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New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

Old 09-13-12, 06:10 PM
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

i have a special thread with losts of new westling dvds if anyone is interested.EXTREMELY CHEAP
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

will not break up a complete year for just a few dvds. ALL DVDS are in great shape.im a collector so i watch them once and they go on the shelf. i am mainly looking to sell the dvds. you can contact me on here or by email [email protected] or by phone . thank you
Bound For Glory 2005 5$
Genesis 2005 5$

Against All Odds 2006 5$
Lockdown 2006 5 $
Slammiversary 2006 5$
Bound for glory 2006 5$
Genesis 2006 5$

final resolution 2007 5$
Lockdown 2007 5$
Slammiversary 2007 5$
Hard Justice 2007 5$
Bound for Glory 2007 5$
Genisis 2007 5$
Turning point 2007 5$
Final Resolution 2008 5$
Against All Odds 2008 5$
Destination x 2008 5$
Lockdown 2008 5$
Sacrifice 2008 5$
Slammiversary 2008 5$
Victory Road 2008 5$
Hard Justice 2008 5$
No Surrender 2008 5$
Bound for Glory 2008 5$
Turning Point 2008 5$
Final Resolution 2008 5$
Genesis 2009 5$
Destination 2009 5$
Sacrifice 2009 5$

Summerslam 2001 6$
No Mercy 2001 6$
Summerslam 2002 5$
Unforgiven 2002 6$
Survivor Serie 2002 6$

Wrestlemania 20 2004 6$
Backlash 2004 5$
Judgmentday 2004 5$
Unforgiven 2004 5$

Unforgiven 2005 5$

ECw One Night stand 2006 5$
Great American Bash 2006 5$
Summerslam 2006 5$
ECW December to Dismember 2006 5$

No Way Out 2007 5$
Wrestlemania 23 2007 5$
Backlash 2007 5$
Judgment Day 2007 5$
Great American Bash 2007 5$
No Mercy 2007 5$
Survivor Series 2007 5$

Wrestlemania 24 2008 2008 6$
Night of Champions 2008 5$
Summerslam 2008 5$

Wrestlemania 25 6$
Backlash 2009 5$
Judgment Day 2009 5$
Extreme Rules 2009 5$
The Bash 2009 5$
Night of Champions 2009 5$
Summerslam 2009 5$
Breaking Point 2009 5$
Hell in a Cell 2009 5$
Bragging Rights 2009 5$
Survivor Series 2009 5$
TLC 2009 5$
Royal Rumble 2010 5$
Wrestlemania 2010 6$
Extreme Rules 2010 5$
Over the Limit 2010 5$
Hell in a Cell 2010 5$
Bragging Rights 2010 5$
Survivor Series 2010 5$
TLC 2010 5$
Royal Rumble 2011 6$
Elimination Chamber 2011 6$
Wrestlemania 27 2011 6$
Extreme Rumes 2011 6$
Over the Limit 2011 6$
Capitol Punishment 2011 6$
Money in the Bank 2011 6$
Summerslam 2011 6$
Night of Champions 2011 6$
Hell in a Cell 2011 6$
Vengenace 2011 6$
Survivor Series 2011 6$
TLC 2011 6$

The Best of The King of Ring 6$
The History of the Intercontinetal Championship 5$
Edge A Decade of Decadeence 5$
The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin 5$
The Rock The Most Electrifing Man in Sports Entertainment 5$
The rise and Fall of ECW 5$

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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

this is a long shot....want the tna dvds if you ever are on here..... let me know [email protected] is the contact email.

Originally Posted by Kushranada View Post
I have about 90 something DVDs to sell and most of them I haven't even watched. The conditions of the DVDs range from watched once(never opened before I got it) to ok.

Here's the list:

ROH Final Battle 02
ROH Survival of the Fittest 05
Backyard Criminals
ROH Road to the Title (Remastered) (2 Copies)
Billy Gunn Shoot Interview
ROH Death Before Dishonor 03
ROH Testing the Limit
Matt and Jeff Hardy: Shoot Interview (Two Disc Set)
The Hardy Boyz: Shoot Interview (Different from above as it's both at the same time)
TNA Best of the Bloodiest Brawls
TNA Best of NWA-TNA Title Matches
TNA Slammiversary 05
ROH Reborn: Completion
ROH Enter the Dragon
ROH Trios Tournament
ROH Glory By Honor 02 (Remastered)
ROH Scramble Madness 02
ROH Crowning A Champion 02 (Remastered)
ROH Joe vs Kobashi
ROH One Year Anniversary Show
ROH Final Battle 04
ROH Midnight Express Reunion
ROH Reborn Stage One
ROH Reborn Stage Two
ROH 2nd Year Anniversary Show
ROH Night of Champions 03 (Watched Once)
Pride Bushido Volumes 1,2,3
TNA Best of the X Division Part 1
ROH Expect the Unexpected (Watched Once)
ROH Back to Basics
TNA Best of Jeff Hardy
Wrestling Gold
Chris Candido Shoot Interview
ROH Final Battle 03
WWE Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story
ROH Night of the Grudges
ROH Bloodlust Part 1
TNA Lockdown 06
TNA Genesis 05
TNA Phenomenal: The Best of AJ Styles Parts 1 and 2
ROH War of the Wire
TNA No Surrender 05
TNA Bound for Glory 05
ROH Round Robin Challenge 02 (Remastered)
ROH A Night of Appreciation (Remastered)
Sean Waltman: Shoot Interview
ROH Stalemate
FIP Emergence
New Jack: Hardcore
ROH Straight Shootin Series: Jim Cornette & Percy Pringle
TNA Victory Road 04
ROH Night of the Butcher (Remastered)
ROH Straight Shootin Series: Jim Cornette & Bobby Heenan Part 2
ROH Straight Shootin Series: Jim Cornette & Bobby Heenan Part 3
ROH Straight Shootin Series: Jim Cornette & Bill Watts
WWE Backlash 05
WWE Unforgiven 02 (Watched once)
Masters of the Ring
Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream
The Wrestler(That movie with Ed Asner)
TNA Best of 3Live Kru
WWE Mick Foley: Greatest Hits & Misses
Mike Graham's The Best of Classic Championship Wrestling
CZW/Chikara Presents Next Genesis Point
NWA 57th Anniversary Edition
TNA Destination X 05
ROH Fifth Anniversary Edition (Parts 1(Somewhere around here), 2, 3)
Shannon Moore Shoot Interview
ROH Death Before Dishonor 2 Part Two
ROH All Star Extravaganza
Nora Greenwald: Shooting the Crap
All of WWE 05 PPVs
ROH Secrets of the Ring with Al Snow
ROH Secrets of the Ring with Dusty Rhodes
ROH The Epic Encounter
ECW The Most Violent Matches
WWE The Best of the Rock
Shimmer Vol 1

Some I would want higher prices for being OOP.
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

Does anyone have a Circuit City Exclusive Roddy Piper Born to Controversy they'd be willing to part with?
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

Originally Posted by Quack View Post
Does anyone have a Circuit City Exclusive Roddy Piper Born to Controversy they'd be willing to part with?
Message sent.
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

Does anyone have any of the following for sale. If so you can contact me [email protected]

Unforgiven 02
Armageddon 02

Royal Rumble
No Way Out

Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Judgement Day
Bad Blood
The Great American Bash
No Mercy
Taboo Tuesday
Survivor Series

No Way Out
Judgement Day
One Night Stand
The Great American Bash
No Mercy
Cyber Sunday
Survivor Series
December to Dismember

I have for Sale or Trade
Judgement Day 2003 $6
Survivor Series 2003 $6
WrestleMania 21 - $10
DX: one last stand (sealed) - $16

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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

First, none of the DVDs that came in digi-paks actually come in the digi-paks, they all have printed covers and are in regular size amaray case

$5 each (minimum purchase of 5) or take the whole lot for $100 shipped

The Greatest Cage Matches of All Time
From The Vault: Shawn Michaels
Extreme Rules ECW
Edge: A Decade of Decadence
Blood Sport: ECW The Most Violent Matches
The Best of Smackdown 10th Anniversary 1999-2009
The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event
The Best of Raw 15th Anniversary 1993-2008
Allied Powers The World's Greatest Tag Teams
Hulk Hogan's Unreleased Collector's Series
The History of the WWE Championship
The History of the Intercontinental Championship
Hell In A Cell Anthology
Raw The Beginning The Best of Seasons 1 & 2
The New and Improved DX
Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses Hardcore Edition
Macho Madness The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection
The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Ladder Match
Triple H King of Kings
Shawn Michaels My Journey
Satan's Prison The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber
The Rock The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment
Rob Van Dam One Of A Kind
Raw The Best of 2009
Rey Mysterio The Biggest Little Man
Rey Mysterio The Life of a Masked Man
Tombstone The History of the Undertaker
The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection
The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro Vol 1
Viva La Raza The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero
The Twisted Disturbed Life of Kane
Wrestling's Highest Flyers
Hulk Hogan The Ultimate Anthology (w/Bonus Disc)
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

I have all of the episodes of WWF RAW from 1997, 99, and 2000 as well as WWF Smackdown 2000. Selling them for $15 each or all four for $50. All of these are on my Mega.nz cloud storage drive. Willing to trade as well. PM me for more info
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Re: New Wrestling Buy/sell/trade

if you decide to sell the Tag Wars 2008, I might be interested. Let me know.
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