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*****NEW $5 Wal-Mart DISPLAY*****

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*****NEW $5 Wal-Mart DISPLAY*****

Old 06-26-07, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by RustyOrgan
Can someone post a list of new titles available?
I don't know if anyone ever posted a list of 'old' titles available. I just came from Wal-mart and the following 2-disc editions were there:

Artificial Intelligence
The Wild Bunch
Rose Red

Possibly these have been there for some time -- I haven't checked out the 'dump bin' in a long time. I also found a couple of copies of the Running Man mentioned previously, but none of the Escape from New York.
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Old 06-26-07, 05:52 PM
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Wild Bunch was apart of the Fathers Day 4.88 titles so dont count on that being in your store. Also, one hour photo and reservoir dogs 2 disc were $5.
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Old 06-26-07, 06:47 PM
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The Wal Mart in Eugene, Oregon (West 11th) has the dump bin titles for $5 as well. Not much of a selection, however. I went ahead and picked up Jumanji...
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Old 06-26-07, 06:57 PM
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I don't seem to be able to go to Wal-Mart without picking up a title or two out of the dump bin. Yesterday's purchase was The Truman Show Special Edition.
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Old 06-26-07, 07:04 PM
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I saw Once Upon a Time in the West in the dump bin the other day. Almost made me want to buy a second copy.
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Old 06-26-07, 08:22 PM
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Cool. Snagged one of the Escape From New York two-discers for $5 + tax.

Also saw plenty of Freeway, Confidence, Ninth Gate, Cutthroat Island, Running Man, and My Cousin Vinny - all with their new packaging or older slipcovers.
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Old 06-26-07, 08:34 PM
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I've been too 3 Walmarts looking to the 2 disc Escape from New York with no luck, so if any one finds an extra copy I am willing to pay cost plus shipping.
I'm going to check one more store on thursday (and any others I see that day since I'm heading out of my usual area for something) and hopefully I'll get lucky.
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Old 06-26-07, 09:40 PM
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After going through countless Wild West collections and every single DVD in the dump bin, I was able to pick up, 2-Disc Artificial Intelligence and was waiting for a time to pick up Triangle for $7.50.

Couldn't find Minority Report though, which I what I was looking for
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Old 06-26-07, 09:55 PM
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Will be in the area of Wal-Mart tomorrow. Might pick up The Running Man to continue building my collection of cheesetastic 80's movies, and $5 sounds like a great price for it. Might grab The Omen (if it's the SE) or Escape from L.A. too.
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Old 06-26-07, 11:24 PM
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Lotta stuff at my local WM. The bin was PACKED and hard to look through. I couldn't find the 2-Disc EFNY but found plenty of 1-Disc versions (drat!). I ended up just getting Running Man for now.
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Old 06-27-07, 08:31 AM
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I wonder if this regional because I can't find hide or hair of EFNY single or double disc and no Running Man to speak of either. Checked 4 so far, ugh.
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Old 06-27-07, 08:51 AM
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I didn't see any EFNYs at my Wal-mart the other night, but did find a good couple of Running Man's if someone needs a copy.
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Old 06-27-07, 10:49 AM
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I got the only one that I could find in the dump bin at the store on Crain Hwy in Glen Burnie, MD. Also picked up Rambo- First Blood as well. The bin was marked $5.50, but rang up $5.
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Old 06-27-07, 01:02 PM
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Just got back from my nearest Wal-Mart. No EFNY of any kind but several "Running Man" right on top in a neat stack as if they had just been placed there, so you might want to re-check your local store. They also had a couple of the 2 disc SE of "The Doors" which I carried around for a little while but put back because I wasn't likely to watch it again. The one I really wanted, "From Hell" was no where to be found. They had lots of 2-packs, but not that one. I might try another Wal-mart on the way home, although ironically that is the ultra-busy Walmart From Hell.

Edit: No dice - this one didn't have any Running Man or EFNY and alas, no From Hell.

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Old 06-27-07, 03:44 PM
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Are the Running Man SE and EFNY 2-discs being found inside the $5 bins? Or on special displays around the store or on a shelf in the regular DVD aisle?
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Old 06-27-07, 03:52 PM
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Inside the bins.

I can confirm that all of the $5.50 DVDs will now all be $5.00, so it's just a $5 bin now. I went in yesterday, and the bin was empty and all of the DVDs were in carts. A woman was scanning them all, so I asked about it. She said she was repricing all of the $5.50 DVDs to $5, and that all DVDs in the bin will be at that price from now on, and that they expect a lot of new and different titles to be added over the next few months.
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Old 06-27-07, 06:29 PM
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wish they had the 2 disc EFNY at my store

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Old 06-27-07, 06:38 PM
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Good List of $5 Wal-Mart Titles. Add if you remember any more...

Escape From Alcatraz
A Few Good Men
My Cousin Vinny (SLIPCOVER)
Total Recall
Road Trip
The Rainmaker
Dracula (1992)
15 Minutes
General's Daughter
Primal Fear
Confidence (SLIPCOVER)
Enemy at the Gates
The Thin Red Line
The Doors
Wonderland (SLIPCOVER)
T2:2 disc (SLIPCOVER)
The Running Man :2 disc (SLIPCOVER)
Escape From L.A
Escape From New York
Stuck on You(fs)
American Psycho
True Lies
The Ninth Gate
Air Force One
The Omen
Cable Guy (fs)
Not another Teen Movie
To Live and Die in LA
Scent of a Woman
Minority Report
Road to Perdition (fs)
Panic Room (Superbit)
Catch me If You Can:2 Disc (fs)
Minority Report
The Negotiator
Agent Cody Banks
Agent Cody Banks 2
Big Fat Liar
Orange County
Simon Birch
Saving Silverman
One Hour Photo
Kindergarten Cop (fs)
12 Monkeys
Lost in Translation (fs)
Anger Management (fs)
Storm of the Century
Knight's Tale
A.I.:2 Disc (fs)
Cutthroat Island (SLIPCOVER)
The Tommyknockers
Riding the Bullet
The Banger Sisters
Along Came A Spider
Rat Race
Private Parts
Galaxy Quest
Far From Heaven
Nick of Time
Reservoir Dogs 2 disc
Manchurian Candidate (fs)
The Truman Show
The Ring (fs)
High Tension
The New Guy
Patch Adams
Undercover Brother
The Hot Chick
The Animal
Red Dragon (fs)
Spy Game
War of the Roses SE
Dirty Dancing -Havana Nights
Wicker Park
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (fs)
Basic Instinct
Absolute Zero
The Bear
Frank and Jesse
All Dogs Go To Heaven
Kelly's Heroes
Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog
The Adventures of Milo & Otis
Rules of Engagement
Courage Under Fire
City Slickers
Virginia's Run
Hamburger Hill
The Swan Princess
The Long Riders
Benny & Joon
The Man in the Moon
Outlaw Justice

The Core
Stir Of Echoes
The Pagemaster
The Presidio
48 Hrs.
Head of State
The Saint
Big Trouble in Little China
The War of the Roses
Dunston Checks In
Mr. Saturday Night
The Beach
Changing Lanes
Dark Blue
Harlem Nights
Top Secret!
Return To Lonesome Dove
Harriet The Spy
Child's Play 2
Out to Sea
Soul Survivors: The Killer Cut
Dr. Dolittle (FS)
Rambo III
Rambo: First Blood
The Cookout
Delta Force 2
Marked for Death
Death Warrant
The Terminal
Death to the Supermodels
Eddie and the Cruisers
Barbie in the Nutcracker
National Lampoon's Going the Distance
Navy Seals
The Man From Snowy River
Another Pair of Aces
Broken Arrow
Open Water
Hope Floats
National Lampoon's Gold Diggers
The Clearing (Slipcase)
The Sum of All Fears
Kart Racer
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Stephen King's Rose Red (2-Disc)
Cabin Fever
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Enemy Mine

Add if you remember...

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Old 06-27-07, 06:47 PM
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Rat Race
Howard Stern's Private Parts
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Old 06-27-07, 06:51 PM
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Some good titles there. Is 12 Monkeys the new one?
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Old 06-27-07, 06:57 PM
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looks like im going to Walmart tomorrow....thanks!!
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Old 06-27-07, 06:57 PM
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I found about 4 Escape From New York SEs in the bin today, I left them there since I already have it. I really had to dig to finally find the Running Man SE.
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Old 06-27-07, 07:20 PM
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I found one copy of 12 Monkeys I should point out. It was 1999 WS version. I'll keep adding titles to the list.
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Old 06-27-07, 07:27 PM
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I just added 20+ titles to the bottom of the list that I remembered.

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Old 06-27-07, 08:14 PM
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That's a great memory you have - thanks for the list!
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