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Playing PAL DVD's on US TV's

Old 10-18-01, 10:04 AM
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Playing PAL DVD's on US TV's

Taking the opposite point to a current thread, I'm hoping to move out to the US in the next 12-24 months to work, and naturally I'd like to bring my ever growing DVD collection with me. Most of the DVD's I own are Region 1, so no problem there, but a fair few were bought in the UK or Australia, which of course use the PAL system.

I've heard there's a player available from APEX (?) which allows for PAL discs to be played on US TV's, but can anyone tell me if there are any TV's on sale that are multi-standard as is the UK spec Toshiba RPTV I presently own? Whilst in the US recently I looked at TV's, but didn't notice any that came with multi-standard support (for PAL, NTSC, and SECAM), and looking at the Toshiba US website gave the same impression.

I'd prefer a player from the likes of Sony or Pioneer that was PAL friendly and multiregion too.

Any hints?
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Old 10-18-01, 12:25 PM
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As far as PAL to NTSC friendly players go, the Malata n996 is absolutely your best bet. Every PAL disc I play in it is converted flawlessly to NTSC and looks terrific. Avoid the APEX, which is very cheaply built and does not do the conversion very well.

I can't give an opinion on multistandard TV's, other than to say that I've never seen one for less than 1,000 bucks.

Keith B.
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Old 10-18-01, 08:23 PM
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Re: Playing PAL DVD's on US TV's

Originally posted by cervaro

I'd prefer a player from the likes of Sony or Pioneer that was PAL friendly and multiregion too.
Not gonna happen.
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Old 11-20-01, 09:37 AM
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I'm hoping that people are still reading this thread.

I'm in the market to purchase a multi-system DVD player. Something that will be able to play my Region 2&3 PAL DVD's on my NTSC TV at home. I would like to get one with the ability to disable macrovision. If that's not possible I guess I will have to buy a Sima SCC. I already own a Pioneer DV-333. Progressive scan in not important to me.

I've read alot about this subject here and elsewhere. It seems the Malata N996 is a choice unit. However, avdeals doesn't want to carry it because it "lacks manufacturer support". This concerns me. I also it costs $350-$400 from online stores. The Daewoo DVG-5000N is only $100 from Sam's Club (although I don't have a membership). And the Skyworth-1050P is about $350 from Hivizone, but it's out of stock right now.
I was initially going to buy a Sampo DVE611 but it is not able to have macrovision turned off. I'm currently pricing the Sampo DVE620. Since I don't have any experience in this area I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Old 11-20-01, 06:44 PM
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I played my JPIII(PAL) on my laptop DVD player. It did not work on my SD9200.
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In the US there are few multistandard sets; they are small and expensive. One possibility is to use a computer-based system. Or you can try the Malata player, or buy a PAL-to-NTSC converter. I'd consider selling your PAL discs and sticking to NTSC R1.
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Old 11-21-01, 01:24 PM
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Assuming that you're coming over here with more than a suitcase of belongings, why not ship nice European widescreen TV over?
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My Raite 715 plays all my European DVD's on my American TV perfectly.
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