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Old 11-21-04, 05:05 PM   #1
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Portable DVD player with good sound?

I just got back from returning a travel DVD player to Sam's Club, the sound was just awful! Even with the volume up full it wasn't very loud with the speakers or the earphones and it was all tinny sounding. Is this normal for all those compact travel models or can someone recommend a brand that does better? This was a Polaroid.

I just figure the kids would never be able to hear the movie over the sound of the engine/roadway/wind, etc. since it was barely loud enough sitting in my living room. And the canned sound would drive me nuts if I ever wanted to watch it if we were stuck in a tent camping and it rained or something like that!

Granted, I'm looking at the cheaper models, but cheap CD players sound better.
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Old 11-21-04, 10:03 PM   #2
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Well not to burst your bubble, but the adage "you get what you pay for is kinda true in this case" The only exception I've found is I've tested 5 different portable dvd players based on people's recommendation on Amazon, Bizrate, etc. And finally bought the one that was best in quality, picture, sound and reliablity. THe sound is very sub par on EVERY portbale dvd' player b/c they wern't made for loud sound hence the portablity. Most of the time, one will and should use headphones.

Sony 7"-Great picture, very easy to use and great reliablity but the price was steep at $500.00. The picture between this and the Toshiba were tied for best in my opinion. Sound was alright.

Mintek 8"-Okay picture, the colors were a little washed out compared to the Sony/Panasoinc & TOshibas, very tinny sound but great price but not very good reliablity.

Toshiba 8.9"-Awesome picture, easy to use, great reliablity. Also kind of spendy at $400.00 but I got mine on eaby for 300.00 so a great deal. Unfortnuately doesn' t play dvd-r's. Sound is very good. This is the one I own.

Initial 8"-Okay picture, best sound of the bunch for loudness. Best price I've found of the bunch at $250.00. Very versatile b/c it played dvd-r's.

Pansonic 7"- Great picture, very easy to use and great reliablity. Kinda spendy and the sound isn't good.

Hope this helped.
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