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Old 01-11-09, 02:51 AM   #1
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To 24p or to not 24p?

With my recent purchase of a blu-ray player (Panasonic DMP-BD35), I suddenly realized that I was able to watch DVDs and BR discs in 24p. I have a pretty good idea of what this feature is doing, but I'm just not exactly sure if this is gaining me anything or adding to my experience. Does anyone have any input or a better explanation of what this might add to or detract from my viewing experience, or even if it is something that is not worth the time to bother with? Thanks.
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Old 01-11-09, 10:42 AM   #2
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Re: To 24p or to not 24p?

I know when I set my s350 to 24p instead of Auto it screwed up the picture on Into The Blue, the picture wouldn't center. So I just leave it on Auto and assume I'm getting the best picture.
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Old 01-11-09, 01:27 PM   #3
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Re: To 24p or to not 24p?

personally, i feel 24p looks better on my tv and blu-ray player, but your YMMV.
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Old 01-14-09, 07:55 PM   #4
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Re: To 24p or to not 24p?

Well just an FYI not many tv's do a True 24P so I'm not sure it's that big of a deal.
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Old 01-14-09, 09:17 PM   #5
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Re: To 24p or to not 24p?

I also don't know what, if any, difference I'm seeing but BDs in 1080/24p look badass.

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Old 01-15-09, 04:04 AM   #6
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Re: To 24p or to not 24p?

Interesting reading in terms of 24P --

It's crazy, first there's a race to add 24p. Now, there's a move to fix 24p with the frame interpolation technologies. If this is so cool... why does it need to be fixed?

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Old 01-19-09, 06:11 PM   #7
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Re: To 24p or to not 24p?

Originally Posted by beebs View Post
Interesting reading in terms of 24P --

[link removed...don't have 5 posts]

It's crazy, first there's a race to add 24p. Now, there's a move to fix 24p with the frame interpolation technologies. If this is so cool... why does it need to be fixed?

While he has some interesting points they are largely lost in a long article containing many inaccuracies. His writing reflects a lack of understanding of many of the things he is talking about. He uses the term judder to describe the effect of looking at 24fps in motion, as well as the effect of 3:2 pulldown. And he mentions how theaters reduce the effect with the double shuttering, but he doesn't address the 3:3, 4:4, 5:5, etc. done by modern displays.

He's a 60fps apologetic. Many people like the look of 24fps and associate it with movies, regardless if it's not as realistic looking. Many don't like the "soap opera effect" that interpolation produces.
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