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Looking for a sub $2000 60" HDTV help!!!!!!!!

Old 03-05-05, 05:17 PM
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Looking for a sub $2000 60" HDTV help!!!!!!!!

I've been eyeing the Toshiba 65H84, listed at amazon.com for about 1700, anyhoo do rear projection TVs needs bulbs to be replaced very few years? That's what's turned me against buying a projector and screen, plus that and projector setup requires a darker room.

List some HDtvs in more price/size range that don't need bubls replaced.
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Old 03-05-05, 08:36 PM
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RPTVs have 3 color tubes. They do not have bulbs. They last as long as regular crt tube tv's (many years).

Read some FAQs and you will understand this. It is basic stuff.

Mitsubishi makes great rptv's imo. You might find a 65" for around $2k.
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Old 03-06-05, 09:57 AM
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Why not get a smaller size (say 48 inch, 53 inch, etc.), but use the money to get better product. If size is all you want, a projector is the way to go. For an RPTV I would up your budget to $3000+ for a 60 inch model, and note that it will be a HUGE, very heavy model. Take a look at the Samsung DLPs for lighter weight and easier to move.

People sometimes find it mean or insulting for advice like this but I mean nothing by it. If your budget is $2000, you probably should not be looking at 60 inch models. The Pioneer Elites and Mitsubishi Diamond series are the best of the RPTV lines you are looking at. Good deals to be had for maybe a little more money, or a little smaller screen.
Keep in mind that the RPTV large screen is now a thing of the past. Plasma, LCD, dlp, etc. are taking over the market for a reason. You could just hold off another year, and then go plasma. Just my opinion.
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Old 03-06-05, 10:36 AM
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I respectfully raise a few counterpoints. First, projectors can be big but they are not suitable for normal viewing rooms which may have general ambient or artifical lighting. They are best suited for a windowless theater room. Also, projector bulbs are a noticeable operating expense, especially if you use the projector for regular tv viewing.

Plasma, lcd, dlp are mor epopular now primarily because of size (smallness) and also because they need no convergence adjustments. However, adjusting an rptv is fairly quick and easy--I adjust mine about once a month (minor 3-4 minute exercise with the remote for minor tweaks).

Hands-down, rptv's with crt technology have the best pq still, best contrats range and best black levels. That won't change for a while. As for prices, you can get an exscellent 65" Mitsubishi for around $2k if you look, and a 55" for several hundred less. You do not need to go to $3k for a top-notch rptv. Any Mitsu will give an excellent picture when set up properly, and you don't need to go to the diamond series; the same applies to the midrange Pioneers.
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Old 03-10-05, 02:20 AM
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Go with the Sony KP-57WS520. Great picture out of the box. Not quite 60", but close enough.
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i am also looking for a tv.. well i would like to pick up a 30'-34'LCD Flat Panel HDTV.. Which is the best brand (sony, panasonic,etc..) and gives out the best PQ..? Pretty much i want a flat panel tv that is widescreen and is HD-Ready.. Im going to use it about 80% of the time for movies and i want the best picture i can get on it.. I also want something i can play my ps2 and xbox on and look great, any help would be great.. Thanks in advance..
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Just coming in here to say that the TV that you are rejecting (Toshiba 65H84) has possibly the best picture quality out there for an HD set. Obviously this is open to debate -- and drmoze is correct, Mits makes some great RPTVs too -- but I wouldn't dismiss rear projection. With all of the hype over these paper thin screens, people sometimes forget that you're giving up quality, black level, and a host of other things. And usually paying about twice as much too.
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