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Lots of DVD's for sale

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Lots of DVD's for sale

Old 02-18-08, 04:50 PM
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Lots of DVD's for sale. UPDATED 3/2/06


I am selling a big part of my DVD's to make room for more. Each DVD is $5, I will ship nationwide continental USA (Shipping at buyer's cost). Sale of 3 DVD's minimum to not waste my and your time.
All DVD's are used, some have inserts, some don't, some have inserts that are advertisements. All have their original case and cover. Some were bought used, some new, all run fine absolutely guaranteed , all are original movie releases not a single bootleg here. Some have price stickers in front or back or both. Feel free to email with questions. You can check my feedback on Ebay, my user ID is "vaindioux". Email vaindiouxatyahoodotcom (Replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with a "."

  1. FS: Full screen
  2. WS: Wide screen
  3. NI: No insert (The insert is the little flier inside the case, do not confuse with original cover which are all present on my movies. Also sometimes

    the insert is just an advertisement.)
  4. CE:Collector's edition
  5. DC: Director's cut/Director limited edition
  6. SE:Special edition
  7. FCP: These dvd's have a fancy cardboard packaging with movie art on it protecting the case.

  • 50 first dates (WS/SE/Case is a little rough)SOLD

  • 3000 miles to graceland (WS)SOLD

  • Abandon (FS)

  • About Schmidt (WS)

  • Against the ropes (WS/NI)

  • Alone in the dark (WI/NI)

  • Along came polly (WS/NI/Case is a little rough)

  • American pie (WS/CE)

  • Are we there yet (WS/NI)

  • A river runs through it (WS and FS)

  • As good as it gets (WS and FS)SOLD

  • A sound of thunder (WS/NI)

  • Asylum of the damned (WS)

  • Barbershop 2 (WS/SE/NI)

  • Bent it like Beckham (WS)

  • Black horizon (WS)

  • Black knight (WS)

  • Blacula (WS/Purchased new never came with any insert)

  • Bones (WS)

  • Brokerback mountain (WS/NI)

  • Bruce Almighty (WS)

  • Bubba ho tep (WS/CE)

  • Bulletproof monk (WS/SE)

  • Calendar girls (WS/NI)

  • Carnivore (WS/NI/Case is a little rough)

  • Carnosaur (FS/NI)

  • Catwoman (WS/NI/FCP)

  • Cellular (WS)

  • Chicago (FS)

  • Code 46 (WS)

  • Commando (WS)

  • Constantine (WS)

  • Cube (WS/NI)

  • Cube 2 :Hypercube (WS/NI)

  • Cube zero (WS/NI)

  • Dark blue (WS and FS/SE)

  • Darkness (WS)

  • Donnie Darko (WS)

  • Dracula 3000 (WS/NI)

  • Drop dead gorgeous (WS and FS/Brand new shrinkwrapped)

  • Dumb and dumberer (WS)

  • Dune (WS/3 disc set/SE)

  • Duplex (WS and FS/2 discs set)

  • Elektra (FS/FCP)

  • Envy (WS and FS/NI)

  • Epoch (FS/NI)

  • Epoch evolution (FS/NI)

  • Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (WS)

  • Exit wounds (WS)

  • Fallen (WS/FS)

  • Far from heaven (WS/NI)

  • Forces of nature (WS)

  • Four brothers (WS/SE/NI)

  • Frankenstein and the monster from hell (WS/Brand new factory shrinkwrapped)

  • Freedomland (WS and FS/NI)

  • From hell (WS/DC/NI/2 discs set)

  • George of the jungle 2 (WS)

  • Godsend (WS/NI)

  • Grumpy old men (FS/Has a small price sticker right on the middle of the cover on the case)

  • Half past dead (WS and FS)

  • Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (WS/2 discs set)

  • Heavenly creatures (WS/The uncut version)

  • Hearts of Atlantis (WS/2 small sticker marks on front cover)

  • Hollywood homicide (WS and FS)

  • How to lose a guy in 10 days (FS/NI)

  • In her shoes (WS)

  • Intolerable cruelty (WS)

  • Into the sun (WS)

  • Island of the dead (FS/Purchased new never came with an insert)

  • It runs in the family (WS)

  • Jakob the liar (WS and FS)

  • Jarhead (WS)

  • Jersey girl (WS)

  • Ju-on (WS)

  • Kill bill Vol 1 (WS)

  • Kill bill Vol.2 (WS/NI)

  • Kingdom of heaven (WS/NI/2 discs set)

  • Lady in the water (WS/NI)

  • Lawnmower man (The) (WS/Small sticker mark on cover)

  • Lawnmower man 2:Jobe's war (WS and FS)

  • Little black book (WS and FS)

  • Lord of war (WS/NI)

  • Lost souls (WS)

  • Lost voyage (FS/NI)

  • Man on fire (WS)

  • March of the penguins (WS/NI)

  • Medicine man (WS)

  • Mother's boy (WS)

  • Munich (WS/NI)

  • Murder by numbers (WS)

  • Mystic river (WS)

  • National lampoon's holiday reunion (WS and FS/NI)

  • Netherworld (FS/NI)

  • Never die alone (WS and FS)

  • Out of time (WS/SE)

  • Out for a kill (WS)

  • Paparazzi (WS and FS)

  • PI (WS)

  • Pirates of the Caribbean :The curse of the black pearl (WS/CE/2 discs set)

  • Queen of the damned (FS)

  • Raising Helen (WS/NI)

  • Sacrifice (FS/NI)

  • Sahara (WS/NI)

  • Say anything (WS/SE)

  • Scooby-doo 2 (FS/NI)

  • Scream Blacula scream (Should be WS but not 100% sure as it is brand new shrinkwrapped but nothing written about WS or FS on case)

  • Shaun of the dead (WS/NI)

  • Single white female (WS/Purchased new and had no insert)

  • Single white female 2 (WS/NI)

  • Spreading ground (FS/NI)

  • Spy game (WS/CE)

  • Spy kids (WS)

  • Spy kids 2 (WS/CE/FCP/Artwork is on the FCP, no artwork inside on regular case)

  • Spy kids 3-D (WS/3-D version and 2-D version/CE/NI/2 pairs of 3-D glasses included)

  • Stepmom (WS and FS)

  • Super size me (WS)

  • Surviving Christmas (WS and FS/NI)

  • Syriana (WS/NI)

  • Tango and cash (WS and FS)

  • The Alamo (WS)

  • The autumn heart (FS/NI)

  • The aviator (WS/NI/2 discs set)

  • The big bounce (WS/NI)

  • The breed (WS and FS)

  • The clearing (WS)SOLD

  • The crossing guard (WS)

  • The exorcism of Emily Rose (WS/SE)

  • The family man (WS/CE)

  • The hitcher (WS/NI/This movie is in a plain black DVD box, no artwork/This the 1999 movie)

  • The interpreter (WS/NI)

  • The jacket (WS/NI)

  • The ladykillers (FS)

  • The life aquatic (WS/NI)

  • The marksman (WS/NI)

  • The mothman prophecies (WS and FS)

  • The order (WS and FS)

  • The passion of the Christ (FS)

  • The polar express (WS/NI)

  • The postman (WS)

  • The ring two (FS/FCP/Unrated version)

  • The river king (WS/NI)

  • The watcher (WS/NI)

  • The wedding planner (WS)

  • Three kings (WS)

  • Tremors (WS/CE/This one is used but shrinkwrapped, I have no idea if it has an insert.

  • Tremors 4 (WS/This one is used but shrinkwrapped, I have no idea if it has an insert.

  • Urban ghost story (WS/NI)

  • Werewolf hunter (WS/NI)

  • When Harry met Sally (WS/SE)

  • Wicker park (WS/NI)

  • Witchcraft (FS/NI)

  • XXX: State of the union (WS/SE)

  • Zoolander (WS)SOLD

  • Thanks for looking


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List updated 2/19/08
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oops. wrong thread. My apologies
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List updated 03/02/07

List updated 03/02/07



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