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FT: Hundreds of DVDs, HD-DVDs and BDs

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FT: Hundreds of DVDs, HD-DVDs and BDs

Old 02-06-08, 02:44 PM
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FT: Hundreds of DVDs, HD-DVDs and BDs

All items are from my personal collection, the vast majority purchased new by me, gently used and kept in a smoke free environment. All titles are WIDESCREEN format, unless otherwise specified, or if that is not its OAR.



OOP = out of print/rare
CE = Collector's Edition
AE = Anniversary Edition
SE = Special Edition
DE = Deluxe Edition


American Gangster # GONE #
HD-A1 HD-DVD player w/version 2.0 firmware


Are We Done Yet? (SEALED)
Enter the Dragon # GONE #
Fly, The (SEALED)
Halloween (SEALED)
Hart's War
Hellboy (SEALED)
Letters From Iwo Jima
Phantom of the Opera
Reservoir Dogs (SEALED) # GONE #
Robocop (SEALED)
Saw IV
Simpsons Movie
Spider-man 3: SE (2-disc)
Stir of Echoes
Superman: The Movie
Surf's Up



MGM/Midnight Movies:

. Abominable Dr. Phibes, The (OOP)
. Count Yorga, Vampire
. Dr. Phibes Rises Again (OOP)
. Dunwich Horror, The (OOP)
. Fall of the House of Usher (OOP)
. I Bury the Living (OOP)
. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
. Oblong Box, The/Scream and Scream Again (SEALED, OOP)
. Pit and the Pendulum (OOP)
. Theater of Blood (OOP)
. War Gods of the Deep (OOP)

Amityville Horror (2005 remake)
Anatomy 2
Anguish (OOP.... and valuable)
Audition (digipak)
Basket Case: AE (SEALED)
Blade 2 (New Line Platinum Series)
Blair Witch Project
Blair Witch Project 2 - Book of Shadows
Blind Date (Niko Masterakis dir. - Kirstie Alley in the buff!)
Brain Damage: LE (OOP)
Brood, The (SEALED)
Cannibal Man (Anchor Bay)
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (sealed)
Chiller (Wes Craven)
Close Your Eyes
Creepshow (sealed, snapper case version)
Cube Zero
Curse of Frankenstein
Curse of the Voodoo (Elite)
Dark Ride (After Dark Horrorfest)
Dead Next Door
Dead Waters
Devil's Nightmare (Redemption series, SEALED)
Dog Soldiers (disc only - printed cover art)
Final Destination 2 (New Line Platinum Series)
Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (SEALED)
Freddy vs. Jason
Frighteners, The: Director's Cut (SEALED)
High Tension
Horror of Dracula
House on Haunted Hill (Warner Bros. release, Vincent Price)
House on Haunted Hill (remake)
Hypnotist, The
Imprint (Masters of Horror - Takashi Miike)
Johnsons, The (Anchor Bay, OOP)
Joy Ride (Paul Walker)
Kiss Me Monster (OOP)
Last Horror Movie
Marronier (Elite release)
Martin (Romero, SEALED)
Mummy, The (1959, Warner Bros)
Mummy's Shroud, The (Anchor Bay, OOP)
Neon Maniacs
Night to Dismember, A
Night of the Living Dead
Nightwatch (2004)
Nosferatu (1922 orignal movie, Image DVD release)
Pan's Labrynth
Penny Dreadful (After Dark Horrorfest)
Premonition (Tsurata dir., original Japanese movie, not the crumby US adaptation)
Quicksilver Highway (Mick Garris dir., Stephen King and Clive adaptations)
Re-animator: Millenium Edition
Reincarnation (After Dark Horrorfest)
Rest Stop
Return of the Vampire
Riding the Bullet (Mick Garris dir., Stephen King adaptation)
Ring Zero (Tartan, R0/PAL)
Ring Two (Naomi Watts)
Rose Red (SEALED)
Season of the Witch
Sisters, The (Tokyo Shock release)
Sixth Sense, The (Vista Series)
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Spontaneous Combustion
Suspiria: LE (3-disc, OOP)
Taste of Blood (Herschell Gordon Lewis dir.)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Thirteen Ghosts (remake)
Trauma (Argento)
Ultraviolet (Canadian TV vampire series)
Unborn, The
Unrest (After Dark Horrorfest)
What Lies Beneath
Wicked Little Things (After Dark Horrorfest)
Zoltan: Hound of Dracula
Zombie 3 (Lucio Fulci)


Better Tomorrow, A (John Woo dir.)
Bullet in the Head (John Woo dir., Mega Star release)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Vengeance of She (SEALED, OOP)


10 (sealed)
Best in Show
Clerks: 10th AE
Ladykillers, The
Nurse Betty
Shaolin Soccer (Universe release)
Vacation: Anniversary Edition
Wag the Dog
Young Frankenstein


Adaptation (Superbit)
Affliction (Nolte, printed cover art)
Back Against the Wall (sealed)
Barry Lyndon (Kubrick Collection release)
City By the Sea
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Fando and Lis (OOP Fantoma relase UPC 695026701026)
Fight Club: SE
Following, The (Chris Nolan dir.)
Friday Night Lights
Full Frontal
Gremlins 2: A New Batch
Hearts in Atlantis (Stephen King)
House of Games (Mamet)
Jerry Maguire: SE
Lantana (former rental)
Map of the World (Sigourney Weaver, printed cover)
People vs. Larry Flynt
Punch Drunk Love (Superbit)
Raging Bull: SE
Rain Man: SE (SEALED)
Roger Dodger
Series 7
Sex and Lucia (unrated, OOP)
Simple Plan, A
Twin Peaks Pilot (region 0, Hong Kong import)
Urban Cowboy (Canadian release)
Very Long Engagement, A
Wall Street (Oliver Stone directed)


Fahrenheit 9/11
In Memorium - NYC 9/11/01
Stanley Kubrick - A Life in Pictures



. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (SEALED)
. Alladin (OOP)
. Atlantis: The Lost Empire: CE
. Best Pals: Mickey and Minnie
. Best Pals: Donald and Daisey
. Book of Pooh, The
. Brother Bear
. Dumbo: Big Top Edition
. Fox and Hound: Gold Collection
. Lion King, The (OOP)
. Lion King 1 1/2
. Love Bug, The: SE (original movie)
. Magical Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The
. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
. Monsters Inc.
. Peter Pan: Limited Issue
. Piglet's Big Movie
. Pocahontas: 10th AE
. Tarzan: CE (OOP)
. Three Musketeers (Mickey, Donald and Goofy)
. Tigger Movie, The
. Toy Story: SE
. Toy Story 2: SE (SEALED)
. Treasure Planet

Antz (DTS version)
Bionicle 2
Charlotte's Web (animated)
Charlotte's Web (2004)
Daredevil vs. Spider-man
Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated)
Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas: CE (Carrey)
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial: SE
Hey Arnold - The Movie
Incredibles, The
Jonah: Veggietales Movie
March of the Penguins
My Favorite Martian (Christopher Lloyd)
Osmosis Jones
Rugrats in Paris
Rugrats Movie
Sandlot, The (SEALED)
Shrek 2
Spider-man: Ultimate Villain Showdown
Treasure Island (older Disney live action movie)
When Good Ghouls Go Bad (Christopher LLoyd)
Wild Thornberry's - the Movie


Gahan, Dave - Live Monsters


Conspiracy Theory
Panic Room: Superbit
Random Hearts
Underneath, The (Soderburgh dir.)
U-turn (Oliver Stone directed)


Brothers Grimm, The
Close Encounters of Third Kind (2-disc CE)
Dune: Extended Edition (Lynch, region 4/PAL)
Frank Herbert's Dune: Director's Cut (SciFi channel miniseries, 3-disc set)
Children of Dune (SciFi channel miniseries, SEALED)
Pan's Labrynth
Planet of the Apes: SE (2-disc)
Puppet Masters (Robert Heinlein, SEALED)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Volume 1
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Volume 2 # GONE #
X-files: Abduction
X-files: Fight the Future (DTS)


(will not trade HD titles for SD, sorry)

Xbox 360 games (specific want list HERE)
Seinfeld: Complete Series DVD
Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0 DVD
Roots: 40th AE DVD
Pan's Labrynth Blu-ray
Led Zep Song Remains the Same Blu-ray
I am Legend Blu-ray

No HD-DVDs!!!

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would u sell?
Old 02-12-08, 07:32 AM
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Old 02-20-08, 11:19 AM
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Do you have any other wants? Or a wish list?
Old 02-20-08, 04:14 PM
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pm sent
Old 03-21-08, 02:50 PM
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pm'ed ya
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pm'ed ya too

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