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Multiple Input Video Selector

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Multiple Input Video Selector

OK, did a search for video selectors and got some good info. But I still have a few questions about my future setup.

My current setup:

1. Philips DVD 642
2. Pioneer CLD-D505 Laserdisc
3. Onkyo 770 HTIB
4. Philips CD-i 220 (Cd-interactive system, if anyone remembers these)
5. X-Box 360
6. Dell Dimension 8400 Computer
7. iPod 4G 40 Gig w/ dock
8. X-Box
9. PS2
10. Nintendo Gamecube
11. Sega Dreamcast

Anyway, I've got all these hooked up to my receiver with a cheap GE analog video selector for the game systems (aside from the 360). The DVD, Laserdisc, CD-i, computer, and iPod are hooked up directly through the receiver.

My dilemna now is that I've gotten into classic gaming recently. So now I've got a Sega Saturn, a Panasonic 3DO, NEC Turbo Duo, and SNK Neo Geo CD just waiting to be hooked up. Also, I will be purchasing a Nintendo Revolution and a PS3 when they are released. I possibly will be purchasing other older video games system in the future such as an NEC PC-FX and an FM Towns Marty.

OK...what I need is some advice about how to hook this all up to my Samsung 30" HDTV. Basically, all my receiver's inputs are taken up by the DVD, Laserdisc, computer, iPod w/dock, and X-Box 360. I would like to hook up all the game systems I have, and all future game system to my TV also. From other posts, it seems as the the Pelican Video selector would be a good option as it has several inputs, but it doesn't seem to use a remote.

I would appreciate any recommedations about hooking all these game systems up. In the end, it looks like I'll have about 15 game systems, with about 5 using Component Video, three using Optical audio, 4 using S-video, and the rest using Composite Video and Audio.

I'd assume that two of the Pelican video selectors would work, but it would be nice to have video selectors that would work with my Harmony 880. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Man, that's a lot of inputs. If you have a lot of bucks you could get a couple of these JVC SX777. I have the previous generation model for my older S-Video components and it works great with amplified connectors, remote control, looping and multiple routing.
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