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Movie Posters 2023 film related T-Shirt, Collectibles Indiana 007 Mario Spider Avengers FS

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Movie Posters 2023 film related T-Shirt, Collectibles Indiana 007 Mario Spider Avengers FS

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Movie Posters 2023 film related T-Shirt, Collectibles Indiana 007 Mario Spider Avengers FS

First, the Dvds both new: Walking dead season 1 dvd $8 (shipped), Breaking bad season 1 dvd $8 (shipped)

NEW Additions, now the Posters:

Super Mario Movie 2023 (with the characters on it) (Mario, princess browser) Double Sided 27x 40 $54.99 shipped
Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny 27 x 40 Double sided $54.99 shipped
Spiderman Across the Spiderverse (Double-sided) (Miles, Spider2099, Gwen and other chars in background) $54.99 shipped
Transformers Beasts 27x40 $35 shipped or offer
Hocus Pocus 2 Double Sided 27x40 $29 shipped or offer
Oppenheimer Doublesided 27x40 $35 shipped or offer
Blue Beetle NEW DC one (Double Sided 27x40 $offer
Barbie 27x 40 letter B with the 2 characters on it $35 shjipped
Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever 27 x 40 $22
Back the the future (1st preview playbill 2023) (18 x 24) based on the film 19 shipped
Star Wars Topps collectible poster 2022-23: (18 x 24) https://ibb.co/fS9zqgV $17.99
Disney Topps collectible film poster 2022-23 (18 x 24). (Many films on 1 poster: beauty and the beast, lion king, mickey, winnie pooh, cinderella, pinocchio and others $17.99 Photo: ask
Marvel Topps collectible film heroes poster 2022-23 (many heroes in 1 poster) Dr strange, black panther, Iron man, Star Lord, Black Widow, Spiderman and others. A nice semi-gloss finish $17.99 Photo: ask
Indiana Jones: The Dial of Destiny (13 x 19) 14.99 (Shipped) https://ibb.co/qN3S820https://postimg.cc/jLCFBNdt
Top Gun Maverick limited poster imax 2022 $offer (I think this is 11 x 17)

Ghost Rider OFFICIAL Movie T-Shirt Skull Nicholas Cage NY 2007 Marvel $17.00
(Around the time when the film premiered. Official original movie promo shirt from the distributed from studio.
You can see the flying skull with its red flame or any fans of Marvel and A true collector. Exclusive. Cannot get it in stores.

Clash of the Titans: The Kraken OFFICIAL MEDIUM Movie T-Shirt M $14 Cool Logo in front (2 different sides)

Transformers OFFICIAL IMAX Knight T-Shirt 'Movie Fan Event' 16.49 (was 19)


Red Riding Hood (The T-shirt) Just acquired Werewolf looking at you, with details of locations on his brown face)

MI III 3 Mission Impossible 3 Official T-shirt (from the Premiere at the Ziegfeld theater LARGE) $15 (2 different sides)

LION KING Youth Small T-Shirt from the play based on the Movie (Youth small), throwing in the anniversary play bill as well $17.49


LORD Of The Rings : Shadows of Agmar (Cool shirt ASK) $18

SPIRAL (Saw series) Gray with a red spiral in front and spiral logo on the side OFFICIAL T-shirt Rare $21.99

TBS Official Full Frontal Samantha Bee Feminist launch NYC T-SHIRT S 2017 The word FEMINIST in front shines and shimmers in silvertone.
New T Shirt small from the New York City launch. (Note it is a Womens T-shirt) $15.49 (was 17) 2 different sides


Comedy Central Night of TOO Many stars (BOTH T-Shirts) $27.49 Ask negotiable

OFFICIAL 300 MOVIE BASEBALL CAP HAT Frank Miller SPARTAN King One Size It is a black cap with the red logo of 3OO $16.49 (was 20
Official Ready Player One baseball cap

Star Wars - A POP-UP Guide to the Galaxy (hard cover) by Matthew ReinhartSpecial book where they popup while you read as you flip the pages. $49 negotiable

Star Wars Mandalorian - 'AHSOKA with Lightsabers' 464 Funko Pop (Doll/collectible) Bobblehead New in the Box ! $18.50 negotiable

Star Wars Darth Vader - Funko Pop 597 $27 (negotiable)

NEW ADDITION: Rock of Ages T-shirt (any questions feel free to ask)

NEW ADDITION: Back To the Future black t-shirt with the car saying" Rules? < Where we are going we don't need rules.$18.50 negotiable


First I will start with the 27 x 40 (All are Double sided unless noted)

Black Adam $16
Onward (like shrek), $16.49
WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020) Movie Poster Theater ORIGINAL 27x40 $27.99 shipped (Nice and colorful) 2 available
Wonder Woman (Gal is running with her sheild) 27x40
Wonder woman 1984 $25 (Teaser with the rainbow colors in the backround
Ghost in the Shell Movie Poster Exclusive Scarlett Johanson (This is the AMC limited poster during its promotional run)
MORTAL KOMBAT 2021 (Subzero & Scorpions face looking at you) 2021 $24
Suicide Squad: Dying to save the World 2021 $24
James Bond 007: No Time to die (Daniel Craig on the poster) $24
Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (My last one) $42 SOLD
Spiderman away from home (and one where he is napping on in the city - Need to check available $ (ask if interested)
A Star is Born (Lady gaga movie 27 x 40) $20 negotiable
Captain Marvel (2 different ver)
Captain America civil war They are all facing each other ready for battle $22
Doctor Sleep
Doctor Strange (He is facing you and warp coming out from hand) $24
FROZEN: Olaf's Frozen Adventure (The deer and snowman on the poster) $16.50
JOKER (teaser one with his head on the bottom, facing up) There are some nick marks mostly towards center and near his head) $18.49 negotiable
ALADDIN (The will smith genie one)
AVENGER Infinity War - All chars on the poster $49
KING KONG "Dodge" poster.. Limitedly distributed from one of the first comic con. Arare colelctible. You can see him holding the red dodge car and lady, atop the tower. $52
The Batman 2022 $26 (Last one) The one with pattinson and lady standing next to him facing right
The Girl in the Spiders Web (Dragon Tattoo series) 27x40 $16 (Negotiable)
Incredibles 2
Nemo 3D (one with the fish)
Queen of Katwe $15 (Negotiable)
Detective Pikachu
Ghostbusters: Answer the gall (The females with the ghost buster symbol in the background) $42
Jurrasic World Dominion 26.50
HE-MAN Masters of the Universe Revelation (Netflix one) Animated ones with all the chars surrounding he-man and mumra which are in the center $52
Harry Potter / Hunger Games (Have various ones on these, if there is any interest
I can check for you it is most likely the later one such as Phoenix, also have the teaser)
In the Heights (based on the Broadway play) $ask
SPACE JAM 2021 (Lebron on top, toons on the bottom) $17 (Last one left!)
Shang Chi $22
Star Wars Rogue One (Many chars (with battle going on in the bottom) $21.50
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker many chars including Rey on the poster plus the battle on the cliff $21.50
Star Wars The Last Jedi $28 (Beaming her light saiber ubrads) with 2 faces in red on top
Star Wars: The Lady Jedi "In the stars' teaser 27x40 $49
Raya and the Last dragon $21
THOR Ragnarok $19
Venom (2018) Tom Brady looking at you on the poster 27x40 $34
Venom (2018) 'His Eyes' looking at you teaser 27x40 $24
F8 Fast and the Furious
Pearl Harbor (Teaser one with the planes)
How to Train your dragon (latest one) 2 dragons light and dark facing each other with the knight in the middle) $16 (please inquire first so I can check availability)
Harry Potter Blood prince (may some of nicks) $ask
Harry Potter Order of the phoenix (may have some nicks) $ask
Halloween H2O (may have some nicks)
Good Will Hunting (may have some nicks)

And now here is the rest:

Twilight 10th Anniversary Year poster 13.25 x 19.5 (Limited amount remains) $14.00
Twilight I DO HAVE some various ones around so ask such as (Pattinson on the poster kristen on the poster for breaking dawn) $12.50
A Star is Born (Lady gaga movie 11 x 17) $12.50
Aquaman (he is standing beside her with his trident) $12
Attack on Titan (cool looking poster) $13.50 feel free to inquire if interested
ALITA (Battle Angel) The movie poster.. Limited Edition from Comic Con where she is looking at you, 7 x 10 on a slightly thick stock.. (Film by James Cameron who brought you Avatar)
Avengers Endgame (Imax poster #1 nice thick stock, downstairs bin) $10
Avengers Endgame (Imax poster #2 nice thick stock, downstairs bin) $10
ANTMAN (The 1st one) Imax teaser $8 (his legs are extending from the top of the insect) 11x17
Batman (Comic Con edition) ask $16 https://ibb.co/NYCxGsK
Batman Dark Knight Rising (standing up) and Dark Knight (riding on motorcycle (Both $18)
BOWIE (David Bowie 2 sided poster)
Birds of Prey (She is standing facing you in front, with some other chars in background) $12
Captain America Cival War (One with Iron Man and Black Panther in the background as far as I recall, the side is 9.5 x 13 on a slightly thick stock, inqure) $14
Crazy Rich Asians 11 x 17 (14)
BLADE RUNNER 2049 ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS SYFY OSCAR CAR HARRISON FORD NYCC (2 different 11.5 x 17 posters from the film) $17.99
GODZILLA (Blue, hes blasting the beam upwards) $14.50 11 x 17
Ghost in the shell 11 x 17 (scarlett johanson on the poster)
KING KONG: Skull Island (he is looking away from you)
KNIVES OUT (The 1st one) with Daniel craig and all the chars on the poster $13
James Bond Spectre (2 different mini posters: One on thick stock with skullmask, other is regular of bond himself)
JURASSIC PARK 20th Anniversary poster 2013 (The one that started it all) Car driving under Jurrasic park logo with a vertical yellow beam $14
JOKER (on the staircase smiling, laughing) $16.49
Mad Max Fury Road & Atomic Blonde BOTH MOVIE POSTERS Charlize Theron NYCC They measure 11x17 ($17.49 negotiable)
HALLOWEEN Ends 2022 (Comic con edition) slightly thick stock 14.40
Edge of Tomorrow (Tom cruise movie) $14
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Little Women 11 x 17 (Emma watson film)
Planet 51 (Look like Shrek) animated
Planet of the Apes 2-Siding poster (Ape riding horse in front, with logo: triple feature Rise dawn war in the back 13.50
Respect (Aretha franklin movie) $11.50
Ready Player One & Tomb Raider 11 x 17 ($16.00 FOR BOTH; negotiable) Both movies based on videogame posters
SPEED RACER (Go Speed Go) from the live action film (you see his white car swivelling towards you) 11 x 17 $13.00
SAW 10th Anniversary poster 13 x 20 as far as I recall) Red poster with the movie art $14.49
Top gun Imax reboot poster 14.50
Top gun maverick 11 x 17 $14.50
TOY Story 4 13 x 19 (Slightly thick stock. Limited amount remains)
The Peanut movie (Charlie brown one) inquire
Simpsons: The Movie inquire
Spiderman 2099 (comic con edition), feel free to inquire) few remaining $12.50
Star Trek (The ship flying in space IMAX poster)
Star Wars 2022 (Double Siding poster):The Princess and the Scoundrel with Shadow of the Sith (2 different images, 2 different sides $19
Star Wars Epic Yarns 18 x 24 $15
Star Wars Clone wars cartoon/Dark horse animated one (slightly thick stock ad less than 11 x 17 ) from 2006/2007 $15 (Last one)
Star Wars Galaxy Journey Rise of skywalker poster (comic con special poster) 2019 $14
Star Wars Resistance (animated one) $11.50
Star Wars (The Star Wars) 2 siding.. This one is from 2013 and is 11 x 17 One side with many chars, other side has Luke and Leia reminises one of the earlier star wars films (comic con edition) $13.50
Star Wars: First Order stormtrooper 22 x 28 $17 Need to check availability if interested
Star Wars Propaganda Imperial Galaxy Storm Trooper 17.49 (Says Attention Imperial Subjects: For your safety, carry your id with you all times,
with the storm troopers head in the middle and 4 symbols in each section colorful with a dark background $16.49 Need to check availability if interested
(Poster is recent from one of the conventions)
Star Wars Making of Return of the Jedi (with the Ewoks) (Need to check availability if interested)
Star Wars The Mandalorian ORIGINAL Movie Poster (Bounty hunter walking in the background) 16.49 (LAST FEW LEFT) Need to check available if interested
Star Wars Rogue One: Ships Flying chars poster 13 x 19 (slightly thick stock as the imax came) $12
Star Wars Rogue One: At-Ats Walking chars poster 13 x 19 (slightly thick stock as the imax came) $12
Spiderman 2099 (animated Amazing spiderman) Past and future collide (The other side says incoming with a bunch of marvel characters like Thor, cyclops, spidey, hulk and capt america) $14
Sonic the Hedgehog (Acquired after seeing the film; the poster is on a newsprint material.
TMNT Ninja Turtles: Leonardo Special IMAX 2014 (He is facing you) (runs larger than medium) $ask
TMNT Ninja Turtles: Another Leonardo Special IMAX 2014 (He is Under the Eagle..) (runs larger than medium) $ask
The front has Sonic running with the movie logo, back is the puzzles and games.) $13.49 negotiable
Ultimate heroes: Wolverine
Sailor Moon (the animated one) 2 different versions on this feel free to inquire if interested $12.50
SHE-RA (8 Different posters Netflix animated one) $45
Black Panther (an actual 11.75" tall and 8.75" wide print from a convention) $15 inquire (need to check availability, inquire if interested)
Wonder Woman (3 in 1 poster) Imax edition 8 x 18 $13.50
Great and Powerful WIZARD of Oz (white backround in the magical forest: 12:01 imax poster (white background 13.5 x 18 $12 (Semi glossy one)
Wolverine (Semi glossy one) $15.50
Spiderman / Iron Man / Black Panther (DIFFERENT POSTERS with these characters on it mar vel, please inquire) ON HAND

Batman vs Superman
The Big Short & Oceans 13 (Brad pitt movies) $15 both
Birds of Prey / Tarzan / Lego movie 2 ($16.50 all 3) Margot R movies
Demon Slayer (anime poster) $14
Inu Yasha etc (BOTH posters) $17
My Hero Academia (anime poster) $14
Bleach (anime poster) $13.50 (Many different versions feel free to inquire if interested)
Shadow Hunters (2 different versions inquire) Need to check availability if interested
OTHER: Wolverine Samurai (Comic con edition) and it measures 20 x 28

Pinocchio The Disney poster 22 x 28 $13
Pinocchio 11 x 17 ? Del Doro Poster 2022 $13

MORE (in downstairs bin).............:
Underwrold 3: Lycans (Kate with revolver)
Mortal Engines (some different characters)
Death of Stallin
Pirates of The Carribean mini imax & Dr strange green border imax one $17.99 (BOTH)
Combo of Animated / family films: Fernidad, My LIttle pony, Capt under, Trolls, Smurfs (climbing up) $18.50
How to Train your dragon 2
Expendables 3 (2 different ones) YOU GET BOTH (Staham and Crews) $16
Fantastic Beasts (AT&T ver)
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

A Quiet Place (World Premiere ticket, party ticket and cast sheet $27.99
John Wick 3 (World Premiere Ticket with keanu in the front semi gloss and thick) $16.99
James Bond No Time 2 Die (All 3 premiere ticket + bonus concession one) $ask

DVDs: Breaking Bad Season 1 (New Sealed) $10
Music: Sweeney Todd Limited soundtrack 24.99

Finally: 92nd Academy Awards OSCARS 2020 Official Program (Parasite, Joker etc) $52

SOLD Elvis poster
SOLD - Minions poster
SOLD - Avengers Teaser (the letter A)
SOLD: Hills Have eyes (Black in background with the white graphic horror)
PENDING OUT SOLD: Thor Love and Thunder and thunder (he is standing atop 2 rocks with his hammer and lightning $19
Sold U2 3D Official Movie T-Shirt Different sides SOLD
Sold Star Wars socks by Robert Graham

Note (for ALL other items, such as the Back to the Future 2023 1st preview Playbill $20 (Shipped)
and Wizard of Oz "Yellow Brick Road" the japanese ps1 game complete (ask) SEE POST Here:

ALSO, I may have something not posted here, if interested in something ask I may have it (But only current 2015 - 2023)

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