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Blu Rays/HD Dvd's/DVD's 5 for 20

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Blu Rays/HD Dvd's/DVD's 5 for 20

Old 06-26-16, 04:41 PM
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Blu Rays/HD Dvd's/DVD's 5 for 20

I currently have this offer on Ebay, so I am going to copy and paste the ad here, pick any 5 titles for 20 shipped media mail. Some titles count as more than one, but this is an amazing deal, Paypal gift would be appreciated as I am taking a beating here already, all the same deals apply, buy 10 get 11, buy 15 get 18 and so on.... I am a gold trader here, and have Ebay feedback closing in on 3000. So no worries, I have mailing envelops and all titles are pulled and ready to go.. If your local to MA, you can come by and pick them up with cash, no problem, but same deal. Please email me directly at [email protected] with questions, paypal address is [email protected] I am going to list this one various sites, and would be faster and easier if you just emailed me your information (address, titles you want)

Ignore the parts about feedback, again I just copied and pasted the offer from there, not typing all that again.

***** These have been selling great as one lot items, but I would like to start moving more in one shot, so I am making this offer, buy 2 lots at the same time pick 11 instead of 10, buy 3 lots get 18 instead of 15, buy 4 lots, get 24 instead of 20.. and so on, add 1 additional title for every lot above 1 that you buy, no limit, buy 10 and get 60 instead of 50****

***** Please I need the seller feedback, 5 stars would be very appreciated, I have left feedback on each item purchased already, I need to get my count up to 10 as a seller to show my reviews, which are all positive, so I need your help. Thanks*****

***** Adding more titles later today, so check back on this listing, there will be a lot more*****


***** These are selling a lot faster than I thought, so PLEASE if you purchase a lot, add 2-3 back-up titles from the list, give me your five titles, then put backup: with substations of 2 to 3 titles, I cannot watch the auction 24/7, thank you for understanding*****

***** Ok, so I want to make this clear, you are buying 5 of the listed titles for 20.00 shipped in the US, so use the buy it now option, send me a message with the 4 titles you want, and I will remove them from the listing and send them off to you for free, Media Mail shipping.

*****You are not getting ALL the movies for the 20.00 bid, only 5! Some items will count as more than I will list those, some titles are factory sealed brand new, others are used in perfect to good condition, if you have a specific question on any title please ask first.

*****Here are the new titles I have added, about 200 more or so!****

***** 6/26 adding hundreds more, also some HD DVD titles, those are 6 for 20 shipped!*****

The Shadow sealed

Misery sealed



Mean Girls

Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 both movies

Fletch sealed

Hallow man directors cut

It could happen to you

Last Vegas

City Slickers sealed

Close encounters of the third kind 30th anniversary ultimate edition OOP (counts as 3 picks)

The Cobbler


Tim Burtons Corpse Bride

Daddy's Home Ferrell/Wahlberg

Dark Shadows with slip cover lenticular type Depp movie

The Wrestler sealed

You don't mess with the Zohan

The Happening

What happens in Vegas

The Dark Knight rises with lenticular slip cover

Inception with slip cover lenticular cover

Igor sealed



Piranna remake

Piranna 3DD

Fargo remastered edition sealed.

Pretty Woman

The running man

Disney Enchanted

the Little Rascals sealed


The other woman Diaz,Mann,Upton

The perfect storm

Mr Woodcock

Mystic Pizza sealed

Mrs Doubtfire sealed

Mr & Mrs Smith

3 pack Darkness, Phantoms, Venom

Bad Teacher

Avatar 3d,blu ray,dvd combo pack SEALED (counts as 2 picks)

A time to kill sealed

Arthur remake

All about Steve

Absolute Power sealed

About last night sealed

The Hand that rocks the cradle

Django unchained with slip cover and Walmart bonus disc

Elf sealed

Employee of the month sealed


The Hills have eyes unrated sealed remake

The Hills have eyes 2 unrated


Heavy Metal sealed

Happy Feet

Catch me if you can

Cape Fear remake

Bull Durham sealed

Bringing down the house

Brides maids unrated with slip cover

The Bounty Hunter

The Blair witch project

The Birdcage

Bedtime stories

Big sealed

The Great Gatsby with slip cover sealed

Girls just want to have fun

The Gambler Wahlberg

Fright night remake with slip cover

Fright night 2 remake

Flight sealed

The Firm sealed

Eastwood 2 pack Firefox and Heartbreak Ridge

Scent of a woman

Three Amigos sealed

Troll 2 with special cover card sealed

The Ring sealed

Navy Seals sealed


Wild Hogs

Snitch with slip cover

Say Anything

Stargate 15th anniversary edition

Sherlock Holmes Downey Jr sealed

Sherlock Holes 2 Downey Jr sealed

Spaced Invaders

Striptease uncut sealed

The Scorpion King

Point Break original not crappy remake sealed

Jack Reacher with slip cover

The Island sealed


The other guys sealed

One missed call

Old School

3 pack Seven, Copycat, Taking Lives

Slap Shot with slip cover

The Sandlot sealed

Knocked Up

LA confidential sealed

Raging bull sealed

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

I robot

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of crystal Skull 2 disc special edition with slip cover

Yogi Bear

Yes Man (still sealed)

World War Z with slip cover


Where the wild things are

Warm Bodies

The Ward


The Unborn

The Transporter

Trainwreck unrated

Total Recall remake with slip cover

This is the End with Slip cover

This is 40

Terminal Velocity sealed

The taking of Pelham 123

Vertical limit/ stealth 2 pack sealed

Stand up guys

Spring Breakers with slip cover

Speed Racer sealed

Sleeping with the enemy sealed

Silent hill revelation

Shallow Hal

School of Rock sealed

The Siege sealed

Salvage/memory/mortuary 3 pack sealed

Rollergames remake sealed

The Rocker

Rising Sun

RIPD with slip cover

Red Riding Hood Alternate cut Seyfried/Oldman sealed

Project X sealed

The Pink Panther Martin

The Pink Panther 2 Martin


One good cop/Stranger among us 2 pack sealed

The Omen remake

Oblivion steel book version

House at the end of the Street unrated Jennifer Lawrence movie

Dr Seuss Horton hears a Who.

Hostel 1 and 2, 2 pack

The Heat

Haunting on Winchester house

The haunting in Connecticut

The haunting in Connecticut 2

A haunted house

Hanna with slip cover

The guilt trip



Funny People

Four Christmases

Fatherhood/Life with Mikey 2 pack sealed

The Mummy tomb of the dragon emperor

The Mummy returns

The Sitter with slip cover

Mafia/the crew 2 pack


Madagascar 2

The Patriot sealed

Pain and Gain with slip cover

The other woman Natalie Portman

Never been kissed sealed

The Mummy

Play it to the bone sealed

Premonition Sandra Bullock

Priest sealed

25th anniversary edition the princess bride sealed

Prometheus with slipcover


Rage Nick Cage

Raising Arizona sealed

Red Dawn remake sealed

After Earth

42 Jackie Robinson story with slip cover

21 and over

88 minutes


A glimpse inside the mind of Charles Swan III Sheen, Murray movie

The Call

The brothers grim

The eye

Extraordinary Measures

Edge of Darkness sealed

Eagle eye

The Delemma

Devil's knot

Delivery Man

The Day the earth stood still


Contraband with slip cover

I am number four with slipcover

Identity thief with slipcover

The boy next door

The Blind side

Black Mass with slip cover


Baby mama

The A Team with slipcover

An innocent man

American Hustle


Jupiter Ascending


Jennifer's Body unrated

The Internship unrated

Larry Crowne

Land of the lost Will Ferrell

Killing them softly

Just go with it

Red Dawn original

Mamma Mia


Miami Vice

Money for nothing

Movie 43 with slipcover

Machete with slipcover

Machete Kills

Saw 1-7 complete collection (counts as 4 movies towards the 5)

The love guru

Little Man

Leather Heads sealed

The Last Exorcism


Ride Along

Risky Business

Robin Hood Crowe

Clash of the titans remake with slipcover

Wrath of the titans sealed

White men can't jump sealed

The Warrior with slip cover

When a stranger calls/happy birthday to me, both originals 2 pack sealed

The Wedding Ringer

Wedding Crashers sealed

Universal soldier



The Stepfather

St Vincent

Sucker Punch extended cut

Swingers sealed

Take me home tonight

Teen wolf

The Truman Show sealed

Semi pro

Sex Tape


The Smurfs

The Smurfs 2

Night at the museum collection first 2 movies in collectors box (counts as 2 of the 5)

Lost boys the thirst

lost boys the tribe

the lost boys original

Lets be cops with slipcover

The legend of Zorry

Legally Blonde 1 and 2 2 pack sealed

Lakeview terrance

Joe Somebody sealed

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone with slip cover

Hollywood Homicide/Hudson Hawk 2 pack sealed


Eragon sealed

Easy A

Couples retreat with slipcover

The Bucket list

consenting adults

Broken City with slipcover

Bride Wars

The boondock saints

The Boondock saints 2

Billy Bathgate/Blaze 2 pack

Attack force/into the sun 2 pack Steven Seagal movies

American History x/ A history of violence 2 pack sealed


The Dictator with slipcover

Diary of a wimpy kid 1,2,3 (3 pack counts as 3 towards 5)

Elysium steelbook case

The Dark Knight with slip cover

The rundown

The Rookie

Role Models

The Quest sealed

Planet of the Apes Wahlberg

Overboard sealed

Scary movie

Scary movie 2

Scary movie 3

Scary movie 4

Scary movie 5


My Name is Earl season 4 DVD not blu ray

Scream 1, 2, 3

The Hunger games Mocking Jay part 2 (former rental)

John Wick (former rental)

Goodfellas 25th anniversary addition with book type box

Copland former rental


Rambo box set of Rambo 1,2,3 factory sealed (this counts as 3 of the 4 titles)


National Lampoons vacation

CSI the first season (counts as 2 titles)

The Terminator with lenticular cover

Airplane! Factory sealed

Saving grace season 1 DVD not blu ray

Nowhere to run/the order 2 movies one disc. Sealed

Major League wild thing addition

Ghost sealed


Copland factory sealed

The Fugitive factory sealed

Bad Boys sealed

Beverly hills cop

Cowboys and aliens

Army of Darkness screw head edition sealed

Rain Man sealed

The Wizard of OZ

Legally Blonde

Paul Blart 2

The Breakfast club 25th anniversary addition sealed

Godzilla 1998


Jeepers Creepers

Diary of a wimpy kid used stickers on it.

American History X sealed

THE BELOW TITLES ARE IMPORTS FROM OTHER REGIONS, I can check to see if they are region free and will play on US players, if you have a region free Blu Ray player you are fine.. if you are unsure ASK!!!!

Judge Dredd


Bride of Chucky


Demolition Man

Time Bandits

The Shadow

Police Academy 2 pack

Mall rats sealed

Pulp Fiction used rental


The Addams Family movie

Weekend at bernies.

The Burbs

Howard the Duck sealed

*****HD DVD's you must have an HD DVD player to play these titles, will not work on a standard blu ray player, take any 6 for 20 shipped!!******

The Bourne Supremacy

The Italian Job

A guitarscape planet Muriel Anderson sealed

Living landscapes the worlds must beautiful places sealed

Happy feet

How the Grinch stole Christmas

The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Identity

A scanner darkly

Sea of love sealed

Out of sight

The Planet Earth the complete series


Sneakers sealed


Van Helsing sealed

The Watcher sealed

A view from space sealed

Wolf Creek

Kiss Kiss bang bang

Pulse sealed


Mercury Rising

The Skelton Key sealed

Seabiscuit sealed

The Last Samurai

License to Wed

into the wild

The Hurricane

Hot Rod

The Hitcher

The Heartbreak Kid

Friday night lights

Four Brothers


Flags of our fathers

Dante's Peak sealed

Cinderella Man

The Bone Collector

Blue Planet

Black Xmas

Assault on precinct 13


***** Pick any 2 DVD titles below this line, 2 DVD's count as one of the Blu Ray choices*****

Very special DVD Up the Creek, not available in any stores, this is NOT a bootleg, but an actual studio made to order release widescreen edition (counts as 4 total picks)

Fright Night original

The Crush

Little Nicky

DC Cab sealed



Beetlejuice sealed lenticular cover art 20th anniversary edition has 3 Beetlejuice cartoons

The replacements

The world according to Garp

The Avengers sealed

Losing it/last American Virgin 2 pack

Ford Fairlane

Easy Money Dangerfield comedy

The Last Dragon sealed

Village of the Damned/Children of the Dammed 2 pack older movies originals sealed

Not another teen movie uncensored extended cut

Ghost world

Police Academy 6

Christine special edition sealed

Addams family values

Coneheads sealed

Crocodile Dundee 3 pack, all 3 movies sealed

Ghostbusters 1&2 collectors set with small booklet and box

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Re: Blu Rays/HD Dvd's/DVD's 5 for 20

Can you designate which are DVDs and which are Blus, please?
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Re: Blu Rays/HD Dvd's/DVD's 5 for 20

Originally Posted by wattsup32
Can you designate which are DVDs and which are Blus, please?
I did, they are separated with a line telling you the deal on DVD's and HD dvd's.
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Re: Blu Rays/HD Dvd's/DVD's 5 for 20

Also, please note, I have these on 3 sites, so each time some sell, I have to edit 3 areas, I will do my best to keep up, but it would not be a bad idea to include some just in case it sold titles..


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