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Wierd Question

Old 11-12-01, 06:43 PM
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Wierd Question

I want to purchase a receiver, speakers, sub, blah blah to make my dvd and tv experience more enjoyable. Anyways, heres my problem, just wondering what people think cuz i value other's opinions, specially when they know more than me

My mom (who i live with) dosent think i should get it because we live in an aparment, not an apartment building, but a house with 3 apts in it.
The 3 other tenants have an average age of about 80 years old(really), so she thinks it will disturb them and we'll get kicked out.

I tell her, it wont be that bad cuz were in the basement apt, and tha woman upstairs is half deaf anyways.

If im watching a movie in dts or surround sound, can i listen to it at a reasonable volume, meaning will it sound good. I have a tendency to like loud movies, music, etc.

what does everyone think, interested to hear what people who are in similar situations in apts, but ill accept any responses.

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Old 11-12-01, 08:28 PM
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It's been my experience that old people either don't hear the stuff or just don't care. Example...I used to live in a town-house where I had a young couple connected on one side and two old ladies connected on the other side and the young couple always complaied. I asked the old ladies if it was a problem and they said they never heard a thing.

So to appease the young couple I just found out their schedule and blasted my movies when they were gone and we came to an agreement that Saturday and Saturday night were open...there has to be some give and take in apartment/townhouse living. Besides I told them I never complained when they woke me up in the middle of the night from their headboard banging into my wall.

So if you have a dialogue with your neighbors I would suggest talking to them about it(although I doubt they would understand) but tell them your intentions and that if there was ever a problem to tell you personally and not involve the landlord/cops.

Also a lot of receivers have a "night" mode that allows you to enjoy the movie experience but at a lower reference.
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Old 11-13-01, 01:35 PM
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At average listening volume, in an average sized room, with the sub turned down a bit, you shouldn't have many problems.

I lived in a hardwood-floor apartment, and while the apartment wasn't soundproof, I still never got any complaints. However, I could always hear other people's bass, so I rarely ever turned on my sub and set my mains to "large" (I have full-size speakers).
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