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Old 03-14-03, 07:36 PM   #1
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Need advice for subwoofer + Speaker package

I really want to complete our home theatre system so I think I have finally narrowed down my choice for the speakers:

Harmon Kardon HKTS12




Polk RM6005 - If I get this, Circuit City has a $ 100 off, if I buy it with the Polk 10" 50-Watt Subwoofer (PLK PSW202BLACK)

The H/K and the JBL both have 150 watt subwoofer. I could pair the 6005 with this subwoofer, Polk 8" 100-Watt Subwoofer (PLK PSW303BLACK) and the price will almost be similar with the H/K or JBL.

My questions are:

Is it worth paying $ 150 more for an upgrade of the subwoofer from 50- watt to 100-watt?

Assuming I went for the Polk RM/6005 and Polk 8" 100-Watt Subwoofer (PLK PSW303BLACK) combination, would this be better than the H/K or the JBL speaker system?

The receiver I am getting is probably the Pioneer VSX-D811S or the Denon 1803. Is the Denon significantly better than the Pioneer?

Thanks to everybody who have helped me with my numerous questions!
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Old 03-15-03, 05:41 AM   #2
Cool New Member
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Here are a couple of links with some info that may help.
The reviews can be a guide but, as you know, listening to your choices will be the deciding factor.

The second link will give you a wealth of info on your speaker choices and what else is out there.

Good luck!

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Old 03-15-03, 11:15 AM   #3
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Good choice on the receiver. No contest between the DEnon and the Pioneer; the 1803 will simply sound better, cleaner, louder.

As for speakers, the 'packages' you note have gotten good reviews. If I were buying speakers right now, I would pick up 5 NHT Superzeros from onecall ($67 each), and look around for a good sub to match. Perhaps a used/refurb NHT sub, as they tend to match well with the SZs. The SZs are also quite small yet have a really open, clear sound. They wiull sing with a good high-current amp like the Denon.
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Old 03-15-03, 11:07 PM   #4
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i definately agree with the super zero's. great little speakers.
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