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Scream Factory, Arrow, and steelboks priced to move!

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Scream Factory, Arrow, and steelboks priced to move!

Old 05-23-18, 04:14 PM
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Scream Factory, Arrow, and steelboks priced to move!

For sale list.

Looking to do some spring cleaning in the collection to limit how much I’ll have to move shortly/help with my Hot Toys collection. The following Blu Rays and DVDs are for sale. All come from American Blurays with a few being Region B. Those from Region B will be clearly noted. None come with the digital copies or J cards. All items will be shipped via USPS media mail with a tracking number/delivery confirmation. The buyer will pay $3 for shipping, and I will cover whatever is left. I take very good care of my collection and keep my steelbooks in hard plastic cases, and dust very frequently. If you’d like a picture of any item, I will happily send them to you via email. All Items will be shipped in a cardboard box. In the box the item will be completely wrapped in bubble wrap, and surrounded by crumpled thick brown wrapping paper, to prevent any sliding around in transit. I sometimes work at odd hours throughout the day, but I promise to reply in 24 hours at the very latest. I will accept reasonable offers on multiple item sales. All steelbooks will also come in a hard plastic storage case and then wrapped in bubble wrap. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for making my move easier and supporting my Hot Toys obsession! Please include items purchased in your Paypal description. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer!

Rare and OOP Collections/Arrow Films
Phantasm Collection (Bluray/WellGoUSA) $125
The Thing limited edition (Arrow collection w/slip, still sealed/Region B) $50
Shaun of the Dead (Mondo Exclusive) $30
Labryinth (Mondo exclusive steelbook) $30
Flash Gordon (Mondo Exclusive steelbook) $30
The Thing (Mondo Exclusive) $35
Audition (Arrow steelbook/Region B) $20
Black Sunday (Arrow Video steelbook/Region B) $25
Blood and Black Lace (Arrow Video steelbook/Region B) $20
The Burning (Arrow Video steelbook/Region B) $30
The Driller Killer (Arrow Video Steelbook/Region B) $20
Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Arrow Video Steelbook/region B) $20
Shivers (Arrow Video steelbook/Region B) $20
Brain Damage (Arrow Video/With slip) $20
Black Mama White Mama (Arrow Video) $10
Matinee (Arrow Video/Region B) $10
Arrival (Region B/steelbook) $30
The Hills Have Eyes (Arrow, w/slip boxset) $20
Re-animator (w/slip, Arrow) $30
Fright Night (Eureka/Region B) $20

Criterion Blurays
Blue is the Warmest Color $15
Blow Out $15
Being John Malkovich $15
Punch Drunk Love $15
Inside Llewyn Davis $15
Rosemary’s Baby $15
The Life Aquatic $15
The Night Porter $15
12 Angry Men $15
Dressed to Kill $15
Cronos $15
Kwaidan $15
The Devil's Backbone $15

Vestron Video Blurays
Chopping Mall (w/slip) $18
Blood Diner (w/slip) $18
Waxwork Collection (w/slip) $18

Scream Factory/Shout Factory
Lifeforce $10
Psycho (remake) $10
Bloodsucking Bastards $10
Wyrmwood (with slipcover) $8
Motel Hell (w/slip, very light wear and tear on slip, will send pics if requested) $15
Raising Cain (w/slip) $18
Rabid (w/slip) $22
Pumpkinhead (w/slip) $22
Backcountry (w/slip) $18
Deadly Blessing (w/slip) $23
Squirm (w/slip) $22
Sleepaway Camp (w/slip) $22
Assault on Precinct 13 $112
Bad Moon $13
The Battery $8
Cherry Falls $13
Ghost Story $13
Ghoulies 1 and 2 $10
Scarecrows $10
Vampire Lovers $8
Fitzcarldo $10
Dolls (w/slip) $20
Return of the Living Dead (w/slip) $22
The Fog (no slip) $10
Dog Soldiers (w/slip) $22
The Exorcist 3 (w/slip) $22
Ginger Snaps (w/slip) $20
Jeepers Creepers 2 (w/slip) $20
Misery (w/slip) $18
Nightbreed (regular release/ with slip) $22
The Strangers (w/slip) $18
Village of the Damned (w/slip) $20
The Babadook (w/book cover slip) $12
Black Christmas (w/slip) $18
Carrie (w/slip) $18
The Howling (no slip) $12
The Howling 2 (slightly wrinkled plastic front holder) $10
Lord of Illusions (no slip) $112
Prince of Darkness (no slip) $12

American Graffiti (Region B) $18
American Sniper (Target Exclusive) $12
Anchorman Collection $8
Batman Begins $10
Batman: the Dark Knight $10
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (Best Buy exclusive) $10
Ben Hur (original/Region B/statue cover with black background) $20
The Big Lebowski $6
The Blues Brothers $6
The Bourne Classic Collection (Best Buy exclusive) $13
Brick (Region B) $13
Fast and Furious collection (comes in a plastic tire) $15
Das Boot $6
District 9 $6
Dracula Prince of Darkness (Hammer/Region B/Zavvi exclusive) $18
Edward Scissorhands $12
The Fifth Element $6
Godzilla (original American Version/ Region B) $15
A History of Violence (Region B) $8
The Italian Job (Target exclusive metal pak) $8
Leon the Professional $6
The Raid: Redemption $6
Sausage Party (Target exclusive) $8
Scott Pilgrim $6
Space Balls (Best Buy exclusive Viva metal pack) $8
Stripes $6
Superbad $6
Taxi Driver $6
Ted 2 (Target exclusive) $8
Zoolander $8
Zero Dark Thirty (Best Buy exclusive) $20
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark $8
Terminator Genisys (Best Buy exclusive) $10
Transformers Age of Extinction (Best Buy exclusive) $8
Southpaw $6
The Gambler (Target exclusive) $8
Lucy (Target exclusive) $8
The Big Blue (Region B) $6
Kung Fu Hustle $6
Unbroken (Best Buy exclusive) $8
Elysium (Target Exclusive) $10
Seven Psychopaths (Region B) $8
Straight Outta Compton (Target Exclusive) $12
Mad Max (Viva metalpak) $6
Killing Them Softly $5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $6
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas $6
Goodfellas $5
Warcraft (Best Buy exclusive) $13
Desperado $6
Sherlock Holmes $5
Easy Rider $5
Mad Max collection (Tin) $18
Psycho $6
Snatch $6
Chappie (Target exclusive) $10
Highlander (Mondo exclusive) $25
The Others (Region B) $18
Les Miserables (Best Buy Exclusive/small indention in front left corner) $10
Terminator 2 $10
Swingers (Region B) $8
Saving Mr Banks (Region B) $13
Into the Woods (Region B) $20
Sweeney Todd (Region B) $20
Scarface $10
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (comic edition cover) $10
Wolf Creek (Region B) $17
The Wolf of Wall St. (Best Buy Reprint) $10
Star Ship Troopers: Maurader (DVD, does not come with one of my hard plastic cases-too big) $5
Fury (Target exclusive) $18
Evil Dead (remake/region B) $25
Django Unchained (Target Exclusive) $15
Blair Witch (New version/Region B) $20
Back to the Future collection (3 individual steelbooks/selling as a set/Region B) $40
Hacksaw Ridge (Target exclusive) $18
The Hateful Eight (Best Buy Exclusive) $18
Hobbit Trilogy (Each comes in own steelbook, Part 1 is Region B) $45
Intersteller (Target Exclusive) $18
IT (Tv miniseries/Region B) $18
Xmen collection (x1, x2, x3, 1st class, DOFP, AOA) (each comes in own steel book/selling as a collection $80
The Wickerman (Region B) $20
The Witch $25
Sicario (Region B) $25
True Detective (Mondo Exclusive) $25
Tron: Legacy (Region B) $40
Watchmen: Director’s Cut $15
Whiplash (Region B) $25
Man of Steel (Walmart exclusive) $25
The Martian Extended edition (Region B) $25
True Grit (Target Exclusive metalpak) $15

Regular Blurays
Everest (includes slipcover) $6
The Peanuts movie (includes slipcover) $6
Xmen Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut (includes slipcover) $10
The Ides of March $5
Empire Records $5
Chicago $5
Firestarter $5
The Cobbler (with slip) $5
Christine $5
Stand By Me (25th Anniversary edition) $5
Amazing Spiderman 2 $5
Dragon Ball Z first season (with slip) $12
The Adventures of Ichabond Crane and Mr Toad (with slipcover) $10
Hell and Back $5
Midnight Special $5
Road to Perdition $5
Silent Night Deadly Night $5
Looper $5
Michael Clayton $5
Copycat $5
The Place Behind the Pines $5
Teen Wolf $5
The Nice Guys (with slipcover) $8
Days of Thunder $5
An American Werewolf in London (w/ slip) $8
Creature from the Black Lagoon $8. (Walmart glow in the dark edition w/slip)
Ex Machina (w/slip) $8
A Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night (w/slip) $12
The Invitation (w/slip) $12
Kingsman: The Secret Service (w/slip) $6
Rick and Morty Season 1 (w/slip) $12
Rick and Morty Season $12 (w/slip)
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (w/slip) Best Buy Exclusive $8
War Horse (w/slip) $10
Pitch Perfect 2 (w/slip) $6
Bone Tomahawk $7
Conjuring 2 $7
The Craft $6
Creepshow $6
Doomsday $8
Escape from LA $6
Glengarry Glenross $5
The Iron Giant $7
Master and Commander $5
Kingdom of Heaven (directors Cut) $5
LA Confidential $5
My Cousin Vinny $5
Predestination $5
Seven $5
Silent Night Deadly Night $5
Sinster $5
Strange Brew $5
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 48 $5
John Carpenter’s The Ward $5
West of Memphis $5
Young Adult $5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (sealed w/slip) $22
Roger Waters: The Wall concert (w/slip) $12
Kingpin (w/slip) $7
Jaws (Universal 100th Anniversary, w/slip) $12
The Revenant (w/slip) $10
Birdman (w/slip) $15
Breaking Bad Complete Series $25
Beetlejuice $5
Blade collection $6
The Visit (blu ray only/no dvd) $5
The Stanford Prison Experiment (Best Buy exclusive) $10
Salems Lot $5
Scream Collection (5-Film set) $12
Poltergeist $7
Once Upon a Time in the West $6
Lord of the Rings Collection (extended edition) $20
Mr Smith Goes to Washington (Frank Capra/Digibook) $10
You Can’t Take it With You (Frank Capra/digibook) $10

Criterion Collection DVDS
Life During Wartime $5
The Silence of the Lambs $3
Straw Dogs $5
Blast of Silence $10

ESPN 30 for 30 season one $5
ESPN 30 for 30 season 2 vol 1 $5
ESPN 30 for 30 season 2 vol 2 $5
Lost River $3
Dom Hemmingway $3
House of Cards season 1 $5
House of Cards season 2 $5
Generation Kill boxset $4
The Office collection special edition (BBC) $5
Evil Dead (ultimate collection) $3
Batman The Complete Collection (1960’s) $30
The Civil War (Ken Burns) $10
Reno 911 complete series $15
He Named Me Malala $5
Dane Cook Tourgasm (Steelbook) $3
Horns (with slipcover) #3
Monster $1
Band of Brothers tin $5
The Pacific tin $5
Tabloid $4
Porky’s Collection $6
Kids $5
Iron Maiden:Maiden England $5
Blind Guardian: Imagination Through the Looking Glass $20
Better Call Saul $8
ACDC: Live at River Plate $5
Tales From the Darkside: Complete Series $18
Crash (David Cronenberg) $8

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