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Stereo Receiver Advice

Old 10-30-02, 09:15 PM
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Stereo Receiver Advice

Looking into home audio/surround sound for games/movies. I have 400watt main speakers and just bought a Kenwood 6050 receiver which I have to turn up to max but still am not getting enough boost to the speakers. I know I can spend lotsa $$ but I want to stay in the 300-400 dollar range.

Please, any recommendations on receivers that have a lot of bag for the buck and enough power to make these speakers worth their weight.
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Old 10-30-02, 11:48 PM
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Aciphex...try posting this in the DVD & Home Theatre Forum, you will get better responses.

You are likely to see a number of "wrong forum" posts otherwise.
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Old 10-31-02, 07:17 AM
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Look at the Denon series....the 2802 and even better, 3802 if you stretch on your budget.

Online, you can get the 2802 in the $400 - $450 range,
the 3802 in the $600 to $700 range.

The thing about on-line purchases is that most places aren't authorized dealers and you typically void the warranty....its a gamble for savings. I bought online and its been 3 years for my 4800 so I'm already beyond the warranty anyways if something was to happen to it now.

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Old 10-31-02, 01:25 PM
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Stay away from JVC.

Other good brands are Onkyo, Pioneer, Harmon Kardon. Just look for a receiver with higher wattage rating than the Kenwood you tried out. Sounds like you'll need a MUCH higher rating from what you reported.

Or you could replace your mains with a lower wattage speaker 400 watt speakers just sounds so high. Is it 400w per speaker?

I have an Onkyo receiver with a 5.1 setup and have more than enough power (5x100 i believe) to power my speakers. I know they are no where's near that large though.
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Old 10-31-02, 09:34 PM
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I will put another vote in for the Denon...those baby's are bomb proof!!
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Old 11-01-02, 04:08 AM
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For me, Onkyo is the best, followed by Denon. They consistently put out the best stuff.
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Old 11-01-02, 12:29 PM
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Get an HK for less

Go to www.harmanaudio.com and look at the AVR-120, 320, and 520 lines of receivers. Arguably the most bang for the buck at your price range. These receivers are refurbed and sold with the original warranties intact from Harman Kardon themselves (so you are covered.)

I have the 520 at home and it just purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion. I couldn't be happier, have never owned a receiver that is as good as this one.
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Old 11-02-02, 02:10 PM
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It's not just wattage. You need high-*current* power supplies to give inefficient speakers loud, clean sound. You won't see this factor in the specs though. I concur with the above: Onkyo & Denon are great inexpensive receivers (I have a Denon), and H-K and Yamaha are also excellent. Sony is notorious for having good power specs but anemic low-current amps (except for their very pricey highest-end stuff). Pioneer, JVC, etc. are also so-so.
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Old 11-02-02, 03:40 PM
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I second/third the H/K. Very musical and great for home theater. I got a refurb as well (got mine from uBid though) and received in brand new condition/packaging with all protective plastics in tact. Best home theater purchase I've made so far. Saved hundreds and performance is awesome with power to spare.

Also note the 325 and 525 has just been released so you can probably find a good deal on the 320/520 through retail channels.
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Old 11-03-02, 09:31 AM
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Another vote for Denon. I know several people including myself who have one and they are awesome. Good solid power and wonderful crisp sound. I have an older 2800 but the 2802 or 3802 would be a great deal.

I also know a few people who have Onkyo receivers and love them. I think they sound great too but I have never really played with them in depth since I don't own one. From my exoerience though in your price range these are the only two brands you should probably consider.

One of my good friends got a good deal on an Onkyo receiver at Cambridge Soundworks when they had a recent 25% off coupon. You might look into deals they are having.
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Just picked up the H/K 520 for like 500 even, brand new from onecall.com. If you're interested let me know, I can try to find the link and the coupon and stuff I used. I saw it on some other site.. Got it, and it was delivered for free 2 days. Couldn't be happier this thing is great for the money.
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I say don't bother with the Denon 2802 right now, as the new 1803 is primarily the same but a bit nicer, and the remote is much better. And it can be had for a bit less than the 2802...

Personally, I'm busting my ass trying to find the new Denon 3803 for my new HT, and I'm trying to get it for about $900 shipped, give or take $100...
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what speakers are they?
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