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Panasonic 53" HDTV Widescreen Proj.

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Panasonic 53" HDTV Widescreen Proj.

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and was wondering if i could get some opinions and helpful hints on some things i need to know. I am getting ready to purchase a Panasonic HDTV 53" Widescreen Projection TV model #PAN PT53WX42. My current setup is as follows:
Technics Digital Rec. SADX930
Sony DVD DVP-S360
Directv ( using Hughes silver edition rec.)
Harmon Kardon Speakers, with powered Sub model # HK HKTS5

I am wanting to add this Panasonic Big Screen to my setup..My only concern is my living room is rather small, 15x13. The wall where the Tv would sit with my chairs being on the other wall, would be the 13 foot stretch, So my viewing area would be taken down to about 9 Foot. My question is will this bother the picture that i will see. Would it look better in a larger room? I am very concerned about the picture in such a small room. If you guys could give me any suggestions on my system and what it will look and sound like in this room, it would be great. My other question, which i am sure i will have alot more, do any of you know what will the picture quality look like with Directv hooked up to this TV, I have a very strong signal, and the picture is almost DVD quality on a RCA 25". And how about the DVD player, i imagine it will look great, but i keep reading things about progressive scanplayer. I know mine is not, or atleast i believe it is not, will mny picture be good with out progresive scan player. Ok i have asked enough for now. Any info will be great..Thanks in advance

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I think 53" at 9' away would be fine. I can move my set and about 8' away, or even closer, from my 53' (of another brand) is no problem. The source material makes a difference though. TV at that distance starts showing scan lines, a little farther back is better. 9' might be ok.

However my set has a very fine pixel size (.52mm) so that helps in making the picture acceptable close up. The limit to how close I like to get is when I can make out the individual pixels I know I'm too close. I think you'll need to try out the Panasonic at a dealer with a DVD source and see how close you can get. The TV picture might not be so good that close so you'll really need to check that out.
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I agree. I sit 8.5' from my 55" Mits and DVDs look great. Cable on the other hand......well we won't get into that.
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