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connection question

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connection question

Hey allÖIím trying to figure out the optimal way to connect all my gear to my new HDTV. I bought a Tivo HDXL and had the CableCard installed today. I also bought a new Onkyo 706 receiver. So my thought was to connect the receiver via HDMI output to my TV, then connect the Tivo via HDMI input to the receiver (and my new PS3 also to the receiver, so Iíd watch everything through that).

BUT the issue is that I wanted to have a DVD recorder available to tape things off my Tivo that I had saved. Iím guessing the way to do that is connect the recorder to the TV via HDMI, then when needed use the A/V outputs on the Tivo, change the input level on the recorder and record in real time (either to disc, or the a hard drive if I wanted to record the same program to a few discsÖIím weird).

Am I missing some easier alternative? Iím assuming that the only way I can view every channel is through my Tivoóso even if I split the cable (is that recommended anyway?) and ran it to the TV or the DVD recorder, I would probably only get the basic channels, if even thatóis there any way to view the full channel lineup on more than one device? This is the one drawback to the new setupóon my standard TV, I hooked up my DVD recorder (with hard drive) first, then my Tivo though that, which made it simple to transfer recordings. Now I need to use the Tivo as the main device, which adds an extra step if I want to use a high-speed recording option on the DVD recorder/hard drive

I was eyeing a Panasonic DVD recorder with hard drive on ebay, because my current one is on the fritz. But Iím guessing a hard drive isnít as beneficial with the current setup, because I canít tape independently off all channels. Maybe I should just get a cheaper recorder and just record in real time.

How do you guys save recordings to discs? Am I missing something?
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Re: connection question

The way you connect everything (Tivo, PS3) to the receiver and then to the TV is correct.

I don't have much experience recording from a Tivo (although I have had Tivo's since 2001) but, I don;t think you should have to disconnect anything and reconnect for recording. If you record a show on Tivo there is an option to "save to vcr" or something like that. The Tivo should have multiple outputs on the back, one of which should allow you to connect to a recording device. I assume by choosing the "save to vcr" option you are activating that output on the tivo.

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RTFM (Read the Fucking Manual)
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Re: connection question

Except the manual probably sucks. To record you need Svideo. So in addition to the HDMI output, run Svideo from the Tivo. If that is your only source, just run it direct to the recorder.

The only way to get full digital cable channels is with a digital cable tuner. So you would need another. The best way for that would be a 2nd cablecard in the Tivo.

I don't know if the latest Tivos allow for simultaneous HD & SD output, the original did not. So you may have to switch into 480i output to record onto a DVD. I usually just record when I'm not watching anything or when I feel like watching from a different source like DVD.

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