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SAFEWAY B1G1 on all $9.99 DVDS (exp 6/26 or 6/29)

Old 06-11-07, 04:22 PM
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SAFEWAY B1G1 on all $9.99 DVDS (exp 6/26 or 6/29)

I was at my local Safeway today, and throughout the store they have $9.99 DVDs for sale, buy one get one free. It says it applies to ALL $9.99 movies at the store. Some decent titles, and for $5 each, it seems like a good deal to me.

I can't remember what date this expired, but I know it was one or the other.
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Safeway still exists? This sounds like a decent deal but the last time we had Safeway was like 2 decades ago and they all disappeared seemingly overnight.
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From Wiki:

"Safeway has a total of 1,534 stores in the United States and 221 stores in Canada, over 80% of which are located in Western states and provinces. The greatest concentration of Safeway branches is in California with 519 stores (including the 303 branded as Vons), followed by Washington State with 168 stores and Colorado with 121. In Canada, the greatest number of Safeway locations is in Alberta with 89 stores and British Columbia with 77 stores."
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I have a couple Vons. Does anyone know what titles?
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I'll take a closer look now, but most of the titles I see at my store are the 1st releases of MGM movies. The Princess Bride is a good example. I've also seen a lot of the MGM releases that dropped the extras that made them SE's like Bull Durham and the Terminator.

But I did see a spererate display of the new Fox tiles with special lenticular covers and I believe they were priced at 9.99. I noticed they had the exact older 1 disc releases under the old slipcovers, but $5 each isn't bad if you would be happy with one of those releases.
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I keep an eye out for used DVDs at Safeway. They occasionally have $2.50 titles. I found Turtles Can Fly, Das Experiment, and Vera Drake at that price.
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Hey - Someone post a list? I've got Safeways all the fuck over. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by dsa_shea
Safeway still exists? This sounds like a decent deal but the last time we had Safeway was like 2 decades ago and they all disappeared seemingly overnight.
Aren't they called Tom Thumb down there? I noticed that when I last went to Dallas, I was like "This is a Safeway!"

Anyways I got 6 stores nearby to check out. Hope they got more than a handful for sure.
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In the chicagoland area, safeway = Domincks. i don't know if this sale is there, but i figured i'd throw that in.

Same thing with your albertsons. Jewel and Acme are the same companies. also, in the west i think there might be a few buttreys left. (or however you spell it)
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