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Affordable projector?

Old 09-02-06, 05:33 PM
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Affordable projector?

Is there a good projector for watching tv and movies for under $500?
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Old 09-02-06, 10:25 PM
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Maybe used but be prepared to replace the bulb (~$300)
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Old 09-03-06, 12:44 AM
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CC has the IN72 for $699 w/no rebate
J&R has the IN72 for $649 after $300 rebate

That is about as cheap as I have seen for something actually worth getting.

You could consider a CRT, but I'm certainly not an expert on that.
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Old 09-03-06, 06:45 PM
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Depends on what you consider "good". I don't think you'll find anything decent for that price range on a projector unless you go used. A projector is not something I would recommend going with the used route, since if you get a great deal it was probably not only used but abused.

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Old 09-03-06, 08:09 PM
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I found one I think will work. Its the Infocus X1A
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Sam's Club usually has a couple, but over $500.
Because of the cost of a new bulb, you may not want to watch regular tv with one. I think most use them only for movies, concerts, and ball games.
If you can afford to keep putting new bulbs in, by all means, watch tv. That would be great!
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Old 09-04-06, 04:44 AM
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If you keep an eye out you can get a great CRT projector for as low as $500 or even less sometimes. You will have to learn how to set one up though they have a steeper learning curved and are really big, but give the best on/off contrast and blacks of any projection technology.

You might be able to find an Infocus 4805 for $500. I paid about $525 total for mine refurbished. Excellent little diigtal for the price that is much better than the X1a.

The X1 was a nice projector its time,but I wouldn't pay more than $250-$300 for one right now simply because of the expensive lamps and because the cost difference between one and much better projectors is much smaller now (I originally paid $1,000 for first projector, an X1). If I'm going to have to pay about $300 for a lamp in the future I want to have more up-to-date image quality. The X1 was my first projector though and it was nice, but there is much better available for not much more.

Go to www.lumenlab.com and you can learn how to build a true high definition LCD projector for under $500. The lamps cost a fraction of the cost of commercial lamps too. You can also buy much of the equipment prebuilt so you don't have to make the exterior box yourself.

Lumenlab also sells their own commerical LCD projector that uses cheap lamps, but it's not HD, so I'd recommend building your own using a high quality panel should you go the DIY route.

Another option is to save a couple hundred more and try to get a unit like the Sharp XR-10x DLP. The difference in price is worth it. You'll get much darker blacks than the X1, about twice the contrast (despite what you read on the spec), much higher resolution, better colors, better shadow detail, a more accurate picture and a MUCH MUCH brighter picture. The Sharp can be had for as low as $700 and it will blow the X1a out of the water, especially with HD material.

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Im also looking at the Epson Powerlite S1 it seems to be a good unit.
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I'm about to make a post regarding this, but it seems there is a new budget King in the digital front projection world. A $999 720p DLP with DarkChip 2, Brilliant Color and Image AI. 4000:1 Contrast.


Why would ANYONE be looking at an Epson Powerlight S1? I wouldn't pay $200 for one.
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