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Non anamorphic, what mode?

Old 12-02-02, 02:43 PM
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Non anamorphic, what mode?

I was curious as to what mode I should put my widescreen TV when viewing non anmorphic DVDs, widscreen VHS or widscreen broadcast on AMC for instance. When using the standard mode, the picture seems skewed horizontaly. Any ideas what modes most people use (zoom, expand or stretch)? thanks.
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amc doesnt do widescreen movies
but i think most people use stretch mode.
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It depends upon your TV. I have a Toshiiba widescreen set. Here's a quick summary of the modes for my set:

Normal - Use for viewing 4:3 material in proper aspect ratio. This mode has gray bars on the sides. I use this for watching 4:3 DVDs.

Theaterwide 1 - A smart stretch mode. Fills the screen when viewing 4:3 material. The center of the picture is hardly touched at all. As it gets closer to the edges, the stretch becomes more obvious. This is an excellent mode for watching regular TV.

Theaterwide 2 - This mode zooms the picture uniformly and is the best mode for watching non-anamorphic widescreen DVDs as well as widescreen TV shows.

Theaterwide 3 - This is another smart stretch mode. It doesn't look as good as Theaterwide 1. The only thing I've used it for is non-anamorphic 1.66:1 discs.

Full - This mode stretches the picture horizontally to fill the screen and should be used with all anamorphic widescreen DVDs.

It sounds like you're looking for Theaterwide 2, or your set's equivalent.
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What type of Widescreen TV do you have? Each maker names their modes a bit different, but for Toshibas for example, I use TheaterWide 2 for nonanamorphic DVDs/widescreen telecasts and Full for Anamorphic ones.
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OOPS sorry forgot to mention the brand,

I have a mitsubishi 55" widescreen......
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Originally posted by mikes0765
OOPS sorry forgot to mention the brand,

I have a mitsubishi 55" widescreen......
I use the "expand" mode on my Mits for non anamorphic discs.
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Originally posted by Rypro 525
amc doesnt do widescreen movies
From time to time you can occasionally see something in OAR.
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The one that looks best on my Samsung is called "Panoramic," which fills the screen but doesn't make everyone look really really fat. I'd just say use the one you think looks the best.
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I only have one progressive scan mode, FULL (16x9-enhanced). It really simplifies my choices. Alas, it also means that I have to use a home theater PC to get the full use of the set with 4:3 and letterboxed DVDs and laserdiscs.

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Moving to Hardware.
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