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Old 12-11-11, 02:37 PM   #1
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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LAST CHANCE: A bunch of HK DVDs CHEAP - Everything Must Go!

I'm selling off what remains of my Hong Kong/Chinese DVD collection (some Thai and Korean and Japanese titles too). These are all the legal editions from either Yes Asia [dot] com or they were purchased by me in Hong Kong at an HMV store.


Everything must be sold before 12/29 since I'm moving!



***If you are in the US and you buy at least 5 titles, they will be $2 each including shipping!***

NOTE: The titles with an * are the ones where I had to cut the front cover insert to get it to fit into a new DVD case.

Check out my username: kenixfan on eBay or Amazon to see my good feedback.

Please e-mail me questions to kenixfan [at] gmail [dot] com

Title, details, production house/distributor, and region if not Region 1 or Region 0:

2046 (Wong Kar-Wai film) 2-DVD set with postcards, Mei Ah
A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean film) Tartan US
Augustin, King of Kung Fu (Maggie Cheung) WideSight, Region 3
Casshern (Japanese film) HK edition on Shochiku, Region 3
Chinese Odyssey 2002 (Faye Wong) Mei Ah
Chocolate (Thai film) Korean ed. Showbox Pictures, Region 2
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Chow Yun Fat) US ed.
Curse of the Golden Flower (DTS ed.) Edko (not sure what region)
Cutie Honey (live action version of Japanese anime) with Erika Sato, 2-DVD set on Red Sun
Days of Being Wild (Wong Kar-Wai film) old Media Asia edition
Deadly Melody (Brigitte Lin) old Mei Ah ed.
Divergence (Daniel Wu) 2-DVD set with postcards, Universe (cover insert is ripped, no slipcase)
Flash Point (Donnie Yen) 2-DVD edition with postcards, DeltaMac, Region 3
Fulltime Killer (Andy Lau) DeltaMac
Hero (Jet Li in Zhang Yimou film) Mainland edition, I think it's the FACE version, not sure region or PAL or NTSC
Himalaya Singh (Cecilia Cheung) World Video
House of Flying Daggers (Andy Lau and Zhang Ziyi) Edko HK
House of Fury (Anthony Wong, Gillian Chung) 2-DVD ed. with postcards, Joy Sales
Invisible Target (Wu Jing, Andy On, Shawn Yue) Universe, Region 3
It's a Wonderful Life (Leslie Cheung) WideSight
Last Life in the Universe (Thai film) Panorama HK ed., Region 3
Moon Star and Sun (Maggie Cheung and Cherie Chung) FortuneStar remastered edition
Protege (Andy Lau and Daniel Wu) 2-DVD set with postcards, DeltaMac
Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles (Zhang Yimou film) Zoke, Mainland ed. PAL
Samsara (Christy Chung) 2-DVD set, WideSight ed., Region 3
Samsara (Christy Chung) SEALED, single disc ed., WideSight, Region 3
So Close (Shu Qi) Korean ed. Columbia Pictures, Region 3
Temptress Moon (Gong Li and Leslie Cheung) old Mei Ah edition
The Chinese Feast (Tsui Hark) old Mei Ah ed.
The Invincible Power of Kindness (Anita Yuen) WideSight
The Irresistible Piggies (Karen Mok) Mei Ah
The Legend of Zu (Cecilia Cheung) China Star ed.
The Tai-Chi Master (Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh) old Mei Ah edition
The Zodiac Killers (Cherie Chung and Andy Lau) FortuneStar remastered edition
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (Michael Wong, Nat Chan) Mei Ah
Twins Mission (Twins, Sammo Hung) 2-DVD set, Kam and Ronson, Region 3
Zu Warriors (Brigitte Lin) old WA ed.
Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (Brigitte Lin) original Universe edition.
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Old 12-12-11, 12:18 PM   #2
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Re: LAST CHANCE: A bunch of HK DVDs CHEAP - Everything Must Go!

OK, for $50 shipped to me, I'll take the lot.
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Old 12-13-11, 07:11 AM   #3
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Re: LAST CHANCE: A bunch of HK DVDs CHEAP - Everything Must Go!

Originally Posted by volvobob View Post
OK, for $50 shipped to me, I'll take the lot.
First come, first served. Sold! I sent you a private e-mail via DVDTalk.

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