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Let us discuss prjectors.

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Let us discuss prjectors.

After my bulb in my X1 died, and I replaced it, I started wondering what I would upgrade to in the future.

I love the 4:3 ratio. I know that is blaphemy around here, but I use it for tv and computer 90% of the time, and dvds, etc. about 10% of the time, so it makes very little sense to have a widescreen projector. If I went with 16:9, I would probably be unhappy with how the screen looks when I cut it down to a 4:3 ration, plus I would have to buy different screen.

But I notice that most 4:3 pj don't have a lot of options for inputs. While I don't have HD currently, the next upgrade will push me in that direction. Currently having to unplug the computer to plug in the xbox, I find that I rarely take the time....I just do other things.

What do you guys have and how do you use it? What don't you have that you would want on an upgrade?

What is it like to have a 4805 (or other WS type) and use it for computer or other native 4:3 stuff?
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As far as I'm concern computer can have 16:9 aspect ratio. Having that said, I guess your only issue here is TV viewing.
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I have a 16:9 PJ with a 90" screen. I just watch 4:3 stuff with bars on the side. Still gives me a 74" screen. Not bad at all, bigger than every 4:3 TV ever made, but one. One day I'll probably put up curtains for watching old movies, but I really don't care about "wasted screen real estate", as some do. I mean, either way you are wasting something. You could've made the screen bigger (wasting wall), or used more of it (wasting screen), or whatever. There's nothing you can do unless you want to stretch/crop everything to one shape. There are just too many shapes. My room works better with a widescreen because I have more lateral space than vertical. Plus, I prefer widescreen, so that works out great. To each their own.

You could always get some sort of switcher or something. Most 4:3 PJs are intended for PC use, hence the limited home theater type connections. No PJ is loaded with connections like a RPTV. Mine has composite, Svideo, component, VGA (which doubles as a 2nd component), HDMI. I think current 4:3 PJs are pretty much the same. Your X1 is actually a few generations old, you may find newer ones a bit better.

Oh, and it's only blasphemy to watch movies in 4:3 if that isn't OAR. I don't think most care about what shape the actual screen is. Esp if you watch a lot of 4:3 material.

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I've had a panasonic 720p AE-700 LCD projector since March. I'm throwing a 112" image on an unfinished medium brown wall and it's awesome. I sit 12' back. I currently use it mostly for HDTV viewing (at least 95% of what I watch is in HD these days), but do watch an occasional dvd. I've also connected my pc and it's cool surfing the web on a 100+" screen (I just set my video card output to 1280x720.) Right now I'm just counting the days until my xbox 360 arrives...should be sweet considering most games will be in the native resolution of the projector. I haven't turned on my old 32" set once since I got this thing...and I'll never be without a projector from here on out. Front projectors rock!

p.s. if you have HD available to you and aren't taking advantage of it you're missing out big time. my jaw still hits the floor when i power up my panny. i love watching people's faces when they come over and watch it for the first time...priceless. HD is here...what are you waiting for?

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I use a 4805 hooked to my PC via DVI. It runs the PC in a widescreen resolution (854x480 on mine). I love this PJ!!
I have a Fusion HDTV 5 in the PC with an OTA antenna and get HD that way. Then my TV is 16x9 as well.
I use the DVD drive in the PC for my DVD player, too.
Running the whole thing via Meedio.
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I run a Sharp 10K in my theater that has been replaced by the 12K and most recently the 20K. I use dvi for my HDTV receiver and component for my dvd player.
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I never stopped to think about switching to a widescreen PC desktop. Hmmm.
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Neither have I. Obviously there is too much to think about in upgrading.
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I would recommend the NEC-HT1100 its down below $2k and was a highly rated projector, a short time ago the MSRP was over $4k. Its what Im looking at, good resolution, excellent inputs, and an iris for better contrast. I watch a lot of standard def TV and 4:3 DVD's cartoons and such.
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I second the NEC HT1100. It's the best home theater 4:3 pj out there. I saw it selling for nearly $4,500 not all that long ago and suddenly they drop it to $1999 with a $200 rebate. BTW, for a little more (or possibly around the same price) you could get a true HD LCD like the new Sanyo Z4 (7700:1 Contrast ratio) and AE900 (5500:1 CR). I haven't seen them, but it sounds like LCD is continuing to take leaps forward and challenging DLP in quality while smashing DLP in the price category. The reviews of these units are very good, but I don't know how they'd compare against an HT1100 overall. Just thought I'd mention them in case you wanted to consider them.
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For 4:3 the NEC is definitely the way to go. I didn't realize they still had these available, welcome to closeouts. That is a killer machine and will destroy anything else under $2k for 4:3.
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NEC also has an anamorphic lens for the HT1100 for approx $600. I'm on the verge of ordering one w/o the lens and adding it later. I dont need the projecter yet though havent finished the basement... but dang Im tempted.
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