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Samsung’s Hd-941 Has Arrived…

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Samsung’s Hd-941 Has Arrived…

Old 11-30-04, 06:17 AM
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Samsung’s Hd-941 Has Arrived…


Well folks, Samsung’s long awaited HD-941, upconverting DVD player is
finally here and let me say upfront, this unit truly lives up to all of the hype.

The good news is that the player has finally been released.
The bad news is just how difficult it’ll be getting your hands on one.

I managed to pick mine up on November 19th from broadcast photo and video giant B & H Photo located in Manhattan. Having spent a lot of time with this unit I have run various tests and here are my findings: (It should be noted that my test results are based on connection to a Samsung DLP HDtv.)

Those of us with HDMI will enjoy brilliant looking images without compromise. Samsung also furnishes an HDMI to DVI cable for HDtv’s without a direct HDMI connection port. Both the HDMI and DVI connections are absolutely stunning. I previously used the Samsung HD-931 unit but experienced disconcerting “black crush” issues when playing back 4x3 images, especially those from the early seasons of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” This issue are completely resolved and I am left with a picture that is nothing short of amazing.

Here are the formats available for playback over this unit: 480P, 720P, 768P, and 1080i. I use the 1080i setting (with the EZ-VIEW MODE engaged to VERTICAL FIT) for the playback of all 4x3 programs as it appears to be best suited for full-frame, distortion-free viewing. “Seinfeld, seasons 1-3” look particularly good through this setting, as would most other 4x3 programs. On the anamorphic video side, you’ll need to use the playback format that best matches your HDtv. I mostly leave my player defaulted to 1080i unless the DVD transfer is not up to snuff. The unit employs Faroudja’s latest DCDI chip - and boy was it worth the wait. (This unit was originally scheduled for release back in September.) I tested several Superbit titles: “UNDERWORLD,” “SPIDER-MAN,” RESIDENT EVIL,” and “HOLLOW MAN” and all that I can say is, wow - for under $300 this is as good as standard-def-DVD gets. I would be hard-pressed to find another upconverting player with a picture as good as this one, especially in its price range.

How about sound? The player’s sound is equal to that of its vision. The HD-941 supports both SACD and DVD-AUDIO and it does so with outstanding fidelity. For testing the SACD side I used David Bowie’s 2002 disc “HEATHEN” and the score from “TITANIC.” Bowie’s album really shines on SACD as producer/engineer Tony Visconti presents us with a soundstage filled with sweeping range and multi-dimensional surround-sound; without becoming overly exaggerated as is the case with far too many SACD’s. James Horner’s score for TITANIC” is nothing short of extraordinary. This magnificent score is made even more enjoyable with multi-channel, 5.1. I was truly impressed with the SACD portion of this player. On the DVD-AUDIO side this player performs flawlessly as well. I used another Bowie disc, the 2003 album “REALITY,” and was completely blown away! Everything about this recording screams out look at me and don’t listen to 2.0 CD’s ever again. A side by side comparison of the standard CD release along side the DVD-AUDIO presentation was beyond belief. Boy does CD really suck in comparison! I also tested Faith Hill’s “CRY” album and was equally as impressed. Samsung has outperformed my Pioneer and Denon players in regards to these audio formats and don’t even get me started on the price differences.

Run, do not walk to get your hands on this outstanding new player from Samsung. Sure HD-DVD is supposed to be landing by late next year, but why should you wait to fully experience what you currently own today. Of course you should buy HD-DVD but the new HD-941 will get you by until the dust has settled on the future of a true HD, DVD format.

Kudos to Samsung for a job well done!

For those interested in all the specs of this unit here is the direct Samsung link: http://samsungusa.com/cgi-bin/nabc/p...VD-HD941%2fXAA

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Old 11-30-04, 01:12 PM
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This is my first post here.

I just purchased a Toshiba 52"DLP. I am interested in an upconverting DVD player to complement it. Will the Samsung 841 or 941 play burned DVDs through my tv's HMDI input?

Thanks for helping a noob.
Old 11-30-04, 03:58 PM
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Thanks for the heads-up, I always wanted to pick-up the 931 to connect to the DVI on my Sammy 50" DLP, but was worried about the issues you mentioned. Now I'll have to try one of these new ones!
Old 11-30-04, 04:25 PM
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I have the HD-931 and am quite happy with it...it will probably be my default player until true HD-DVD players arrive.
Old 11-30-04, 07:33 PM
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Phalanx762, the HD-941 will indeed play your DVDR's through the HDMI input.
Old 11-30-04, 11:29 PM
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Old 12-01-04, 09:37 AM
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I have the 931, but am miffed about the lack of SACD and DVD-A. The blue lights are a bit annoying too.

Thanks for the review. I just might have to consider picking one up.
Old 12-04-04, 08:59 PM
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Thanks for the reiew!

I have a Samsung HLN507W DLP set that I'd like to pair up with a nice, new DVD player. I currently have an NAD T732, but don't like its lack of SACD and DVD-A capability. Being restricted to component output is a bummer too. I've settled on getting either the Samsung HD-841 or the 941, but can't quite figure out which to get. Price really isn't an issue, but I don't want to spend money needlessly either. As I see it, the only difference between the two players is an HDMI output and DCDi processing. So, my questions:

- My TV doesn't have an HDMI input, so I'm assuming that ability won't buy me anything. Sure, anticipating getting a TV in the future that has such an input might be smart, but I just got this set and won't be upgrading before it's time to get a Blu Ray or HD-DVD player.

- Does DCDi buy me anything when doing what I do 99% of the time while watching DVDs - viewing movies? Since they're natively 24p, there's no deinterlacing required. As I understand it, the HD upconversion done by the player doesn't have anything to do with DCDi, but is done by separate internal hardware. Is that correct?

- For the rare occasions that I do watch interlaced material off of a DVD (biking or racing videos), would the DCDi functionality that is built into my TV make DCDi in the DVD player redundant? Or would the 841 do its own non-DCDi deinterlacing before sending the singal out via DVI, resulting in an inferior picture that never gets touch by the TV's DCDi?

Are there any other reasons that I'm missing why I should consider the 941 over the 841? Thanks in advance for the help!


Old 12-04-04, 10:26 PM
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There was a comparison between 5 upconverting DVD players (including the Samsung DVD-HD841) in the NY Times a few days ago. Here's the link:

http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/02/te...ts/02stat.html (reg. required - takes about 2 minutes if you're not already).
Old 12-05-04, 06:21 PM
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So, the big question is:

Did Samsung fix the digital output levels (to 16-235), or did they still use the wrong levels (0-255) like on the HD-931 and the HD-841?
Old 12-07-04, 05:26 AM
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All I can tell you is that my HD-941 has a terrific black level and it sports improved detail over the 931 & 841 when displayed over my DLP screen.
Old 12-08-04, 12:11 AM
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Oh God, not this guy again.
Old 12-08-04, 03:38 PM
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To those that purchased this dvd player, was there problems in hooking up to your TV? I read where you gotta connect component first, then the dvi/hdmi. This step was purportedly not on the manual.

Also, how bad is does the 841 look? I mostly watch movies on dvd and then directv for TV programming. i'm considering the 841 since my eye is not as discerning in terms of black/white details.

Another concern was the not so great user reviews on cnet.com. Should I put much weight there? Seems alot of people may not know how to use this player properly.

FYI, will be using on Samsung HLN567W


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Old 12-09-04, 09:49 AM
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I'd check out highdef's thread at avsforum and dvdfile.


People seem a little skeptical that it reads a little too much like an ad for Samsung Plus there are a few threads about problems people are having with the HD941 (at avsforum).

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