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question about CH

Old 12-20-06, 11:32 PM
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question about CH

I cancelled an account a few weeks ago, but I'm still receiving director selection emails.. I recently got one for Legend of Ricky Bobby, and when I clicked "respond now" it took me to a login screen, for an account which I already cancelled.. When I logged in, it said "this account has been cancelled and I only have access to the billing information".. My account balance showsed up as 0, so I don't owe them anything..

I've closed a number of accounts with them, and this is the first time this has happened, what should i do?

Also, I tried signing up for another account about 2 weeks ago, and I havent received any emails about it, does that mean I got rejected? Ive had around 5-6 accounts, so I'm still pretty new..

Any help would be great.

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Old 12-21-06, 08:55 AM
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Sometimes you will get emails for a week after you cancel an account, but don't worry about it. Your account is closed and the emails will stop any day now.

When you apply for an account, sometimes you don't get any emails, so it's hard to tell if you actually get approved until you see a charge on your credit card or when the dvds arrive at your door. I recommend using a cc, because it is easy to check your statement online and see if the CH charge has gone through. Usually the charge has gone through in a week or less, you should see a temp charge almost immediately. If you don't use a cc, you'll have to wait ( wait at least 3 weeks before being sure they won't arrive). If you haven't rec'd them by then, apply again or try to call a csr and ask why happened to your app. I might not be worth trying to call them, it may be better to just apply again.
Also keep in mind that sometimes an app may be delayed a little longer than 3 weeks for whatever reason, and may even arrive after you've already applied again, so it is a good idea not to order the same enrollments for back to back apps in case they both get approved, you will end up with 2 copies of each title.
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Old 12-21-06, 06:50 PM
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I have application that has not been approved and it's been 3 weeks. Usually get approval in 3-4 days on past accounts. Maybe they don't approve many accounts in Dec?

In one of the older threads , someone mention that CH didn't approve his application in Dec , but approved them and shipped them in Jan.

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Thanks for the help guys. Hopefully its just december slowing them down.
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Old 12-26-06, 07:09 PM
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im having the same problem, but they didnt ask for my credit card info, and its been 3 weeks now with no respons, and i guess they didnt approve it?
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^ After three weeks with no response, it is likely that you weren't approved. Just to be safe, if you apply again, you ought to use different enrollment titles, if you can, as basaro advised. In the future, try to use a code that requires a credit card; there are some listed in the CH Enrollment Codes Part II thread, for example: 1KJ.
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Hi guys, I have a question about CH game selections. Is it worth to join CH to get games? If not, is there any other game club other than CH out there has cheap games? Thanks. kat
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