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Samsung HD850 cannot resume over stop

Old 02-22-06, 12:36 PM
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Samsung HD850 cannot resume over stop

My Pioneer stopped working so I went out and got a new player. I've been happy with my previous Samsung purchases, plus the HD850 was relatively cheap ($109 @ Circuit City [in the store]) and there's a simple hack to allow it to play Region 2 discs, so I bought it. Anyway, got it home, started playing stuff, all is fine. Next day, I turned it on--it turns itself off after 30 minutes of no activity (something of a pain)--to resume watching the disc I had been watching, and it just goes through the LOADING process again--no resuming where I left off. I checked the doc, and it clearly says that unless you remove the disc or remove power to the unit, it will resume play where it was stopped. I've had other players, and none of them failed to resume after a stop and the unit being turned off; my Pioneer could even resume if power was totally removed.

So, I called Samsung support, and they said this is "normal", a "design feature". They would, however, add my complaint to a database to have this "feature" re-evaluated.

OK. Like I said, I've never had a player that did *NOT* resume after being stopped, turned off or not. That any manufacturer would consider such a function anything but essential is, in a word, stupid. With hours and hours of material on a disc you're supposed to watch all of it in one sitting and never stop for more than 30 minutes unless you want to go search for where you were? I don't think so.

So, are there any other HD850 owners out there that can verify that this is how their player works (or doesn't)?
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My Pioneer 285 stores resume info for a couple discs at a time, not sure how many offhand. But my Denon is just like the Samsung, resume only works until it is shut off/standby, then the memory is lost. One of 3 small quibbles with the player. If I need to stop, I just remember where I was.

I actually had a worse experience because of the Pioneer's memory than with the Denon's lack of memory. I had the Pio parental block on and watched part of a movie that was blocked. The first time I put it in, it asked for the password. But subsequent times it would try to resume and did NOT ask for the password so I simply couldn't play it. It only gave me the option for turning the block off completely. Amazing how you find little bugs.
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My Sony 5-disc has a 6 disc resume memory, even if you remove the disc from the player. I watched a movie once and hit stop(once) when the end credits appeared. About two years later I stuck the movie in to watch it and it resumed from where I had hit stop 2 years earlier.
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