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Wanted: War of the Worlds L.E...tons for trade

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Wanted: War of the Worlds L.E...tons for trade

Old 01-05-06, 09:50 PM
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Wanted: War of the Worlds L.E...tons for trade

Here is my latest Trade/For Sale List. Feel free to email me what you have to trade.

Dvds for Trade or Sale
PV=Previously Viewed/Rental

Criterions/Home Vision/The Roan Group/Film Movement

Agatha and the Storm –FM
Angel and the Badman-Roan Group
Autumn Sonata
A Night to Remember
Beauty & the Beast
Black Orpheus
Blood For Dracula
Carnival of Souls(Disk 1 missing)
Chasing Amy
Chronicles of Narnia-C.S. Lewis-Home Vision 3disc set.
Dangerous Moves-Home Vision
Dead Ringers
Great Expectations
Hoop Dreams
I see a Dark Stranger
Le Grand Voyage-FM
Lord of the Flies
M (1 disc edition)
The Last Time I Saw Paris-Roan Group
My Private Idaho*
The Leopard*
The Night Porter
The Outlaw-Roan Group
Peeping Tom
Roads to Koktebel-FM
The Royal Tenanbaums
The Royal Tenanbaums
Seven Samurai
Silence of the Lambs*
Straw Dogs
The Big Lift-Roan Group
The Fighting Sullivans-Roan Group
The Kenner Murder Case/Nancy Drew-Reporter-Roan Group
The Lady Vanishes
The Last Time I Saw Paris-Roan Group
The Three Musketeers-Roan Group
The 39 Steps
The Orpheus Trilogy
The Vanishing

Disneys/Anime/Other Animateds

101 Dalmations-Animated
101 Dalmations 2-Animated
A Bug’s Life C.E. 2dvd *OOP Edition
A Bugs Life C.E.*2dvd
A Chinese Ghost Story-Tsui Hark
Aladdin 2 dvd Platinum
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Atlantis-Lost Empire
Castle in the Sky-hayao Miyazaki
Charlotte’s Web 2
Clerks Animated-Uncensored 2dvd
Extemely Goofy Movie
Fanatasia-60th anniversary edition
Finding Nemo-2dvd C.E.
Fox and the Hound
Haunted mansion
Hunchback Notre Dame 2
Ice Age
Jungle Book
Jungle Book 2
Lady & the Tramp
Lady & the Tramp 2
Land Before Time
Lilo & Stitch
Make Mine Music
Make Mine Music
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins-Gold
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Monster’s Ink C.E. 2dvd
Old Yeller 2dvd
Peter Pan
Pinochio* L.I.
Pirates of the Carribbean-2dvd C.E.
Return to Never Land
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves-platinum
Sol Bianca-The Legacy
Spirited Away-2dvd
Tarzan & Jane
Tenchi Muyo 3dvd Set
Wild Thornberry’s
Wrath of the Ninja
Toy Story-Ultimate Toy Box* $75
Toy Story-Ultimate Toy Box*-$100
Tron 2dvd 20th anniversary
The Ultimate Disney Treasure Chest-7dvds*

TV Shows / Mini Series

CSI-1st Season
King of the Hill-1st Season
Friends-1st Season
Blind Date-Uncensored-3dvds-$15
Curb Your Enthusiasm-1st Season
Dawsons Creek-Fisrt Season
Further Tales of the City*
Mad About You-S-1
The Shield-1st Season
Osbournes-First SEason
Roots25th Anniversary Edition
Soap-2nd Seasn
Star Trek Dep Space Nine-1st Season
Mysteries of the Bible A&E
NYPD Blue Season 1
Cosmos 7dvd Box Set-Remastered-Carl Sagan*
The Tom Green Show-Uncensored
Monty Python’s Flying Circus Box Set-14 dvds* $85

Collector & OOP Dvds
A Beautiful Mind-2dvd Awards Edition

Almost Famous-Bootleg Cut-*
A Tale of Two Sisters-2 disc Edition
Amadeus-D.C. 2dvd
Amadeus-D.C. 2dvd
Army of Darkness L.E. 2dvd #18794
Basic Instinct-S.E. Ice Pick
Back to the Future Trilogy
Big Trouble in Little China 2dvd DTS
Big Trouble in Little China-2dvd DTS
Bridge on the River Kwai-L.E. 2 dvd
Bridge on the River Kwai-L.E. 2 dvd
Bride of Frankenstein-Monster Collection*
Candy #11548/16,000
Candy #14542
Castaway-2dvd S.E.
Celebrity Deathmatch
Cleopatra-5 Star 3dvd
Condorman-Anchor Bay-very rare
Dances With Wolves-2dvd DTS
Day of the Dead-2dvd
Decalogue-2dvd Set
Die Hard 2-S.E.
Die hard-With a Vengeance-2dvd S.E.
Dawn of the Dead-U.E. 4dvd-$30
Doors-S.E. 2dvd
Doctor Zhivago-2dvd
Dracula-Classic Monster Collection
Evil Dead-Elite S.E.
Faces of Death
Fellowship of the Ring-4dvd S.E.
For Your Eyes Only S.E.
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
Frankenstein-Classic Monster Collection.*
From Hell-2dvd L.E.
Godfather Collection Box Set
rom Here to Eternity-Superbit*
Elvis Presley-He Touched Me-2dvd
Hellraiser/Hellbound HR2 L.E. tin #15542
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy(2dvd-oh yea the 6 part cult series)
Masterworks of the German Horror Cinema-2dvd
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd
James Bond 007-Vol 3 S.E.’s 6 movie box set*
Lady in White-Elite S.E.
Last of the Summer of Wine-4dvd
Les Vampires
License to Kill S.E*
Live and Let Die-S.E.
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #11734
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #16653
Mash -5 Star-2dvd
Moulin Rouge-2dvd
Men in Black L.E. 2dvd
Mr. Wong Collection 2dvd
Planet of the Apes-2dvd OOP
Princess Pomonoke
Re-Animator-Millenium Edition 2dvd*
Re-animator-Elite S.E.
School House Rock-2dvd
Spy Who Loved Me-S.E. *
Star Trek-Wrath of Khan-D.E. 2dvd
Superman Collection*
Suspira-L.E. 3 discs* # 715/60,000-$20
The Beyond-L.E. tin #5482/20000
Tommorow Never Dies-Silver Cover-S.E.
Tron-20th anniv. 2dvd
True Romance-S.E. 2dvd
Supergirl L.E.-2dvd #28089
Supergirl L.E.-2dvd #3068
Red Dragon-D.E. 2dvd
Romper Stomper-S.E. 2dvd
The Hire*
Ten Commandments
Tombstone-Vista Series
Thundeball S.E.
Tron C.E. 2 dvd
True Romance-2dvd
Vertigo-C.E. (Orange Cover)

Other Good STuff For Trade
Cinderella Man
Romasanta-The Werewolf Hunt
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
After Life
All About Eve*
Bejing Bicycle
Bio Zombie Mei Ah
Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Capturing the Friedman’s-2dvd set
Dawn of the Dead-Unrated/2004
The Devil’s Backbone-S.E.
Entrails of A Beautiful Woman-Asian Cult Cinema-Adults Only
Fith Element-Superbit
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps 2
Ilsa-Harem Keeper-Anchor Bay
Ilsa-Wicked Warden-Anchor Bay
Ilsa-She Wolf of the SS-Anchor Bay
In the Realm of Senses-NC-17 World Cinema Col.*
Land of the Dead-unrated
Once Upon a Time In the West-2dvd
Original 3 Tenors In Concert
Panic Room-Superbit
Porn Star-Legend of Ron Jeremy
Predator 2 S.E.
Rose Red-Stephen King-2dvd
Shadow of Fear
7th Voyage of Sinbad
Silmido-2dvd set-HD Region 3
Slim Shady Show-Uncut
Snake of June-Tartan Asia Extreme
ST. John’s Wort-Region 3 DTS
Teen Spirit-Tribute to Kurt Cobain
Tell Me Something-Kino
Undead-Region 2-lots of extra features on this
Walking Tall-original
Waynes World-Complete Epic Box 2dvd
Who Framed Roger Rabbit-Vista Series

Some Wants:
I did not have time to think of everything I want so submit what you have to trade..I’ll get back to you. I will also consider trading for your junkie titles if it is multiple junkie ones for one.

Star Trek-Original Series 1
Music Concert Dvds
Batman Begins: DE (2 dvds)
Cannibal Holocaust C.E.
Carlito's Way: UE (sealed)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: CE (2 dvds)
Mallrats: X
The Deer Hunter: Legacy Series (2 dvds)
Ran C.C.
The Sting: Legacy Series (sealed)
24 Season 3 & 4
Wages of Fear-2 disc CC
Warriors D.C.
War of the Worlds-L.E.

Music CDs-Chill Out ones like Buddha Bar, Ibiza, Café Del Mar, Ambient, Paul Oakenfold etc…

Just submit your trade lists-lots I still do not have..*Always looking for new releases and Criterions too-Submit it...
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Btw, what does the * mean by your DVDs?

Old 01-06-06, 12:24 PM
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Old 02-02-06, 02:32 PM
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Old 02-02-06, 06:00 PM
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you want junkie titles, or at least, junkie dvd's,
I have a few I'd do 2:1, 3:1 or better on. Here's what I'm interested in, any or:

- Beauty & the Beast: C.C. (reissue or OOP? would like newer one)
- A Night to Remember: C.C.
- Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
- Porn Star-Legend of Ron Jeremy


the only one I have of your wants is the Cannibal Holocaust: CE, but I'm not trading it at this time. Please check out my thread though, and if you see any you'd be interested in & would like to make an offer for something of yours, that would be great? Criterions would be my priority, but if not, Forrest Gump or Ron Jeremy would be my other choice.

Thanks & please LMK?
Old 02-02-06, 07:32 PM
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Old 02-02-06, 08:50 PM
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Old 02-02-06, 08:59 PM
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I'm interested in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, check out my list!
Old 02-03-06, 10:32 AM
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M/M Smith Gone..
Old 02-03-06, 03:14 PM
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Did not see anyhting I neede..thanks
Old 02-04-06, 01:11 PM
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