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Speaker help needed

Old 03-24-05, 01:18 AM
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Speaker help needed

I have a Sony 333es receiver and 2 big "old school" ss-u 7030 speakers with 15" woofers. Playing music, my 333 can push these speakers with ease. However, when I'm playing a movie, they seem to be lacking. I also have the Cerwin Vega LW-15 as a sub. I feel as though I have the low, rumbling bass covered, but my setup lacks tight, punchy bass. Does my receiver divert power away from the fronts in 5.1 mode? Do I need to invest in a smaller sub for tight bass?
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Old 03-24-05, 09:30 AM
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Hard to say, especially without knowing what kind of music you find satisfying on these speakers, vs what sort of film audio you find lacking. Also without knowing what you're using for center and surround speakers.

There are a lot of possibilities. One is that you're simply perceiving the difference between movie soundtracks with their wide dynamic range and significantly lower average sound levels, and highly compressed popular music which is basically loud all the time.

If your receiver has menu choices for dynamic range on DD/DTS soundtracks, try choosing maximum compression (aka "night mode" or similar).

I wouldn't argue that there aren't better choices in subwoofers, but it's usually with music that poor ones first reveal themselves. If you're happy with the CV playing music, it's hard to believe it would be that much more unsatisfactory with movies.

Why don't you post some more about your other speakers, and how you have them configured (which are "large" or "small," what the crossover frequency is, etc.).

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Thanks for the fast reply Richc.
I have my fronts set on large and center/surrounds on small. I will have to get back to you on crossover frequencies (although I am open to suggestions).

One thing I have always been curious about- my LFE setting on my receiver goes from odb to -15db. Is this normal?

I guess I should tell you the whole story. I went to Home Theater a while back and they were viewing Starship Troopers. During the attack scenes, you could feel the gunfire in your chest. When viewing the scenes at home I just can't replicate that midrange "punch" bass. Of course I realize there is considerable difference in the quality of the speakers, but my setup can't even get close.
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