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FS/FT: DVDs, Criterion, R2, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs...

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FS/FT: DVDs, Criterion, R2, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs...

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FS/FT: DVDs, Criterion, R2, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs...

With my items for sale and trade, I've bought everything brand new from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Deep Discount, etc. There are a lot of items that are still factory sealed or that I have removed the plastic wrap, but haven't ever actually watched the DVD. The ones that have been viewed have been handled with care.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to complete a transaction. I'm happy to take pictures of the discs and cases if you want to verify condition on anything.

I think $2.00 for shipping/packaging charges is fair for the first item (sent first-class) with an extra $.75 charge for each additional item.

I don't have a minimum order requirement, but if you purchase $50+ in goods from me, I will pay the shipping costs.



(B) = Factory Sealed



Alien vs. Predator (B) $8
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - 2010 release (B) $8
Gangs of New York - 2008 release (B) $7
Goodfellas - 2007 release (B) [From a boxset, has security sticker along top but no plastic wrap] $5
Lost: The Complete Third Season (B) $22
Raging Bull - 2009 release (B) SOLD!
Rocky - 2006 release (B) $6
Say Anything (B) SOLD!
Sideways (B) SOLD!
The Siege (B) $9
X-Men: The Last Stand (B) $8



The Big Lebowski (B) $7
Caddyshack (B) $7
Cinderella Man (B) $7
Dante's Peak (B) $7
Daylight (B) $7
The Frighteners (B) $7
Lost in Translation (B) SOLD!
The Manchurian Candidate (B) $7
Meet the Fockers (B) $7
What Dreams May Come (B) $7



12 Angry Men: 50th Anniversary Edition (B) $9
16 Blocks $1
40 Days and 40 Nights $1
The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Two-Disc Set (B) $8
All About Eve: Two-Disc Set (B) $10
Amélie SOLD!
Animatrix $1
The Apartment: Collector's Edition (B) $9
Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 5 - Canadian release (B) $40
Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 6 - Canadian release (B) $40
Assault on Precinct 13 - Remake SOLD!
Awake (B) $5
Awakenings - 1997 release (B) $5
Babel: Two-Disc Collector's Edition (B) $9
Backdraft: Two-Disc Set (B) $9
Barry Lyndon - 2007 release (B) $9
The Basketball Diaries (B) $8
Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology $19
Ben-Hur $4
Benny and Joon $5
Better Off Dead (B) $7
Big Trouble in Little China: Special Edition $4
Black Rain: Special Collector's Edition (B) $8
Black Snake Moan (B) $4
Blow Out $5
Blue Velvet $3
The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition $8
Body Heat: Deluxe Edition $6
Boyz N the Hood: 2-Disc Anniversary Edition (B) $9
Breakfast at Tiffany's: Centennial Collection (B) $10
A Bridge Too Far: Two-Disc Collector's Edition (B) $17
Brokeback Mountain: Collector's Edition (B) $8
Broken Trail (B) $11
Camp Nowhere (B) $4
Cape Fear - Remake (B) $8
Chaplin: 15th Anniversary (B) $8
The Cider House Rules: Collector's Edition $3
Cinderella Man: Collector's Edition $7
Cinema Paradiso: Deluxe Edition (B) SOLD!
Citizen Kane: Two-Disc Special Edition SOLD!
Cold Mountain $3
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (B) $8
Controversial Classics Vol. 2 $20
Cop Land $3
The Cowboys: Deluxe Edition (B) $6
Cranford (B) $18
The Dark Crystal: Two-Disc Anniversary Edition (B) $15
Darkman (B) $7
Das Boot: The Original Uncut Version $5
The DaVinci Code: Two-Disc Set w/Cryptex and Langdon Journal (B) $50
De-Lovely $1
Delicatessen - 2006 release $9
Doctor Zhivago: Two-Disc Special Edition $12
Dodgeball $1
Donnie Brasco: Extended Cut (B) $8
Dressed to Kill $7
Enemy of the State: Special Edition (B) $9
The English Patient: Collector's Edition $5
Escape from L.A. $2
The Family Man $2
Fantasia Anthology $27
Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Dazed and Confused: Ultimate Party Collection $12
Footloose: Special Collector's Edition (B) $8
Four Brothers (B) $4
Frida $4
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (B) $5
The General - 1999 release $4
Gettysburg $3
Gigi - 2000 release (B) $7
Gigi: 50th Anniversary Special Edition (B) $12
Gladiator: Extended Edition (B) $18
Godsend $1
Gojira: Two-Disc Set (B) $6
Gone in 60 Seconds: Two-Disc Set $2
Good Will Hunting: Collector's Series $4
The Greatest Story Ever Told $7
The Green Mile: Two-Disc Set (B) $9
Hard Boiled: Ultimate Edition (B) $9
Hatchet (B) $7
Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer: Two-Disc Set (B) $11
Hero $2
The Hills Have Eyes: Two-Disc Set - Original (B) $12
Hollow Man: Director's Cut (B) $8
The Hustler: Two-Disc Collector's Edition (B) $10
I Spit on Your Grave: Millenium Edition $15
Ichi the Killer: Two-Disc Collector's Blood Bag Set (B) $25
The Italian Job - Remake (B) $4
Jackie Brown SOLD!
Jarhead: Collector's Edition (B) $17
Johnny Mnemonic (B) $6
Jurassic Park Trilogy - 2001 release $23
Kelly's Heroes: Clint Eastwood Collection (B) $6
The Killing $4
King Kong: Two-Disc Set - Original $7
Kung Fu Hustle: Deluxe Edition (B) $9
The Last Action Hero $2
Last House on the Left - Original $3
Last Tango in Paris (B) $8
Legends of the Fall: Deluxe Edition $4
The Long Kiss Goodnight (B) $4
The Lookout (B) $14
The Maltese Falcon: Three-Disc Special Edition (B) $16
Meet Me in St. Louis (B) $15
The Messengers (B) $7
Midnight Express: 30th Anniversary Edition (B) $9
A Mighty Heart (B) $15
Mimic (B) $8
The Mission: Special Edition (B) $14
Mortal Kombat (B) $4
Moulin Rouge $3
Mystic River: Three-Disc Set $6
National Lampoon's European Vacation $3
The Natural: Director's Cut (B) $9
Near Dark: Two-Disc Set $5
Network - 2000 release $5
The Night of the Hunter $5
Open Water $1
The Others $2
Out of Africa $6
Parenthood: Special Edition (B) $8
The Phantom (B) $6
The Piano SOLD!
Pitch Black: Unrated Director's Cut (B) $8
Platoon: Two-Disc Collector's Edition (B) $12
Premonition (B) $5
Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary Special Edition $9
Pulp Fiction: Collector's Edition SOLD!
Purple Rain: Two-Disc Special Edition (B) $13
Rambo: First Blood Part 2 - 2002 release $1
Re-Animator: Millenium Edition (B) $20
The Reaping (B) $5
Return of the Living Dead: Collector's Edition (B) $9
Revenge (B) $8
Rio Bravo: Ultimate Collector's Edition (B) $25
Risky Business - 1997 release (B) $7
The River Wild $3
Rob Roy $4
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 2002 release $6
Runaway Jury (B) $9
Running with Scissors (B) $12
The Siege: Martial Law Edition (B) $8
Snatch: Deluxe Edition $8
Scary Movie SOLD!
Scary Movie 4 $2
Seabiscuit: Limited Edition Gift Set $5
Shakespeare in Love: Collector's Series SOLD!
Shiloh (B) $7
Showgirls: VIP Edition (B) $25
The Sixth Sense: Vista Series $4
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow $1
Some Like it Hot - 2006 release (B) $11
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut $1
Soylent Green (B) SOLD!
Species: Collector's Edition (B) $8
Spider-Man: Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set $8
Spy Game $1
Stand By Me - 1997 release SOLD!
A Star is Born - 2000 release $4
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (B) $8
Star Trek: Generations - Special Collector's Edition (B) $9
Star Trek: Nemesis - Special Collector's Edition (B) $9
Street Fighter (B) $4
Superbit 3-Pack: The Fifth Element, Desperado, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon $24
The Sweet Smell of Success $5
Taking Lives: Unrated Director's Cut (B) $5
Taxi Driver: Limited Collector's Edition (B) $11
The Thomas Crown Affair: Special Edition - Original $4
Three Colors Trilogy (B) $25
The Times of Harvey Milk $15
To Live and Die in L.A.: Special Edition (B) $8
Tora! Tora! Tora!: Two-Disc Special Edition (B) $11
Trainspotting: Collector's Edition SOLD!
Troy: Ultimate Collector's Edition (B) $11
The Twilight Zone: Season 2 - The Definitive Edition $24
Uncle Buck (B) $6
Versus: Three-Disc Ultimate Edition (B) $25
A Walk in the Clouds (B) $8
Walk the Line: Two-Disc Collector's Edition $5
War of the Worlds: Special Limited Edition - Remake $5
Winged Migration $4
Wolf (B) $7
Z (B) $10

3 Women (B) $18
Au Revoir Les Enfants $12
Battle of Algiers $18
Beauty and the Beast - 2003 release $13
Dazed and Confused (B) $18
Diabolique - 1999 release SOLD!
Fanny and Alexander $22
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas SOLD!
For All Mankind - 2000 release (B) $12
Gimme Shelter (B) $12
Harakiri $13
High and Low - 1998 release $13
If... (B) $18
M - 2004 release (B) $18
Naked $14
Naked Kiss - 1998 release (B) $15
The Rules of the Game - 2004 release $12
Salo - 2008 release (B) $18
Shock Corridor - 1998 release (B) $15
Solaris - 2002 release $14
The Wages of Fear - 2005 release $12
Yi Yi (B) $18
Yojimbo/Sanjuro: Two Samurai Films by Akira Kurosawa $28

Region 2 (U.K.)
The African Queen - 2001 release $6
Battle Royale: 2-Disc Collector's Set $7
Billy Elliott: Two-Disc Special Edition - 2005 release (B) $6
Black Book (B) $7
The Bridges of Madison County $4
Broken Arrow $4
Bubba Ho-tep - 2005 release (B) $20
Children of Men $2
Day of the Dead: Two-Disc Special Edition - 2006 release (B) $20
Dead Man Walking (B) $5
The Descent: Two-Disc Special Edition - 2006 release $5
Dog Soldiers $3
The Exterminating Angel $6
A Fish Called Wanda: 2-Disc Set (B) $7
A Fistful of Dollars - 2005 release (B) $10
Fletch (B) $3
For a Few Dollars More - 2005 release $5
From Dusk Till Dawn: Two-Disc Collector's Edition (B) $10
The Game: Special Edition $5
Hot Fuzz: Two-Disc Special Edition $5
Kes $3
The Killer: Special Remastered Collector's Edition (B) $15
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels: Shotgun Special Edition $4
Misery (B) $4
Mrs. Doubtfire: Family Fun Edition (B) $8
Pan's Labyrinth: Two-Disc Set $4
The Proposition $4
Repulsion $10
Ronin: Special Edition (B) $5
Scream: Special Edition - German release $7
Volver: Two-Disc Edition (B) $5


I am primarily interested in selling, but the following are Blu-rays that I am interested in for trade:

12 Angry Men (Criterion)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
An Affair to Remember (Digibook)
American Graffiti
Animal House
Another Year
Barney's Version
Barry Lyndon
Blood Simple
The Cable Guy
The Debt
Fright Night (Original or Remake)
The Frighteners
Get Low
The Hustler (Digibook)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
In a Better World
It's a Wonderful Life
The Man Who Would Be King (Digibook)
Meet Me in St. Louis (Digibook)
Midnight in Paris
A River Runs Through It (Digibook)
Rushmore (Criterion)
Tamara Drewe
The Tourist
Two Lovers
Win Win

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Re: FS/FT: DVDs, Criterion, R2, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs...

I'm interested in Sideways and Say Anything (assuming it's the 20th Anniversary Edition, which I imagine is the only edition that is out).

Sent you a PM.
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Re: FS/FT: DVDs, Criterion, R2, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs...

Bump, if you please.
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Re: FS/FT: DVDs, Criterion, R2, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs...


Battle Royale
Blue Velvet
Boyz N the Hood
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Cold Mountain
The Family Man
A Fish Called Wanda
Meet Me in St. Louis
Scary Movie 4
The Times of Harvey Milk

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