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Old 04-05-12, 09:09 AM   #1
Cool New Member
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posts: 43
DVDs for TRADE (Criterion, Blue Underground, Anchor Bay

Hi! Trying to replace som old with some new. Everything is in top condition, and some of them still factory sealed/brand new. I'll trade for DVDs and/or BDs. Interested in cult, classic, exploitation, art-house & horror!

DVD for Trade:

Videodrome (2-disc) - R1 (Criterion Collection)

Santa Sangre - R2 (Anchor Bay) *OOP*
Santa Sangre - R0 *OOP*
Near Dark - R1 (Anchor Bay) *OOP*
Human Beasts + Blue Eyes Of The Broken Doll (Nachy-double) - R1 (BCI) *OOP*
The Living Dead at The Manchester Morgue - R1 (BU, 2-disc)
Macabre - R1 (Blue Underground)
The Prowler - R1 (Blue Underground)
The Toolbox Murders - R1 (Blue Underground)
The Dark - R1 (Shriek Show)
The Being - R1 (Shriek Show) *OOP*
The Burning Moon - R2 *OOP*
Axe (SE 2-disc) - R2 *OOP*
Slaughter High - R1 (Lions Gate)
Death Smiled At Murder - R0 (Italian Shock) *OOP*
Doctor Mordrid (Full Moon Features Archive Collection) - R1 (Full Moon) *OOP*
Chainsaw Cheerleaders (Numbered Ltd. Ed) - R2 *OOP*
Sleepless - R2 (Pinnacle Vision/Lighthouse)
Bride Of Re-Animator - R0 *OOP* (Dutch)
Taxi Driver (Steelbook) - R2 Swedish edition, but english audio. *OOP*

Killer Klowns From Outer Space - R1 (MGM)
Squirm - R1 (MGM)
My Bloody Valentine - R2 (Paramount)
Devil Has 7 Faces (Giallo) - R1 (Alpha Video)
The Night Evelyn Came Out of The Grave - R1 (Alpha Video)
The Birth Of a Nation - R1 (Alpha Video)
Broken Blossoms - R1 (Alpha Video)
Sweeney Todd - R2 (Warner)

Forbidden World - R2 (In2Films)
The Unborn - R2 (In2Films)
Slumber Party Massacre - R2 (In2Films)
Deathsport - R2 (In2Films)

(No pictres on these bastards, but they are also available for a trade) ->
Frankenhooker - R2 (Optimum) *OOP*
Maniac Cop - R2 (Optimum) *OOP*
Color Me Blood Red - R2 (Something Weird)

If you want pictures of any specific DVD just tell me and I'll take a snapshot with my phone. Okay pictures I would say (Samsung Galaxy SII).

Big fan of:

Mondo Macabro
Code Red
Scorpion Records
Marketing (Germany)
Unearted Films
Retro Media
Full Moon
Cult Epics
Anchor Bay
Blue Underground
Shout Factory

But will trade for other stuff aswell! Just try me!

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Old 04-05-12, 03:09 PM   #2
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 205
Re: DVDs for TRADE (Criterion, Blue Underground, Anchor Bay

PM Sent.
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