hooked up. Plus I will never use the vcr.
Would I be better off buying a new hifi vcr with S-video or something?
Edclem- So when do you switch the modulator on/off? When you want to watch dvd's it's got to be on or something?
And does the modulator plug into your TV and then the cable and video plug into the modulator?
Is there a website that can show me step by step diagrams/instructions of how to hook all this stuff up?
Sorry so many ????'s but this is getting tricky
Old 08-22-00, 03:55 PM
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Definitely do not hook up your DVD through your VCR, you will trgger the Macrovision. Get the RFDemod.

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